Scorpio Rabbit Personality (Scorpio Cat)


The Scorpio Rabbit Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Scorpio ( October 23 - November 21)
Year of the Rabbit / Cat: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

An imposing figure is the Scorpio Rabbit / Cat. She is respectable, able to earn and keep her money, and she commands respect from peers. On the outside she is calm and refined. On the inside there’s a blazing fire of intent. Scorpio Rabbit / Cat means whats she says and says only what she means. She’s thought it all through beforehand and believes fervently in whatever theories or precepts she is advancing.

People are inspired by this person’s presence. She has poise and handles tricky situations with aplomb, knowing just how to defuse potentially angry crowds and reckless madmen. The Scorpio side of this person’s nature understands darkness and has a thorough knowledge of what causes fear. The Cat / Sheep brings her steady-as-you-go tact and finesse.

The combination is unbeatably self-assured. Scorpio tempers the Cat’s squeamishness and gives him the courage to face adversity. The cautious Rabbit / Cat shuts down the Scorpio’s sadism, increasing his capacity for compassion. The outward appearance of this humanitarian soul, then, is dignity personified. Inwardly he may be shuddering with fright at the prospect of what he has undertaken. But never mind. Stage fright is only a passing state of mind. And when Scorpio/Cat finds him or herself in front of the audience, not a hair out of place, not a whisker atwitch, the effect is powerful.

The Scorpio / Rabbit knows how to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. He can drag himself up from nothing, bounce back from illness or poverty and sally forth to real success without blinking an eye. This person is a dreamer of impossible dreams and can, quietly and without undue commotion, make his visions into realities.

The Scorpio born Cat is a natural performer too. She is comfortable before a group of people to whom she is delivering a message or teaching a concept. She is not very flexible, however, and can sometimes be accused of bigotry or narrow-mindedness. She believes so fervently in her ideas that she never wants to give them up. She cherishes what she has espoused in the way of creed, and sticks closely to its tenets.

The Scorpio Rabbit / Cat usually has a good sense of humor. Cat/ Rabbits are circumspect and tend to watch the world from a privileged position, hovering about three feet above everybody’s head. Scorpios keep a well-honed tongue in their heads and are ever ready with a sharp crack. The combination can be unbearably acid and satirical.

The secretive or private side of this character is slightly overdeveloped. Scorpio lends suspicion to the Rabbit/ Cat’s already stealthy and reticent nature. It won’t do to try and jolly this person out of his private moods. He does not take kindly to criticism, feeling that he is alone the judge of what’s best for him. Scorpio/Cat can be admirable, but also haughty and sometimes pompous.

Love Scorpio Cat Zodiac Trait

Love, to the Scorpio born Cat, is a matter of great import. As this person generally has a mission or cause to accomplish in life, he cannot permit himself the luxury of lots of petty superficial affairs. He may err from his solid marriage or stray occasionally from the mate he has chosen, but such peccadilloes will be handled with tact and delicacy. Scorpio/Cats are looking for a mate who will ensure the management of day-to-day events in order that he or she might get on with the serious business of living.

If you love a Scorpio/Cat, it is probably because you first admired him. The natural progression with these impressive creatures is from one kind of worship to another, more intimate type. As they are rather strict about their ideas of how you should appear as their mate and cohort, you will need to be adaptable and ready to fit into a mold to please society.

Home and Family Scorpio Rabbit Zodiac Trait

Here the Scorpio Rabbit / Cat is the ruler. All things homelike must revolve about the leader and his or her needs. The main room in the house might well be Scorpio Rabbit / Cat’s office. The rest will be comfortable and refined in the extreme. But the center of the home for this very “central” person will be decorated to suit his taste. Each individual child may have his or her own color scheme, and yet there will always be the sense that the careful Scorpio Rabbit / Cat has supervised it all. Clashes are not allowed.  Harmony is the objective.

The Scorpio Rabbit / Cat is a reliable and responsible, if a bit too authoritarian, parent. Rules are unspoken but they are nonetheless laws to be adhered to closely and with respect. The Scorpio/Cat has very likely brought herself to a certain social position through hard work and diligence. She will not tolerate disobedience or bad examples from her kids. Scorpio/Cats like to save face.

As children, these people will be secretive and enjoy playing alone. They will seek audiences for their plans and theories as soon as they are old enough to read and formulate schemes themselves. They like security but are able to overcome upsets gracefully and philosophically. They can be cheeky. It’s best to reason rather than spank. They cannot abide violence.

Profession Scorpio Rabbit Zodiac 

It’s fairly obvious to me that these people are made for responsible jobs. They truly enjoy taking care of others and seeing to the well-being of a group. They are serious people whose no-nonsense approach is much appreciated by employers. As they can be haughty and even persnickety and viper-tongued, it’s not easy to be employed by them. They have an attitude of “I’m only doing this for your own good,” which can be trying.

Good careers for these people are: astrologer, musician, psychiatrist, research scientist, preacher, tour guide, teacher.
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