Scorpio Birthday Year Ahead Forecast


by: astrologer Susan Miller

Saturn, the tough-talking planet that, over the past three years, has been teaching you how to assume more responsibility ever since Saturn made his rare visit to Scorpio in October 2012. In June 2015, Saturn finally departed from your sign. This is great news, for as a result of Saturn’s tutoring, you are now stronger, leaner, and carrying more authority than ever before. Saturn has toughened you up so that you can handle more—in short you have grown up. No matter how old we are, the lovely promise of life is that we can always grow and mature. In astrology, having more birthdays is a positive development. It is now time to celebrate! Saturn won’t be back to Scorpio until November 2041, decades from now. That’s the reason Saturn’s three-year course of life lessons had to be demanding and memorable—you would have to carry your newfound wisdom well into the future.

During the past three years, one of these areas may have been your focus: your health, an unusually hard business deal, negotiation, collaboration, or a close committed love relationship that inexplicably ran into turbulence. I am not privy to your unique natal horoscope, so you may have had a different concern. No matter—whatever it was, the problem appears to be melting, and if not vanished, is likely to be much more manageable. You met your challenges head on, and you are all the better for it. Think back to the person you were prior to October 2012, and congratulate yourself for how much you have grown.

A Saturn visit is an important point in everyone’s timeline because Saturn can only visit any zodiac sign two or possibly three times in a lifetime, as it takes Saturn 29 years to revolve around the Sun (staying in each sign approximately two to three years). Saturn’s next visit will be November 2041. (The second and third visits of Saturn are always easier.) Having had Saturn on your Sun can be strenuous, so you should start to feel a joyous lightness and mobility that you might not have felt in a long time—you may have forgotten how colorful life can be. You will now have choices!

More good news: Saturn is known to never bestow rewards during his teaching period. The ancient astrologers wrote that Saturn always leaves a gift by the door upon exiting a sign as thanks for dealing with rigors. Saturn’s gift for you may turn out to be spiritual or material. Either way, the gift that is on the way (if it has not yet shown up yet) may be something deeply personal and important to you. You will know when it arrives. Whenever it appears, it will be comforting to know the universe is clearly taking care of you. You earned it!

Another reason you can be excited about your coming birthday year is that Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, has recently entered your eleventh house of people/events/social fun to stay until September 2016. Jupiter will likely expand your circle of friends, contacts, and acquaintances dramatically. You may say goodbye to one or two old friends who no longer share as much in common with you as they once did. This may happen if a close friend marries, moves away, or otherwise adopts a new lifestyle no longer in sync with yours. Your new friends could introduce you to even more stimulating people and expose you to a variety of new interests. In fact, you may find that often your friends will be extremely helpful. For example, if you are house hunting, it may turn out a friend will be instrumental in helping you spot the perfect property, or if you are choosing a new school for your child, a friend’s advice may prove invaluable for its insightfulness.

Virgo, the sign Jupiter will be traveling in this coming year, is an intellectual sign that strives to apply knowledge to practical goals. Your mind will be hungry to learn and grow in mastery over your chosen field or in diverse fields. This may lead you back to the university to get an advanced degree in your specialty or give you the urge to take continuing education classes for the sheer fun of it.

Virgo is also associated with service to others, especially in terms of healing, health, and medicine. Virgo will urge you to find ways to alleviate suffering, so in the coming year, you may join a charity to help those who are afflicted with a particular medical concern. For a cause that is dear to your heart, you may do this on a big scale, or you may volunteer on a small scale.

Last year, you may have experienced extraordinary career growth. If you were hoping for more exciting professional developments in coming months, watch what transpires at the full moon, January 23, 2016. Even greater things could arrive later, in the ten days that flow from the new moon, August 2. The first half of August could bring you your best opportunities to score a victory.

Your ideal time to plan a vacation would be at and after the new moon, which will arrive appropriately July 4, 2016 when the new moon (opportunity will join the Sun (focus, and strength), Venus (fun, beauty, luxury) and Mercury (news, travel, intellectual curiosity). Mars (activity, sports, drive) will be in Scorpio at that time, too. How good can things get, dear Scorpio?

Romantically, Jupiter in Virgo could bring better balance between career and your personal life, so that overall, life will become bigger and brighter. If single, you may now find your one true love or if you are attached, you may want to make more of your relationship. This is because Jupiter will tour your eleventh house of friendship that lies directly opposite your fifth house of love and children. Often a planet will “ping” energy directly across the skies to the house opposite on the horoscope wheel—your house of love. Look your best!

December 5-30 could be a great time to shop for new chic designer clothes and accessories to get ready for your burgeoning new lifestyle. That is when Venus will tour Scorpio and work to ensure you will find your most flattering styles. You’ll see—the compliments are likely to be plentiful, just in time for the twinkling holiday season!

After a memorable romantic December, quickly on its heels will come the eclipse of March 8 in Pisces, to possibly trigger another gloriously romantic period. Five lovely heavenly bodies will be acting like Cupid’s angels to shower you with a thick flurry of fairy dust during the entire two weeks that follow. Wow! All that you do to encourage love at that time could have the power to change your life for the coming year—eclipses can be that powerful. Circulate if single, and if attached, celebrate the love you have found.
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