The Scorpio Ox Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Scorpio ( October 23 - November 21)
Year of the Ox:1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

A whiz kid with a crazy streak is the Scorpio born in Ox years. Oxen are deliberate, plain people who, as a rule, stodge their way to success come hell or high water. They are slow and they are thorough. Scorpios are very tricky and fanatical, mistrustful and magnetic. They veer all over the place in order to attain goals that the Ox heads for, horns lowered, steady as you plod. Put these two signs together and you get a kind of zippy Kremlin or a slightly kooky Sherman tank.
Scorpio Ox are uncanny. They seem to know instinctively how to elbow their way through a crowd without so much as grazing the sleeve of opposition. These people are always on their way somewhere. Their dust makes Challenger look like a thirdclass railway carriage in Darjeeling. Not that the Scorpio/Ox is in a hurry—oh no. He is simply ruthlessly and sadistically determined to get where he’s going, which in this case is always to the top of the profession where there are the highest salaries and the most glory and seniority and hoopla.

A curious facet of this person’s character is the unspoken superiority he or she carries around. There is never any question about who’s boss in groups when Scorpio/Ox is present. You see, this person is equipped with both the natural sovereignty of Scorpio and the strength of purpose of Oxen. Decisions, he feels, should be made without any consideration for sentiment. Scorpio/Oxen can understand the need for emotion, and indeed store up their share of lunatic experience in a lifetime. But they don’t usually allow their passions to interfere with progress. If they do, they know full well that their goose will be cooked.

Of course, Scorpio/Oxen are domineering. They have to rule others. But they are pleasant about their ability to take over in any situation and have the gift of gab necessary to put their message across with charm. These people are often quite humorous and know how to make others laugh. They are not terrific at laughing at themselves, however, as their egos are quite a lot stronger than their self-awareness.

Because of their apparent ease of success, Scorpio/Oxen are enviable. People become easily jealous of them and often try to hinder their progress by violent or underhanded means. But not to worry. Scorpio Ox is a tough customer. She does not give up territory willingly. Shedrives a very hard bargain. She is a wicked adversary and a devoted friend. Scorpio Oxen are self-centered people whose heavy step can be felt across continents, and who don’t hesitate to make big (surfer-variety) waves in order to ensure themselves smooth sailing.

No Scorpio is more vengeful than the Scorpio Ox. She never forgets a wrong done to her by another, and will recall a debt, whether moral or financial, after decades of silent fury. She doesn’t like mollycoddling and is never guilty of indulging others. Fools? Either she makes use of them, or “Off with their heads!” Because of his or her insistence on taking perilously stubborn stands and living fast, madcap lives, Scorpio Oxen are often in mortal danger.

Love Scorpio Ox Zodiac Horoscope Personality

As the Scorpio/Ox is attractive as well as powerful, he or she will have many admirers. Among these, they will be likely to choose a mate for malleability and beauty rather than for smarts. Scorpio/Oxen are not really too interested in intellectual exchange with a lover but are rather fascinated by the thunder and lightning storms of angry outbursts, rows, separations, and breakdowns. They get their kicks from emotional crises which are hardly ever of their own making It’s a pretty risky business being the mate or even the casual lover of one of these impressive maniacs. They are passionate and sexy. But they are also always right, always on top and always slightly cuckoo. It’s nice cuckoo. But cuckoo, nonetheless.

If I were to be attracted to a Scorpio/Ox, I’d think twice before tying any permanent knot. The Scorpio born Ox can be a right rascal and a bit of a tramp to boot.

Home and Family Scorpio Ox Zodiac 

The Scorpio side of this person may make him or her a little outrageous, but his or her choice of lifestyle, due to the stolid Ox’s penchant for domesticity, will be far more earthy than his personality indicates. The Scorpio/Ox will enjoy a gracious country life and be attracted by quiet, plush surroundings. He will be sure to have limelight installed in all the rooms of his ponderous great mansion.

The family life of this hefty creature will depend on whomever he has the intelligence to hitch up with. As Scorpio/Ox is often out in the world being a whiz kid, he must either keep a dedicated staff at home to look after details such as children and pets, or else travel with family in tow. The busy life inherent in this sign often demands mobility. Scorpio/Ox will be a devoted parent and maintain communication with his or her kids long after they have left the nest.

Power professions are those that attract the Scorpio/Ox. But his eloquence will also attract him or her to all aspects of performance. This person is an acting genius born. He can also lead crowds to giant deeds and even to revolution. He’s a shade too crazy to be entrusted with military force. Besides, he prefers laughter to aggression. Careers that might suit this person are: performer, entertainer, actor or actress, political leader, teacher, writer, film director, theatrical director, communications expert, comic.

The Scorpio Dragon Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Scorpio ( October 23 - November 21)
Year of the Dragon: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

When you add Dragon to Scorpio and mix well to blend, the batter thickens. Scorpio lends mystery and ruthlessness to an already plucky and boastful Dragon nature. Add a dash of swagger and some good old Scorpio vengeance and jealousy and you will concoct yourself a mighty baroque human being. This dish is spicy and copious.

