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The Scorpio Tiger Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Scorpio ( October 23 - November 21)
Year of the Tiger: 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

At the risk of being accused of vest pocket autobiography, I ( writer - Suzanne White), confess that this sign is my very own. Moreover, I like my sign and have many friends of the same persuasion. Forgive me if I wax sentimental in this portrait.

 First off, I’ll tell you that all Scorpio Tigers are excessive. They do everything to extreme. They never take life as it comes, but rather race out and try to head it off at the pass. They are constantly in dangerous situations, where they have plunked themselves deliberately. They never take their time and plan every detail, or write lists to be sure that every last mothball gets accounted for in the winter clothes. These people are hasty and hotheaded and really honestly quite mad. I call Scorpio Tigers “blitz” people. They come screeching up to every new experience, gobble, slurp, inhale, consume, build, make, bake, scrape, paint, fix—and they’re off to the next challenge. Scorpios born in Tiger years are always trying to get three lives out of one.

The combination of Scorpio’s dark magnetism and Tiger’s swaggering charm makes this subject fairly fascinating to other people. This translates into Scorpio Tigers being quite popular among their peers. People look up to this character and Scorpio Tiger loves to be looked up to, told how wonderful he is and, in return for admiration and approval, goes to great lengths to continue to be wonderful so that the applause never dies down.

Scorpio Tigers are egomaniacal. But they’re nice about it. These headstrong characters are automatic leaders. But they are not exactly crazy about being leaders. Scorpio Tigers know how to do a lot of different things and tend to be jacks-of-alltrades. The dream of this contrary soul, then, is to do one thing well. Scorpio/Tiger is a proud person. But he rankles at his own tendency toward pride and is constantly kicking himself in the derrière, saying, “Be more humble. Don’t get carried away. Shrink your head to normal size.” And worst of all, Scorpio Tigers are fighters. They are ferocious and even dangerous as adversaries. They can be both rancorous and bloodthirsty. But they hate being so mean. They long to be nicer. Now that you understand the basic Tiger Scorpio schizophrenia, I will tell you what they need to do so as not to die young: Scorpio/Tigers must gain wisdom at an early age. This wisdom will not come from within. It will always be delivered by an outside

Scorpio/Tigers must keep their floppy little ears clean and listen carefully to the wise people in their hectic lives. Spunk they have. Sagacity they don’t. When this person finally learns reason and temperance, he can move any mountain he comes upon with a single switch of his tail. Without common sense and measure this person is a goner. Once the Scorpio/Tiger has assimilated level-headedness as a way of life he or she can go very far indeed. These people boast a certain brilliance, possess panache to burn and are competent in the extreme. There is nothing you cannot entrust to them.

They are self-starters, pushy but congenial, and they’ll battle to the death with injustice. Scorpio/Tigers hate rules unless they make them themselves. They always think they know best. They are hotheaded, jealous and ruthless when crossed. They don’t mind brute force but they hate trickery. Scorpio/Tigers stalk dishonesty in the dark of night. They thrive on victory and just about never admit defeat.

Love Scorpio Tiger Zodiac Horoscope

This person doesn’t find true love in two weeks. First of all, he or she lives a tumultuous life, full of adventure and change. Without change, the Scorpio Tiger would turn to drink or drugs. He does not necessarily want to switch partners, and I would even say the Scorpio Tiger is a faithful type, but he likes to change scenery, alter his habits, move the furniture around in his life. When and if he finds someone to follow this restless prowling, Scorpio Tiger can settle on a mate. He’s very sexual and can even be kittenish in the bedroom. .

If you love a Scorpio Tiger and wish to remain near him forever, you must first be respectable. Scorpio Tigers want to be the crazies in the family. They don’t want any competition in the cuckoo department. Moreover, this subject has to feel admiration for the one he loves. Otherwise he loses interest. So be your own person, be thoughtful and wise. Do not, I repeat, do not cling, lean or fawn. All of the above cause Scorpio Tigers to lose their lunch.

Home and Family Scorpio Tiger Zodiac Horoscope

This person’s home will be a palace of funk and whimsy. Scorpio Tiger is interested in decoration only insofar as it expresses his personality. He moves into a house and guts it, turns it inside out, raises or lowers beams to suit his habits, adds a room for his hobbies, puts in a wall-to-wall dishwasher so he can store up his dirty dishes for weeks. Scorpio Tigers don’t care to impress anybody, and will arrange their environment to suit themselves and those they love—period!

The Scorpio Tiger parent is loving but strict. He doesn’t want little Mary or Betty to grow up to be unruly like him. Actually, what Scorpio Tigers want from their kids is that the kids not need them. Scorpio Tigers are very private at home and are not eager about helping with homework or putting up Christmas trees. They are sincere parents who care a great deal about their kids but who would prefer not to have to care for them. Nose wiping grates on their nerves.

Little Scorpio Tigers are defiant and a bit odd. They don’t join in much with the other kids and they always have a thousand projects going at once. They are naturally rebellious, and may think up some doozies to bedevil their parents. They need to be left alone except when they are on the brink of committing some major booboo— which is often.

Profession Scorpio Tiger Zodiac Horoscope

If this person has found temperance and buckled under to reason, there is no career closed to him. He is clever and wily, strong and reliable, capable and trustworthy. Trouble is, it usually takes about ten extra years in the young life of this reckless character for him or her to settle down. He likes to test careers, try new projects, join different groups and travel before he is ready to zero in on one in particular. You’ll never meet a Scorpio/Tiger who tells you he always wanted to be a baker and went to baking school at age twelve and here he is at forty still baking bread. No way. Scorpio/Tigers have usually tried at least a hundred different jobs by the time they are forty. Scorpio Tiger Zodiac Horoscope Personality Scorpio Tiger
If I were to employ a Scorpio Tiger, I would keep a close eye on his method of doing things. These people don’t like rules, remember? They tend to make up their own. Let a Scorpio/Tiger loose in your office and you may find your filing system totally reorganized before morning. They are efficient and obedient—but only to a point. As a boss, the Scorpio/Tiger is loving and tough. These people command respect easily, and as they don’t like bossiness, they try to turn their orders into suggestions. They are not above cleaning latrines, either, as they like to teach by example. They also work well alone.

Some fitting careers for Scorpio/Tigers are: preacher, prospector, psychiatrist, politician, traveling salesman, personnel manager, publicist, journalist, editor, mercenary, leader.
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