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The Scorpio Ox Personality Traits : Western and Chinese Zodiac Combination

from Suzanne White's Book - 'New Astrology'

Scorpio ( October 23 - November 21)
Year of the Ox:1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

A whiz kid with a crazy streak is the Scorpio born in Ox years. Oxen are deliberate, plain people who, as a rule, stodge their way to success come hell or high water. They are slow and they are thorough. Scorpios are very tricky and fanatical, mistrustful and magnetic. They veer all over the place in order to attain goals that the Ox heads for, horns lowered, steady as you plod. Put these two signs together and you get a kind of zippy Kremlin or a slightly kooky Sherman tank.
Scorpio Ox are uncanny. They seem to know instinctively how to elbow their way through a crowd without so much as grazing the sleeve of opposition. These people are always on their way somewhere. Their dust makes Challenger look like a thirdclass railway carriage in Darjeeling. Not that the Scorpio/Ox is in a hurry—oh no. He is simply ruthlessly and sadistically determined to get where he’s going, which in this case is always to the top of the profession where there are the highest salaries and the most glory and seniority and hoopla.

A curious facet of this person’s character is the unspoken superiority he or she carries around. There is never any question about who’s boss in groups when Scorpio/Ox is present. You see, this person is equipped with both the natural sovereignty of Scorpio and the strength of purpose of Oxen. Decisions, he feels, should be made without any consideration for sentiment. Scorpio/Oxen can understand the need for emotion, and indeed store up their share of lunatic experience in a lifetime. But they don’t usually allow their passions to interfere with progress. If they do, they know full well that their goose will be cooked.

Of course, Scorpio/Oxen are domineering. They have to rule others. But they are pleasant about their ability to take over in any situation and have the gift of gab necessary to put their message across with charm. These people are often quite humorous and know how to make others laugh. They are not terrific at laughing at themselves, however, as their egos are quite a lot stronger than their self-awareness.

Because of their apparent ease of success, Scorpio/Oxen are enviable. People become easily jealous of them and often try to hinder their progress by violent or underhanded means. But not to worry. Scorpio Ox is a tough customer. She does not give up territory willingly. Shedrives a very hard bargain. She is a wicked adversary and a devoted friend. Scorpio Oxen are self-centered people whose heavy step can be felt across continents, and who don’t hesitate to make big (surfer-variety) waves in order to ensure themselves smooth sailing.

No Scorpio is more vengeful than the Scorpio Ox. She never forgets a wrong done to her by another, and will recall a debt, whether moral or financial, after decades of silent fury. She doesn’t like mollycoddling and is never guilty of indulging others. Fools? Either she makes use of them, or “Off with their heads!” Because of his or her insistence on taking perilously stubborn stands and living fast, madcap lives, Scorpio Oxen are often in mortal danger.

Love Scorpio Ox Zodiac Horoscope Personality

As the Scorpio/Ox is attractive as well as powerful, he or she will have many admirers. Among these, they will be likely to choose a mate for malleability and beauty rather than for smarts. Scorpio/Oxen are not really too interested in intellectual exchange with a lover but are rather fascinated by the thunder and lightning storms of angry outbursts, rows, separations, and breakdowns. They get their kicks from emotional crises which are hardly ever of their own making It’s a pretty risky business being the mate or even the casual lover of one of these impressive maniacs. They are passionate and sexy. But they are also always right, always on top and always slightly cuckoo. It’s nice cuckoo. But cuckoo, nonetheless.

If I were to be attracted to a Scorpio/Ox, I’d think twice before tying any permanent knot. The Scorpio born Ox can be a right rascal and a bit of a tramp to boot.

Home and Family Scorpio Ox Zodiac 

The Scorpio side of this person may make him or her a little outrageous, but his or her choice of lifestyle, due to the stolid Ox’s penchant for domesticity, will be far more earthy than his personality indicates. The Scorpio/Ox will enjoy a gracious country life and be attracted by quiet, plush surroundings. He will be sure to have limelight installed in all the rooms of his ponderous great mansion.

The family life of this hefty creature will depend on whomever he has the intelligence to hitch up with. As Scorpio/Ox is often out in the world being a whiz kid, he must either keep a dedicated staff at home to look after details such as children and pets, or else travel with family in tow. The busy life inherent in this sign often demands mobility. Scorpio/Ox will be a devoted parent and maintain communication with his or her kids long after they have left the nest.

Power professions are those that attract the Scorpio/Ox. But his eloquence will also attract him or her to all aspects of performance. This person is an acting genius born. He can also lead crowds to giant deeds and even to revolution. He’s a shade too crazy to be entrusted with military force. Besides, he prefers laughter to aggression. Careers that might suit this person are: performer, entertainer, actor or actress, political leader, teacher, writer, film director, theatrical director, communications expert, comic.
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