Seriously, the Scorpio Dragon is a Dragon’s Dragon and a Scorpio’s Scorpio. All of the characteristics of each sign are magnified by their amalgamation. This person is ambitious. She will have masses of personal charm and will know how to go after what she wants. They see no reason why they cannot be head of the world if they so choose.

Scorpio Dragon holds his scaly green head up so high that he can peer directly over the mountain at the lush green valley of his success. Often, however, his eyes are bigger than his stomach. The mountain he must cross presents him with innumerable insuperables. Trudging from obstacle to obstacle with your pride in your front paws can be discouraging. Scorpio Dragons have been known to give up. But mostly they bounce back and, like the phoenix, rise from the ashes of their own funeral pyre to strike again.

Scorpio Dragons come on strong, and have gigantic reserves of courage and cunning. They want to get places in life. They are combative and charming. But their giant pitfall is that they want to be paid homage as well. Modern life is difficult for these haughty creatures. The Scorpio born Dragon has a
hard time with moderation. He is drawn to excess and self-indulgence and has a tough time resisting the dissipation of his or her talents.

Magnetism is indeed a fabulous trump card in the game of life. But it is not quite sufficient to ensure either success or happiness. Some warmth, pith and density must be incorporated very early on in the preparative stages of this person’s life. He must not get carried away from basics and then one day find himself standing naked and frightened atop his mountain—alone!

The Scorpio Dragon may seem invincible, but she’s still a Dragon and she’s sentimental. Deep down she weeps over stories about lost dogs. She’s a pushover and a soft touch. Perhaps that’s why she seems stone-facedly to have no sense of humor. She doesn’t want to show his hand.

Scorpios born in Dragon years are strongly individualistic. They have plenty of imagination and can think up a hundred new schemes a minute. People automatically like them and even agree to take them in and feed them and care for them because of their unusualness. Thing is, the Scorpio Dragon is not always cooperative and sometimes gets asked to leave after only a few days. Why? Because in their struggle for singularity, these people often alienate the very plain folks they need most by
snubbing them or simply ignoring their needs. It doesn’t hurt a Scorpio Dragon to help with the dishes. But it somehow doesn’t occur to him or her that such lowly tasks exist. I’m not suggesting that the Scorpio Dragon is a snob. He’s just oblivious to simplicity.


You cannot expect this passionate fanatic to cool his ardor anywhere—especially in the bedroom. The Scorpio/Dragon is adorable and knows how tempting he seems to potential lovers and mistresses. But sometimes, just to be perverse, he will be faithful in the extreme to a single and wonderful person who knows just how to applaud the Scorpio Dragon while twisting his earlobe to make him behave.
Scorpio Dragons like to think they are sexually free. If you love one of these interesting and irresistible characters, I advise you to give her lots of space to roam about, lots of liberty and the distinct impression you couldn’t care less whom she gets involved with. Such a casual attitude will keep her close to home. Your apparent indifference will serve as a challenge to her. Scorpio Dragons are predictably jealous.

Home and Family  zodiac horoscope

The Scorpio Dragon likes a comfortable home, but he’s not one to putter about clipping the hedges and evening out the flowerbeds. Scorpio/Dragons don’t see the need for excessive nit-picking in decoration. They like clean lines and surfaces on which to work and/or receive their multitudes of guests. They impress as much with their presence as with their interior, so they often don't make much of the latter.

The Scorpio/Dragon parent is patently crazy about his or her kids. These are proud people, remember. They set great store by their kids and are proud of what their kids achieve. They love unconditionally, yet expect great deeds. The Scorpio/Dragon parent knows how to play with kids and will invent games and spend time with the little ones. He can also be a grabby parent. I would not, for example, want to have a Scorpio/Dragon mother-in-law.

The Scorpio/Dragon child is indestructibly perky. You will want to take him or her home with you. They smile and giggle and coo and sing little songs to charm and win attention. They can be sulky, too. But nonetheless you will be hard put not to spoil this little tyke. If you resist the temptation to shower him or her with admiration and worship, this kid will have a chance to learn humility. A measure of modesty learned early on will be money in the bank for this prideful darling.

Profession scorpio dragon zodiac horoscope

The Scorpio Dragon career is often pockmarked with minifailures. I don’t want to sound discouraging, but the Scorpio/Dragon person has more fervor than he does perseverance, and sometimes expects too much in return for the effort exerted. In order to prosper, this person must first learn to hold his emotional tongue and not consider anything gained until all the bets are in. He will benefit from a solid classical education, against which he will probably rebel. Find that person who knows how to twist earlobes so lovingly and put him or her on the case.

