How the Signs Say I Love You


How the Signs Say I Love You:

Sign: Aries - "I can wait for you"
Sign: Taurus -  " You can have it, I don't need it."
Sign: Gemini -  "Continue Your Story"
Sign: Cancer -  " I trust you"
Sign: Leo -  " Do you like this?" (asking for your opinion)
Sign: Virgo -  " I've never told that to anyone else"
Sign: Libra -  "Let's hangout!"
Sign: Scorpio - "[high sarcasm] psh, I don't care about you at ALL"
Sign: Sagittarius -  "I made your favorite food :D"
Sign: Capricorn -  "Let's go somewhere you wanna go"
Sign: Aquarius - "You're weirder than me. Weird!"
Sign: Pisces -  " I'm so comfortable around you"
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