Meeting between the Fixed Signs of the Zodiac:



Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus in a Meeting:

You guys!! I'm currently eaves dropping on a meeting between the Fixed Signs of the Zodiac!! Join me!

Leo: Are we ready to start the meeting?
Scorpio: Hurry up Scandal is gonna come on tonight.
Aquarius: Ew you actually tune into to human television programs? How basic.
Scorpio: Shut up you weird excuse for an alien...
Aquarius: .............I'm sorry what was that I couldn't hear you over the sound of your own mediocrity.
Leo: Okay you lovebirds let's begin the meeti....oh fuck where is Taurus....
Aquarius: Eating
Scorpio: *shakes head*
Leo: Okay anyway there is a huge problem. Nobody is paying attention to me....and we need to do something about it.
Aquarius: Be serious Leo what's the real issue?
Leo: .......didn't you just hear what I said?
Scorpio: Aquarius what her royalty is trying to say is that not enough people are paying attention to the conscious rays from the Sun whispering in the hearts of these galactic beings.
Aquarius: I didn't ask you, you think you understand it all huh?
Scorpio: Um and you think you know it all huh?
*Taurus walks in*
Taurus: *burp* what did I miss?
Leo: We were talking about me what did you expect?
Taurus: Yay my favorite subject *eye roll*
Leo: Listen guys Pisces and Libra are up to something I just know it...
Aquarius: You know.....I think you're right. Pisces hasn't been acting normal
Scorpio: When does that motherfucker ever act normal???
Taurus: No Leo is right....I noticed something is wrong with Libra. Have you noticed the injustice rampant on my planet Earth?
Leo: Exactly...well I don't care about the injustice...they aren't paying enough attention to me down there.
Aquarius: Leo you are not that self absorbed please drop the actually care about these humans admit it...
Scorpio: Can I leave now? Scandal is about to start.....
Taurus: Aquarius you lied to me you said there was gonna be an orgy not a meeting....
Leo: Guys pay attention!! Justice and imagination are being skewed we have to do something about this.
Aquarius: Just let Virgo take care of it. We always give them all the work to do.
Leo: Great idea but they refused to help anymore because of some insignificant nonsense about not being appreciated enough...
Scorpio: Look my 'dear friends' I would give you my advice but you would call it too raw and too deep for it to be effective. So I'm going to go watch my sh-
Taurus: What should be do Scorpio?
Scorpio: *deep stare*..........well if you must know Libra has yet to know love because they do so much they haven't stopped to smell the roses. Pisces is lonely as hell and no one wants to understand her. They aren't acting weird, they are trying to fix things their own way. I think we should get off our thrones and show them what they are
Leo: HAHAHAHAHA this bitch said we should get off our thrones!! HAHAHAHAHA
Aquarius: HAHAHA and that we should show them love HAHAHA
Scorpio: ..............
*Scorpio leaves room*
Taurus: Really mature ladies.....
Leo: Oh she was being serious? I'm sorry....*coyly winks at Aquarius* Get it? Cuz I'm really not HAHAHA
Aquarius: Okay well either way we do have a problem on our hand. I'm gonna pretend to care but I really don't. That leaves you two Leo and Taurus. What's the deal?
Leo: Well I'm gonna keep providing conscious illumination like I always do *hair flip*
Taurus: .........I think Scorpio was right....I'm gonna get off my throne and help these two......something's just not right....
Aquarius: Word...meeting adjourned!
Leo: Um we aren't done yet!
Aquarius: Okay....what's up?
Leo: .......NOW the meeting is done!
Taurus and Aquarius: *rolls eyes*
-Join me tomorrow when I eavesdrop on the meeting with the Cardinal Signs!-
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