This subject wants power over others. It does not, however come easily. Conferring authority on one so self-enraptured is tricky and dangerous. As a boss, this person could be perfectly heinous. As an employee with an impressive title, the  Scorpio/Dragon and his coworkers are better off. Watch him or her for streaks of lording it over others. Keep the Scorpio/Dragon busy and insist he apply his fine imagination to getting concrete results. A happy Scorpio/Dragon is an occupied one. scorpio dragon zodiac horoscope

Careers that might suit this heady personality are: TV performer, politician, fashion designer, public relations officer, mercenary, undercover agent, entrepreneur, gossip columnist, religious leader.

The Scorpio Rabbit Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Scorpio ( October 23 - November 21)
Year of the Rabbit / Cat: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

An imposing figure is the Scorpio Rabbit / Cat. She is respectable, able to earn and keep her money, and she commands respect from peers. On the outside she is calm and refined. On the inside there’s a blazing fire of intent. Scorpio Rabbit / Cat means whats she says and says only what she means. She’s thought it all through beforehand and believes fervently in whatever theories or precepts she is advancing.

People are inspired by this person’s presence. She has poise and handles tricky situations with aplomb, knowing just how to defuse potentially angry crowds and reckless madmen. The Scorpio side of this person’s nature understands darkness and has a thorough knowledge of what causes fear. The Cat / Sheep brings her steady-as-you-go tact and finesse.

The combination is unbeatably self-assured. Scorpio tempers the Cat’s squeamishness and gives him the courage to face adversity. The cautious Rabbit / Cat shuts down the Scorpio’s sadism, increasing his capacity for compassion. The outward appearance of this humanitarian soul, then, is dignity personified. Inwardly he may be shuddering with fright at the prospect of what he has undertaken. But never mind. Stage fright is only a passing state of mind. And when Scorpio/Cat finds him or herself in front of the audience, not a hair out of place, not a whisker atwitch, the effect is powerful.

The Scorpio / Rabbit knows how to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. He can drag himself up from nothing, bounce back from illness or poverty and sally forth to real success without blinking an eye. This person is a dreamer of impossible dreams and can, quietly and without undue commotion, make his visions into realities.

The Scorpio born Cat is a natural performer too. She is comfortable before a group of people to whom she is delivering a message or teaching a concept. She is not very flexible, however, and can sometimes be accused of bigotry or narrow-mindedness. She believes so fervently in her ideas that she never wants to give them up. She cherishes what she has espoused in the way of creed, and sticks closely to its tenets.

The Scorpio Rabbit / Cat usually has a good sense of humor. Cat/ Rabbits are circumspect and tend to watch the world from a privileged position, hovering about three feet above everybody’s head. Scorpios keep a well-honed tongue in their heads and are ever ready with a sharp crack. The combination can be unbearably acid and satirical.

The secretive or private side of this character is slightly overdeveloped. Scorpio lends suspicion to the Rabbit/ Cat’s already stealthy and reticent nature. It won’t do to try and jolly this person out of his private moods. He does not take kindly to criticism, feeling that he is alone the judge of what’s best for him. Scorpio/Cat can be admirable, but also haughty and sometimes pompous.

Love Scorpio Cat Zodiac Trait

Love, to the Scorpio born Cat, is a matter of great import. As this person generally has a mission or cause to accomplish in life, he cannot permit himself the luxury of lots of petty superficial affairs. He may err from his solid marriage or stray occasionally from the mate he has chosen, but such peccadilloes will be handled with tact and delicacy. Scorpio/Cats are looking for a mate who will ensure the management of day-to-day events in order that he or she might get on with the serious business of living.

If you love a Scorpio/Cat, it is probably because you first admired him. The natural progression with these impressive creatures is from one kind of worship to another, more intimate type. As they are rather strict about their ideas of how you should appear as their mate and cohort, you will need to be adaptable and ready to fit into a mold to please society.

Home and Family Scorpio Rabbit Zodiac Trait

Here the Scorpio Rabbit / Cat is the ruler. All things homelike must revolve about the leader and his or her needs. The main room in the house might well be Scorpio Rabbit / Cat’s office. The rest will be comfortable and refined in the extreme. But the center of the home for this very “central” person will be decorated to suit his taste. Each individual child may have his or her own color scheme, and yet there will always be the sense that the careful Scorpio Rabbit / Cat has supervised it all. Clashes are not allowed.  Harmony is the objective.

The Scorpio Rabbit / Cat is a reliable and responsible, if a bit too authoritarian, parent. Rules are unspoken but they are nonetheless laws to be adhered to closely and with respect. The Scorpio/Cat has very likely brought herself to a certain social position through hard work and diligence. She will not tolerate disobedience or bad examples from her kids. Scorpio/Cats like to save face.

As children, these people will be secretive and enjoy playing alone. They will seek audiences for their plans and theories as soon as they are old enough to read and formulate schemes themselves. They like security but are able to overcome upsets gracefully and philosophically. They can be cheeky. It’s best to reason rather than spank. They cannot abide violence.

