Scorpio Emotion Quotes Part 1 (10 Pics)


10 Quotes to Understand Scorpio Emotions Part 1:

Scorpios have a reputation for being emotional and mysterious. This makes others want to understand and figure them out. Here are 10 quotes that talk about Scorpio emotions.

Scorpio Emotion Quotes #1

It's a lonely thing, protecting a breakable heart. - Scorpio

Scorpio Emotion Quotes #2

Playing with a Scorpio's emotions is like opening the gates of hell #warning #scorpio

Scorpio Emotion Quotes #3

As a Scorpio, you are very passionate about your mate and you don't miss a single opportunity to express that passion physically.

Scorpio Emotion Quotes #4

Scorpio will always rise from their own ashes. They are the most regenerative sign of the zodiac.

Scorpio Emotion Quotes #5

Scorpios are both highly emotional and highly intuitive. This gives them the uncanny ability to sniff out bullshit the second it is thought.

Scorpio Emotion Quotes #6


Someone who is indecisive about how they feel.

Scorpio Emotion Quotes #7

Scorpio Woman:
Don't be fooled by those amazing eyes. If she catches you cheating, she will burn your house down, preferably with you in it.

Scorpio Emotion Quotes #8

Trust gets you killed, love gets you hurt and being real gets you hated -Scorpio.

Scorpio Emotion Quotes #9

It's tricky to be a Scorpio. It's tricky to love a Scorpio.

Scorpio Emotion Quotes #10

Signs a Scorpio Likes You:

You'll know you're on a Scorpios radar if they're staring at you from across a crowded room. Their intese gaze will make you feel like the only person around. Scorpio might seem standoffish at first but they won' waste time making small talk with anyone they aren't interested in.
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