Scorpio Love


Scorpio Love:

For Scorpio to love, it must feel as though the stars have aligned so that two souls connect with a profound and magical force. Scorpio's passion is more than sexual, although that is certainly a big part of the Scorpio nature. For Scorpio the sexual experience offers more than a physical release; it offers a merging of souls. Your Scorpio lover is terrified of losing control, and may resort to games and other strategies to test your commitment. He or she can usually see right through the superficial veneer of politeness, and will want to know all about you without initially revealing much about himself. Once Scorpio feels secure, though, you will not find a lover with more passion and commitment. Romance with Scorpio is not for the faint at heart, and be prepared for jealous reactions and double standards. But with proper care, Scorpio is a loving and protective partner and never dull.
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