Profession Scorpio Rabbit Zodiac 

It’s fairly obvious to me that these people are made for responsible jobs. They truly enjoy taking care of others and seeing to the well-being of a group. They are serious people whose no-nonsense approach is much appreciated by employers. As they can be haughty and even persnickety and viper-tongued, it’s not easy to be employed by them. They have an attitude of “I’m only doing this for your own good,” which can be trying.

Good careers for these people are: astrologer, musician, psychiatrist, research scientist, preacher, tour guide, teacher.

The Scorpio Tiger Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Scorpio ( October 23 - November 21)
Year of the Tiger: 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

At the risk of being accused of vest pocket autobiography, I ( writer - Suzanne White), confess that this sign is my very own. Moreover, I like my sign and have many friends of the same persuasion. Forgive me if I wax sentimental in this portrait.

 First off, I’ll tell you that all Scorpio Tigers are excessive. They do everything to extreme. They never take life as it comes, but rather race out and try to head it off at the pass. They are constantly in dangerous situations, where they have plunked themselves deliberately. They never take their time and plan every detail, or write lists to be sure that every last mothball gets accounted for in the winter clothes. These people are hasty and hotheaded and really honestly quite mad. I call Scorpio Tigers “blitz” people. They come screeching up to every new experience, gobble, slurp, inhale, consume, build, make, bake, scrape, paint, fix—and they’re off to the next challenge. Scorpios born in Tiger years are always trying to get three lives out of one.

The combination of Scorpio’s dark magnetism and Tiger’s swaggering charm makes this subject fairly fascinating to other people. This translates into Scorpio Tigers being quite popular among their peers. People look up to this character and Scorpio Tiger loves to be looked up to, told how wonderful he is and, in return for admiration and approval, goes to great lengths to continue to be wonderful so that the applause never dies down.

Scorpio Tigers are egomaniacal. But they’re nice about it. These headstrong characters are automatic leaders. But they are not exactly crazy about being leaders. Scorpio Tigers know how to do a lot of different things and tend to be jacks-of-alltrades. The dream of this contrary soul, then, is to do one thing well. Scorpio/Tiger is a proud person. But he rankles at his own tendency toward pride and is constantly kicking himself in the derrière, saying, “Be more humble. Don’t get carried away. Shrink your head to normal size.” And worst of all, Scorpio Tigers are fighters. They are ferocious and even dangerous as adversaries. They can be both rancorous and bloodthirsty. But they hate being so mean. They long to be nicer. Now that you understand the basic Tiger Scorpio schizophrenia, I will tell you what they need to do so as not to die young: Scorpio/Tigers must gain wisdom at an early age. This wisdom will not come from within. It will always be delivered by an outside

Scorpio/Tigers must keep their floppy little ears clean and listen carefully to the wise people in their hectic lives. Spunk they have. Sagacity they don’t. When this person finally learns reason and temperance, he can move any mountain he comes upon with a single switch of his tail. Without common sense and measure this person is a goner. Once the Scorpio/Tiger has assimilated level-headedness as a way of life he or she can go very far indeed. These people boast a certain brilliance, possess panache to burn and are competent in the extreme. There is nothing you cannot entrust to them.

They are self-starters, pushy but congenial, and they’ll battle to the death with injustice. Scorpio/Tigers hate rules unless they make them themselves. They always think they know best. They are hotheaded, jealous and ruthless when crossed. They don’t mind brute force but they hate trickery. Scorpio/Tigers stalk dishonesty in the dark of night. They thrive on victory and just about never admit defeat.

Love Scorpio Tiger Zodiac Horoscope

This person doesn’t find true love in two weeks. First of all, he or she lives a tumultuous life, full of adventure and change. Without change, the Scorpio Tiger would turn to drink or drugs. He does not necessarily want to switch partners, and I would even say the Scorpio Tiger is a faithful type, but he likes to change scenery, alter his habits, move the furniture around in his life. When and if he finds someone to follow this restless prowling, Scorpio Tiger can settle on a mate. He’s very sexual and can even be kittenish in the bedroom. .

If you love a Scorpio Tiger and wish to remain near him forever, you must first be respectable. Scorpio Tigers want to be the crazies in the family. They don’t want any competition in the cuckoo department. Moreover, this subject has to feel admiration for the one he loves. Otherwise he loses interest. So be your own person, be thoughtful and wise. Do not, I repeat, do not cling, lean or fawn. All of the above cause Scorpio Tigers to lose their lunch.

Home and Family Scorpio Tiger Zodiac Horoscope

This person’s home will be a palace of funk and whimsy. Scorpio Tiger is interested in decoration only insofar as it expresses his personality. He moves into a house and guts it, turns it inside out, raises or lowers beams to suit his habits, adds a room for his hobbies, puts in a wall-to-wall dishwasher so he can store up his dirty dishes for weeks. Scorpio Tigers don’t care to impress anybody, and will arrange their environment to suit themselves and those they love—period!

The Scorpio Tiger parent is loving but strict. He doesn’t want little Mary or Betty to grow up to be unruly like him. Actually, what Scorpio Tigers want from their kids is that the kids not need them. Scorpio Tigers are very private at home and are not eager about helping with homework or putting up Christmas trees. They are sincere parents who care a great deal about their kids but who would prefer not to have to care for them. Nose wiping grates on their nerves.

