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Played by Scorpios Burt Lancaster (born November 2) and Alain Delon  (born November 8) and directed by another Scorpio, Robert Michael Winner (born October 30).


SCORPIO (1973 Film) is about a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent named Cross (Burt Lancaster), a successful but retiring assassin, who is training "Scorpio" to replace him. Cross is teaching him as much about protecting himself from his patrons and never trusting anyone as how to get away clean.

The CIA tells "Scorpio", Jean Laurier (Alain Delon), to kill Cross for suspected treason and collaboration with the Russians. Scorpio is threatened with jail on a false narcotics charge if he doesn't cooperate.

Enraged by this betrayal, Scorpio corners and kills his girlfriend and Cross, but not before Cross imparts his last words of wisdom.

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