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Aquarius Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

When Scorpio and Aquarius make a love match, it is a fusion of two very different life philosophies and many very different needs. There is much chance for friction here. Where Scorpio faces their inner emotional world directly and with an intense energy, thinking deeply about the more hidden undercurrents of life, Aquarius takes that same sort of energy and turns it outward. With their unusual, idealistic and, above all else, very social outlook on life, Aquarius seems an odd choice for the more introverted Scorpio. Aquarius needs a crowd to feel stimulated, and they’re always looking around the room for the next interesting person to get to know. Scorpio, on the other hand, desires engaging, probing and very intimate time with their romantic mates. This pair may seem to have very little in common, but they both have such strong wills that, when focused on their relationship, can get them what they need and want.

What’s the best thing about the Scorpio-Aquarius relationship? Their capacity for success in their synergy. Both Signs have very powerful personalities, so neither will openly dominate the other. Once they can appreciate their differences, come together and agree on their individual roles within the relationship, the results can be intensely gratifying.

Aquarius Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

Aquarius is often very confident and clever, though sometimes not very emotional. Initially, it's likely Scorpio will be attracted to Aquarius fast mind and deep insights. There's often also a high level of physical attraction in this match.

Aquarius and Scorpio

A Scorpio individual is not at all like an Aquarius. Both of them have very different personality traits and tend to have very dissimilar views as far as love relationships are concerned. The Scorpio is very intense, very emotional and very passionate in case of their loved ones. An Aquarius, on the other hand, is much more balanced and practical. The Scorpio gives much more importance to intuition, gut feeling and instinct than the Aquarius, who believes in 'what is'. In fact, the Aquarius seems to be quite cool and aloof in comparison. The biggest compatibility problem in this zodiac mind will be in the emotional area, and this gap will not be very easy to fill. Both of them are also quite stubborn and opinionated, which makes the matters all the more difficult. They will need to appreciate and really understand the differences in their temperaments to harmonize in a long term relationship.

Aquarius Scorpio Love

Intrigue and curiosity brings them together, but once they have connected they'll find that there are many areas of disparity. Scorpio is no-nonsense, and Aquarian has more than a few peculiarities. This pair can reach some stellar heights as creative partners, and with supportive placements in their charts, this electric match is worth the gamble.

Aquarius Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

When Scorpio and Aquarius work together, it mingles different needs and different philosophies. Scorpio has an emotional intensity with which they face life. Aquarius has an unusual, idealistic world view. While Scorpio may be more introverted and prefer to work alone, Aquarius enjoys conferring with others. They may appear to have few common interests, but these two are both possessed of strong willpower. When they set this force to a common goal, they are assured of success.
Both Scorpio and Aquarius can be non-compliant and opinionated. They like things to go as they dictate, with no questions asked. Scorpio is probing, delving deeply into the hidden meaning of things. Aquarius is modern and does not enjoy detail. Scorpio will find Aquarius exciting, yet may feel frustrated trying to penetrate this revolutionary's mind. Aquarius will not appreciate the possessiveness of a stinging Scorpion or the amount of attention they require, but will find the intensity Scorpio provides to be a great support.

Aquarius Scorpio Relationship

Scorpio and Aquarius can accomplish any goals because of their sheer will.

Aquarius Scorpio Friendship

A friendship between a Scorpio and an Aquarius is a relationship between two people with different character and different outlook of life. Scorpio go through life, depending entirely on their emotions. Aquarius have an unrealistic outlook of the world. Scorpio are reserved and would rather keep to themselves, while Aquarius are outgoing and enjoy mingling with people. Both signs have strength of character, and their combined efforts could lead to tremendous success.

Scorpio and Aquarius are both obstinate and unyielding. Both signs want things their way. Scorpio are more conservative, and look into the depth of things for answers. Aquarius are more modern, and do not like to delve too much into anything. Scorpio might be fascinated by Aquarius’ modern outlook, but find it difficult to fully understand them. Aquarius might admire the strength and support of Scorpio, but would not like their possessiveness and emotions.

Aquarius Scorpio 

Scorpio and Aquarius is a fusion of very different philosophies and very different emotional needs. There may be a lot of friction here. Scorpio has an intense energy that funnels into their inner emotion world, whereas Aquarius takes the same energy and turns it outward. Both can be uncooperative and opinionated and like things to go their way - but "their ways" are dissimilar. Curious, emotionally meticulous Scorpio will try to probe into the heart and mind of Aquarius - they want to know all of their partner. Aquarius who doesn't like detail, possessiveness, or intrusiveness will likely frustrate Scorpio with their eccentric answers and enigmatic demeanor. If they come together, their synergy can be successful.

Aquarius Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

The relationship may have to face a lot of hardships as an Aquarius man is unpredictable and a Scorpio woman is very emotional and demanding. They are very strong and firmly stick to their words. She expects a lot from her partner and if not receiving the same can turn this relationship upside-down. To make this relationship successful, a Scorpio woman has to cool her temperament down and accept the man as he is, without much expectations. On the other hand, an Aquarius man also has to make compromises to make her happy.

Aquarius woman seeks pleasure in outdoor activities whereas a Scorpio man wants her to pay attention in household activities. There will always be a clash between the two but an Aquarius woman with her caring and kind nature will try to make this relationship easy-going to some extent. Ganesha wonders if it is possible for the duo to spend rest of the life peacefully. This couple is not a made for each other.

Aquarius Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

Scorpio and Aquarius is often a hard match to make work. Among other things, communication is likely to be a major issue.

Aquarius Scorpio Together

Scorpio (Water) and Aquarius (Air) will give you rain. Keeping a long term relationship between these two signs may prove to be a little difficult, as the Scorpio is a "feeling" sign and the Aquarius is a "thinker". Both signs can be very stubborn, and have fixed ideas and opinions. This may prove to be a bumpy area in this relationship, but can be overcome. Scorpio and Aquarius are both very good communicators, which will come in handy while solving any mishaps. Both signs will learn a lot from each other in this unions. For this relationship to work, both signs must put in an equal amount of effort and understanding.
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