Little Scorpio Tigers are defiant and a bit odd. They don’t join in much with the other kids and they always have a thousand projects going at once. They are naturally rebellious, and may think up some doozies to bedevil their parents. They need to be left alone except when they are on the brink of committing some major booboo— which is often.

Profession Scorpio Tiger Zodiac Horoscope

If this person has found temperance and buckled under to reason, there is no career closed to him. He is clever and wily, strong and reliable, capable and trustworthy. Trouble is, it usually takes about ten extra years in the young life of this reckless character for him or her to settle down. He likes to test careers, try new projects, join different groups and travel before he is ready to zero in on one in particular. You’ll never meet a Scorpio/Tiger who tells you he always wanted to be a baker and went to baking school at age twelve and here he is at forty still baking bread. No way. Scorpio/Tigers have usually tried at least a hundred different jobs by the time they are forty. Scorpio Tiger Zodiac Horoscope Personality Scorpio Tiger
If I were to employ a Scorpio Tiger, I would keep a close eye on his method of doing things. These people don’t like rules, remember? They tend to make up their own. Let a Scorpio/Tiger loose in your office and you may find your filing system totally reorganized before morning. They are efficient and obedient—but only to a point. As a boss, the Scorpio/Tiger is loving and tough. These people command respect easily, and as they don’t like bossiness, they try to turn their orders into suggestions. They are not above cleaning latrines, either, as they like to teach by example. They also work well alone.

Some fitting careers for Scorpio/Tigers are: preacher, prospector, psychiatrist, politician, traveling salesman, personnel manager, publicist, journalist, editor, mercenary, leader.

The Scorpio Pig Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Scorpio ( October 23 - November 21)
Year of the Pig: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

In his book Animal Farm, George Orwell writes in jest that “all pigs are created equal... but some are more equal than others.” The Scorpio Pig possesses natural magnificence. She’s duskier than most. Scorpio has just what the doctor ordered to remedy that silly piggie credulity: suspicion. It’s a good match. This person will surely go a long way in life. Moreover, he or she will be cheered along by many admiring companions.

Often, Scorpios born in Pig years are exceptionally good-looking. They have an enigmatic quality that other more direct Pigs would envy. What’s more, Scorpio Pigs know how to dress. Both signs have a taste for the sensually appealing. Watch for elegant décolletages and spiffy smoking jackets.

I’d rather not have to say it, but our friend the Scorpio born Pig can be both mouthy and pushy. This guy knows what she wants and never hesitates to play the squeaky wheel in order to get it. She can be loud and boisterous. She loves jokes and off-color stories. The Scorpio born Pig is lusty. In her younger years she can be accused of sowing rather more than her share of wild oats.

The reason for her aggressive dynamism is Scorpio Pig’s raw ambition. These people don’t like to be poor. They struggle very hard in order to impose their ideas in work situations. They are not afraid to ring up the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York from some obscure boondock to say that they are the best painter in Illinois—maybe in the whole world—and they think the curator should give them a one-man show. Oddly, sometimes these forward tactics work, and work very well. In any case, the Scorpio Pig will try anything once in order to advance her own interest.

The Scorpio Pig is less pure than other Pigs. He or she will know how to flimflam and will be tempted to do so for the basest material ends. Unfortunately, the Pig character is deeply affected by improbity. A touch of dishonesty can be disastrous for a Scorpio Pig. She does not bounce back from crooked deals. She does not handle guilt very well. Best the Scorpio Pig stay away from trickery. If she asks for trouble, she usually gets it.

Every gesture of the Scorpio Pig, even if it is an invitation or a kindness, is selfinterested. This person is not evil, but he is very desirous of getting where he wants to be. He’s ruthless, in fact. His parties may be spectacular and his gifts lavish. But there will always be a tinge of egotism connected to them. Maybe he needs a phone number for car repair or perhaps you know a guy who might hire his daughter. Scorpio Pigs cannot seem to give just for the sake of giving.

This person’s capacity for self-righteous anger is monumental. Scorpio has never been noted for self-control. But a Scorpio born in a Pig year—my dear! If you happen to see one of these creatures winding up for a rip-roaring tantrum, batten the hatches and run for your life. Scorpio/Pig anger is murderous—but infrequent. All in all, the Scorpio/Pig is quite a jolly, attractive sort. He is strong-willed, loving and able to compromise—for gain. He hates to lose and rarely does. He can be narrow-minded and conservative, but he’s fun to be with and knows how to cut a mean figure in public.

Love Scorpio Pig Zodiac Horoscope

In all areas where the Scorpio born Pig performs, he does his best. But he is a tinge on the selfish side. And he or she will be demanding. Thing is, these people are very bright and funny. They are also pretty to look at. They adore sex and everything that goes before it and after it. They’re demonically fetching. They will love deeply and exclusively.

