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The Scorpio Dog Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Scorpio ( October 23 - November 21)
Year of the Dog: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

The convoluted emotional swamp that personifies Scorpio comes a cropper when it meets up with the frank, open, direct and altruistic Dog character. The basic Dog self, the worrier, the doubting and tender-hearted champion, will at first be utterly flummoxed to be born a Scorpio. “A Scorpio?” wonders the baby Dog. “What’s that?”

Of course there are positive similarities between the two signs. Both Scorpio and Dog are dedicated and devoted people. Scorpio lends fire to this dedication, and adds open jealousy to the picture should this devotion be betrayed. Both Dogs and Scorpios like to advance strong opinions. Dog is a shade more know-it-all than the secretive Scorpio. But the Scorpio can be quite a talker. What’s more, Dogs do a lot of nipping and snapping. With the Scorpio’s viper tongue to dispatch the Dog’s verbal snipes, you can see that this is not a person who minces words.

So the Scorpio Dog character is acerbic and sarcastic. At the same time he or she will also be very nice and full of brotherly love in caring about others. If riled (and that is not difficult with this edgy, disquiet soul), the Scorpio Dog will bite. These subjects can be scrappers, and although they are rarely actually physical, they can be mightily sadistic in their commentary. Let’s say that the Scorpio Dog uses his tongue and his wits to battle his way through life.

Scorpio Dogs are analytical and begin longing to change the world while still very young. They are judgmental. They find compromise almost impossible. They are not naturally friendly and outgoing, tail-wagging Dogs. Scorpio Dogs go straight to the heart of the matter. They are easily hurt. But by the time they reach thirty, they have usually resigned themselves to their dissatisfied nature. Then their Scorpio side comes to the fore and they begin to make public their critical and sarcastic natures.

Resignation in the case of Scorpio Dogs is an asset. It allows them to laugh not only at the world but at themselves. Age gives them the necessary perspective for becoming funny, witty satirists.

There is a quality of sweetness in this mad Dog’s character, too. You can always tell, despite the acid remarks and the dry witty comments, that underneath shines a light of human understanding and genuine good will. The Scorpio Dog means no harm. He loves humanity. That’s why he tears it to shreds, to get a better look at its inner workings so that maybe he or she can do something about it. There is no question that the Scorpio Dog wants to do good.

But, as we all know, where there is much good, evil is never far away. Evil stalks the good man, tempting him and testing his probity. Scorpio is a temptress of the first water. “Come on. Put your hand in the till. Nobody will ever know. Don’t worry so much. Just take the bracelet....” Scorpio Dogs suffer deeply at the hands of this Jezebel Beelzebub. They must use all their strength to resist devoting so much as a wink to the devil. Laughter, they find, is an excellent antidote to evil.

Love Scorpio Dog Zodiac Horoscope

I love them all. Scorpio/Dogs are tender-hearted, nervous sweethearts whom you would like to comfort and soothe. Of course, all the balm in the world won’t shut the eyes of this perspicacious hound. Nor will it quiet his caustic tongue. What this person wants in a lover is a companion. He wants somebody to respect, who doesn’t grovel at his feet, and who keeps his or her part of the bargain one hundred percent of the way. No free rides. And should he be disappointed in love once, he won’t want to take another chance. Scorpio/Dogs require gentle persuasion to accept happiness in love.

As this person is always nit-picking and hunting for the flaws in a relationship, if you love one you must be as even-tempered as possible. Swathe yourself in layers of down quilts to resist the arrows of your loved one’s sharp wits and don’t—I repeat, do not be defensive. Pretend you don’t hear them. They’ll be deflected by your indifference.

Home and Family

At home the Scorpio/Dog feels less threatened by wickedness. Here he will try to create an environment of pipe-and-slippers comfort. The Scorpio/Dog doesn’t much bother with frippery or furbelow, but rather she will want others simply to feel welcome at her place. There will surely be a fireplace and lots of books at the Scorpio/Dog’s house. But you probably won’t see any apparent gold. It’s all hidden under the mattresses (or in a Swiss bank).

The Scorpio/Dog parent idolizes his or her kids. Kids, for this idealist, represent hope for the future. Kids are untainted by sordid reality. This parent will take great pains with the education and guidance of his or her children. The Scorpio/Dog earnestly believes he or she can alter the course of a life through early training. This person has many regrets about his own childhood and wants to make amends.

The Scorpio/Dog child will not be chubby or roly-poly huggable. You are more likely to find him or her rather bony and sinewy. The kid will have many dreams about the future, and a wise parent would feed those dreams by keeping the child in touch with nature and goodness at all times. The Scorpio/Dog’s brutal sensitivity can easily turn to vinegar if too much reality is allowed to assail him before he is old enough to fight his own battles. So protect your Scorpio/Dog child. And try to teach him how to laugh at himself.

Profession Scorpio Dog Zodiac Horoscope

Jobs, for the Scorpio/Dog character, ought to put his capacity for analysis and criticism to good use. By the time Scorpio/Dog reaches adulthood, he will be ready to apply himself to trying to put some order into the social chaos he sees so clearly. This person can put the finger on trouble in a trice.

The Scorpio Dog is not so much bossy as he is snappish. Authority, as such, doesn’t grab him. This creature needs liberty of action in her work and should not be tied down to the routine of domination, or any other routine, for that matter. Too much sameness will remove the challenge that Scorpio/Dog lives for. She will certainly be a reliable employee, but time clocks and nagging office managers will alienate her. As Scorpio/Dogs are naturally industrious, you can be certain this subject will do everything not to be unemployed.

Some careers for Scorpio Dogs will be: writer, city planner, recording engineer, troubleshooter, photographer, humorist, undercover agent, journalist, psychiatrist, social worker.
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