Should you be enchanted by one of these Scorpios, I would suggest that you never arouse their jealousy. Like their rages, their attacks of green-eyed monsterism are epic. Scorpio/Pigs like to be adored and hate being taken for granted. They play with the emotions of whomever they are with, but they cannot accept being toyed with in their turn. It’s a ticklish route being in love with a Scorpio/Pig. Ask Louis XVI: Marie Antoinette was one of these characters.

Home and Family  Zodiac Horoscope

Decor in the Scorpio/Pig’s life is a must. Home is one of the outward and visible signs of his achievement. The prospect of building a real home where each room, each objet d'art and every last cranny will bespeak the person who inhabits it is delightful to the domesticated Scorpio/Pig. The furniture will usually be traditional, the monogrammed linens ironed fresh and fashioned from finest imported fabrics. The Scorpio/Pig makes much of his or her home. He is handy and clever and skillful at building and decorating. Scorpio/Pigs love to throw lavish receptions and invite all the “right” people.

Parenting also pleases the Scorpio/Pig. He or she will most likely be bossy and even domineering as a parent. But they will love their kids with a passion. For the Scorpio/Pig, each offspring represents another feather in his cap. This is a proud and demanding parent who compensates for being overly authoritarian by dispensing impressive amounts of tenderness and loving care to children. The Scorpio/Pig spends time with kids, but has a bit of trouble accepting adolescents. His self-assurance is threatened by the questioning attitude of teenagers. He wants to be obeyed—and never disapproved of.

The Scorpio/Pig child is a pleasure. First of all, he or she will surely be beautiful. Secondly, these kids have enormous giggling capabilities and love to wallow in the lushness of childhood’s joys. Take your Scorpio/Pig child to the country and let him skinny-dip. He will enjoy lolling in the tall grass after his swim. Infrequent (but impressive) tantrums aside, this is a sweet child who asks little more of his young life than loving parents and a safe home.

Profession  Scorpio Pig Zodiac Horoscope

This person’s job will be the vehicle by which he rises to success. The Scorpio/Pig person is not interested in modest wages and lifelong security. He cares about getting to the top, having lots of money and living in opulent surroundings. He’s a driver and a doer. Early in his career this person will have some difficulty obtaining top-level positions. He will represent a threat to other executives and his angry side can also cause problems. When the Scorpio/Pig learns to tone down and cool it with the ambition act, people will be less anxious about according him jobs involving authority. In any case, by middle age, these people are usually rich. It comes with the territory.

Bossy. Yes. But humane all the same, and so creative that sometimes the bossiness is understandable. Scorpio/Pig wants to get things done. He’s impatient and can be rowdy. Whether boss, employee or independent worker, this person will have success or die trying.

Some fitting careers for Scorpio/Pig are: painter, actor, actress, cattle rancher, restaurant owner/caterer, interior decorator, stockbroker, politician.

The Scorpio Monkey Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Scorpio ( October 23 - November 21)
Year of the Monkey: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Combining plotting and creativity can cause some human fireworks. The Scorpio born in a Monkey year will bear all the earmarks of the complex Scorpio nature. She will be crafty and enigmatic and harsh-tongued and strong. Yet she will seek to muffle those darker characteristics by pretending jauntiness and affecting a slightly silly attitude at times. Monkey and Scorpio can sometimes be—but only sometimes—allies. They are both tricky and ruseful. They are both capable of leadership. At other times, however, these two signs are at odds. Monkeys are sometimes deceitful but they pretend they are only kidding around. Scorpio is hardly ever just fooling around. Scorpio means business. Monkeys are builders. Scorpios can be destroyers. Monkeys are zealous, Scorpios jealous.

So inner discord is no stranger to the Scorpio born Monkey. There is a veritable storm of conflicting emotion at play inside this person’s pretty little cranium. “Should I just lie back and let someone else do the work and consider myself the brains behind this operation?” asks the devious Scorpio of his Monkey conscience. “Or...” pipes up the Monkey, fair and square, “how about if I not only think up the plan, but I go and do it, too, and everybody will see what an industrious little worker I am.” Either way the work gets accomplished, the plan is hatched and the battle done. But the method may leave a bitter taste in our hero’s mouth.

She’s often dissatisfied by her own imperfections. She’d like to be able to gaze long and hard into the mirror and say, “I am an accomplished something-or-other and I am proud of it.” Instead, her reflection often comes back a disappointing mosaic of “maybe next time,” and “if only,” and “try harder.” This shattered view is unpleasant to the Scorpio Monkey. Yet she is hard put to fight her dualities fiercely enough to focus the image.

The Scorpio Monkey is quick-witted and lively. Tying her down will not change her basic desire to come and go at will, to detour if she wants and to find her proper path by attempting many divergent ones. She is basically self-interested, wants recognition for her achievements alone, and finds sharing the burdens of less capable and imaginative souls untenable. The Monkey will lead. She will shine, and she will triumph. But first she has to get that temptress Scorpio out of her system. The Monkey born Scorpio aspires to great heights of creativity. She is capable of undertaking and accomplishing projects of real complexity and import. The Monkey alone is a remarkably temperate soul. So the Scorpio side of this character gives inspiration and draws her into wilder territories than most Monkey people ever frequent.

At first she may balk and feel slightly tipsy from the journey and the rarefied air. But wait until she gets his little Monkey paws busy; this person adapts instantly to new circumstances once she’s found a project to zero in on.

You may find this creature slightly bumptious and too talkative for your taste. Some Scorpio Monkeys seem to have a scratched phonograph inside their heads and will endlessly repeat stories you have already heard a hundred times before. They need to be reminded of their hyperblabbiness. Fortunately, they take criticism with a smile. For Scorpios these people are practically without sulk. They may be anxious and wracked with self-doubt. But Scorpio Monkeys will prevail. It’s in their nature.

Love Scorpio Monkey Zodiac Horoscope

This person is no ordinary hypersexy Scorpio. He or she is also an erotically active Monkey. The combination of the two very sexual signs makes for an energetic if somewhat preoccupied lover. The Scorpio/Monkey wants to be exalted, exhilarated and excited. He or she will have no time for lukewarm affairs and is mainly interested in long-term and long-winded love matches.

It is not as important to admire the Scorpio/Monkey as it is to remember that his or her sexual needs take precedence over almost anything else. Some people say that sex tires them, wears them out and drains them. Not the Scorpio/Monkey. For him, sexual activity imparts self-confidence, builds his sometimes worried ego and energizes his creativity center. If you love such an eager beaver, don’t underestimate his or her needs in bed or you may be sitting home by the phone doing crossword puzzles while the Scorpio/Monkey races about thrill-seeking. Don’t ever tie this person down. Urge him or her to take trips without you. Often the illusion of freedom is enough to keep the Scorpio/Monkey down on the farm forever.

Home and Family Scorpio Monkey Zodiac Horoscope

The Monkey born Scorpio would rather have three funky houses than one palace. He’s one of the roving kind. His walls will be plastered with souvenirs and mementos of travels and vacations in exotic places. His piano usually has the cover sawed off and he may drive a perfectly frightful car. For this person, chic is definitely out. Monkey Scorpio considers that decor should be functional and personalized.

All Scorpio/Monkeys should have kids. There’s a Peter Pan quality in this character. The Scorpio/Monkey likes to teach his or her children and to delight them with jokes and join in their pranks. The Monkey born Scorpio also feels lightness and innocence emanating from children, and this attracts and fascinates him. He may try to be authoritarian, but he’ll probably giggle right in the middle of his somber lecture on table manners.

The Scorpio/Monkey child will be troubled if he or she doesn’t succeed right away in life. There is great sensitivity here, and emotion takes longer to grow up than does intellect. The best advice I can give the parent of this child is: Leave him or her alone until a definite direction can be discerned. Then, leap at the chance to allow your Scorpio/Monkey to learn everything she will need to know about what interests her. This kid needs encouragement, freedom of action and a sterling example to follow.

Profession Scorpio Monkey Zodiac Horoscope

The Scorpio/Monkey’s talents often lie in creative areas, but he or she is also capable of excellent interpretive work. They can be good storytellers, as they like to talk and have orderly intellects. This person works best in small groups, where his or her artistic qualities are appreciated and implemented by the other members of the group. Again, in the profession chosen, this person must have the impression of leeway or breadth of action in order best to utilize talent. They can be short-tempered when pushed on deadlines or anxious about the success of the project.

Frankly, I don’t think the Scorpio/Monkey wants to be boss. This person seeks, above all, an independent means to work on what interests him most. Being in a position of authority imposes strictures on the Scorpio/Monkey that he considers more of a prison than a privilege. He can be a diligent employee so long as he is not forced into excessive routine or the compromise of ideas. You’ll find this person most happily employed doing his or her own thing. The Scorpio/Monkey is an original. Fitting in is not one of his goals.

Some appropriate careers for Scorpio Monkeys are: photographer, musician, roadie, florist, potter, choreographer, boat-builder, sound engineer, historian.

The Scorpio Dog Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Scorpio ( October 23 - November 21)
Year of the Dog: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

The convoluted emotional swamp that personifies Scorpio comes a cropper when it meets up with the frank, open, direct and altruistic Dog character. The basic Dog self, the worrier, the doubting and tender-hearted champion, will at first be utterly flummoxed to be born a Scorpio. “A Scorpio?” wonders the baby Dog. “What’s that?”

Of course there are positive similarities between the two signs. Both Scorpio and Dog are dedicated and devoted people. Scorpio lends fire to this dedication, and adds open jealousy to the picture should this devotion be betrayed. Both Dogs and Scorpios like to advance strong opinions. Dog is a shade more know-it-all than the secretive Scorpio. But the Scorpio can be quite a talker. What’s more, Dogs do a lot of nipping and snapping. With the Scorpio’s viper tongue to dispatch the Dog’s verbal snipes, you can see that this is not a person who minces words.

So the Scorpio Dog character is acerbic and sarcastic. At the same time he or she will also be very nice and full of brotherly love in caring about others. If riled (and that is not difficult with this edgy, disquiet soul), the Scorpio Dog will bite. These subjects can be scrappers, and although they are rarely actually physical, they can be mightily sadistic in their commentary. Let’s say that the Scorpio Dog uses his tongue and his wits to battle his way through life.

Scorpio Dogs are analytical and begin longing to change the world while still very young. They are judgmental. They find compromise almost impossible. They are not naturally friendly and outgoing, tail-wagging Dogs. Scorpio Dogs go straight to the heart of the matter. They are easily hurt. But by the time they reach thirty, they have usually resigned themselves to their dissatisfied nature. Then their Scorpio side comes to the fore and they begin to make public their critical and sarcastic natures.

Resignation in the case of Scorpio Dogs is an asset. It allows them to laugh not only at the world but at themselves. Age gives them the necessary perspective for becoming funny, witty satirists.

There is a quality of sweetness in this mad Dog’s character, too. You can always tell, despite the acid remarks and the dry witty comments, that underneath shines a light of human understanding and genuine good will. The Scorpio Dog means no harm. He loves humanity. That’s why he tears it to shreds, to get a better look at its inner workings so that maybe he or she can do something about it. There is no question that the Scorpio Dog wants to do good.

But, as we all know, where there is much good, evil is never far away. Evil stalks the good man, tempting him and testing his probity. Scorpio is a temptress of the first water. “Come on. Put your hand in the till. Nobody will ever know. Don’t worry so much. Just take the bracelet....” Scorpio Dogs suffer deeply at the hands of this Jezebel Beelzebub. They must use all their strength to resist devoting so much as a wink to the devil. Laughter, they find, is an excellent antidote to evil.

Love Scorpio Dog Zodiac Horoscope

I love them all. Scorpio/Dogs are tender-hearted, nervous sweethearts whom you would like to comfort and soothe. Of course, all the balm in the world won’t shut the eyes of this perspicacious hound. Nor will it quiet his caustic tongue. What this person wants in a lover is a companion. He wants somebody to respect, who doesn’t grovel at his feet, and who keeps his or her part of the bargain one hundred percent of the way. No free rides. And should he be disappointed in love once, he won’t want to take another chance. Scorpio/Dogs require gentle persuasion to accept happiness in love.

As this person is always nit-picking and hunting for the flaws in a relationship, if you love one you must be as even-tempered as possible. Swathe yourself in layers of down quilts to resist the arrows of your loved one’s sharp wits and don’t—I repeat, do not be defensive. Pretend you don’t hear them. They’ll be deflected by your indifference.

Home and Family

At home the Scorpio/Dog feels less threatened by wickedness. Here he will try to create an environment of pipe-and-slippers comfort. The Scorpio/Dog doesn’t much bother with frippery or furbelow, but rather she will want others simply to feel welcome at her place. There will surely be a fireplace and lots of books at the Scorpio/Dog’s house. But you probably won’t see any apparent gold. It’s all hidden under the mattresses (or in a Swiss bank).

The Scorpio/Dog parent idolizes his or her kids. Kids, for this idealist, represent hope for the future. Kids are untainted by sordid reality. This parent will take great pains with the education and guidance of his or her children. The Scorpio/Dog earnestly believes he or she can alter the course of a life through early training. This person has many regrets about his own childhood and wants to make amends.

The Scorpio/Dog child will not be chubby or roly-poly huggable. You are more likely to find him or her rather bony and sinewy. The kid will have many dreams about the future, and a wise parent would feed those dreams by keeping the child in touch with nature and goodness at all times. The Scorpio/Dog’s brutal sensitivity can easily turn to vinegar if too much reality is allowed to assail him before he is old enough to fight his own battles. So protect your Scorpio/Dog child. And try to teach him how to laugh at himself.

Profession Scorpio Dog Zodiac Horoscope

Jobs, for the Scorpio/Dog character, ought to put his capacity for analysis and criticism to good use. By the time Scorpio/Dog reaches adulthood, he will be ready to apply himself to trying to put some order into the social chaos he sees so clearly. This person can put the finger on trouble in a trice.

The Scorpio Dog is not so much bossy as he is snappish. Authority, as such, doesn’t grab him. This creature needs liberty of action in her work and should not be tied down to the routine of domination, or any other routine, for that matter. Too much sameness will remove the challenge that Scorpio/Dog lives for. She will certainly be a reliable employee, but time clocks and nagging office managers will alienate her. As Scorpio/Dogs are naturally industrious, you can be certain this subject will do everything not to be unemployed.

Some careers for Scorpio Dogs will be: writer, city planner, recording engineer, troubleshooter, photographer, humorist, undercover agent, journalist, psychiatrist, social worker.
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