15 Quotes about SCORPIO - GEMINI Relationships


Scorpio + Gemini Quotes

Scorpio, who hates secrecy, is very suspicious of Gemini's cagey reluctance to be upfront about anything. Geminis can have an answer for everything, but rarely will you get a straight answer! With supportive factors between them, these two can enjoy friendship and a working relationship, and even go the distance in an intimate partnership, but some considerable effort may be necessary. Mutual respect and a strong foundation in friendship is advised.

Gemini Scorpio Love Match

Right off the bat, these two are intensely attracted to each other and share a unique chemistry. The sexual side of this match is hot. However, Gemini doesn't like to be under someone's thumb, and Scorpio will drive themselves crazy worrying about trust, etc. If this is to work, they must be very patient and honest.


 If Gemini and Scorpio can learn to appreciate and understand each other's differences, they will be an unstoppable couple. Gemini is flexible, outgoing, and intellectual, while Scorpio is focused, secretive and deep. Gemini tends to take things lightly, while Scorpio goes all in. Scorpio needs deep, passionate connections with their partner, while Gemini prefers to take it easy and have fun. If Gemini does fall in love with Scorpio, they will readily communicate their feelings and assure their Scorpio. Yet, if the don't want to commit, Scorpio's intensity will drive the Gemini away. That aside, these two will have many wild adventures together, and with Gemini's brain power, and Scorpio's emotional determination, they are an unstoppable force.

Scorpio Gemini Match

When Gemini and Scorpio come together in a love affair, they'll understand and accept one another's differences and if they can, they will be a nearly unbreakable couple.

 Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Best Thing:

Scorpio will be intrigued and fascinated by the complexity of Gemini and will try to figure them out.

Worst Thing:

Gemini does not want to let Scorpio dig deeper which can become frustrating for them.

 Scorpio & Gemini

Scorpio and Gemini have strong and intense personalities, which unfortunately do not mesh well together in a relationship. Scorpios enjoy alone time and they are very set in their ways. Gemini, on the other hand, is outgoing and thrives on social interaction, so they tend to clash with people who are prone to focusing their energy inward.


 The Good

Flirting is an art for the Gemini astrology sign and Scorpio is fascinated by anyone capable of elevating mating rituals to a high art form.  These two will enjoy reviving the lost art of seduction.  With Gemini, the Scorpio lover is able to interact with virtually two persons in one, since Gemini, the sign of the Twins, shifts from one persona to the next without warning, expressing anger or sadness, softness or roughness, or lust and disaffection. Not only are Gemini’s multiple personalities varied but they refuse to dwell in the middle ranges of expression, volleying from one extreme to another, providing much stimulation for Scorpio who loves psychoanalyzing every move Gemini makes.  The Scorpio lover will adore this Gemini complexity while at the same time finding it maddening.

Since the Scorpio zodiac sign itself is one that embraces extreme limits, this  Gemini – Scorpio love match proves potent because these two zodiac characters can dazzle and shock one other with their no-limit approach to life.  Scorpio tends to languish in dark moods; while Gemini can experience melancholy it has a quicker emotional turnover rate and will cheer Scorpio up and get them mingling with the outside world.
While Gemini superficial intellect doesn’t necessarily match the brilliance of the Scorpio mind, lively debates with undercurrents of sexual tension are staples of the Gemini and Scorpio love match.

Scorpio Gemini Relationship Compatibilty

 Both Gemini and Scorpio enjoy delving into life's mysteries.

From tarot readings to palm readings, both zodiac signs are interested. In fact, they say that Geminis make some of the best mediums around, mostly because of their inherent communication skills. Interested in all things metaphysical, Scorpio will adore that!

They've got the smarts.

Scorpio and Gemini are sharp signs, and they enjoy sharing their wit. You can also expect a lot of intelligent conversations from the pairing of these two signs.

They share hobbies.

Fine art and electronics are other areas where Gemini and Scorpio can connect. Both enjoy understanding and learning about the way things work, and they may also enjoy fine art and historical museums because of their intelligence and curiosity.

Scorpio Gemini Zodiac Signs

 Scorpio (Water) and Gemini (Air) will give you rain. There are a few main differences between these two signs. When communicating, the Scorpio would prefer an in depth discussion about one thing, while the Gemini will want a light and breezy discussion about many things. However, the Gemini can introduce a brighter and more easy going life to the Scorpio, who will probably need in anyway. The Scorpio's possessive side will surely cause a mishap of some sort with the Gemini, as they like to have their freedom. Also, the Scorpio may not feel emotionally fulfilled with the Gemini and might feel that the Gemini is 'shallow' and not passionate enough for them. Overall, these two signs would probably remain best as friends rather than lovers as it would take a lot of change for these two signs to get along in a long term relationship.

Gemini Scorpio Match

 Best Thing:

Gemini will find Scorpio's mysterious demeanor fascinating and will want to try and figure them out.

Worst Thing:

While Gemini is looking for an intellectual connection, Scorpio wants soul connection and intimacy.

Scorpio & Gemini

 A Scorpio woman will be captivated by the brilliance and zeal of a Gemini man. He will be attracted by her passion and loyalty. If both the zodiac signs mix together, the results can be fantastic

Scorpio woman Gemini man

Scorpio and Gemini love to take chances and spice it up! They can have lots of adventures together, but if things get too tense and arguments start to turn negative, they must make the effort to reconcile if they want the relationship to last.

 Scorpio and Gemini love

Best Thing:
You will be intrigued and fascinated by the complexity of Gemini and want to use your Scorpio skills to dig deeper to try and figure them out.
Worst Thing:
Gemini does not want to let you dig deeper. They want to love in the surface of life. You want to live in the depth. Uh-oh.
 Scorpio with Gemini
Gemini can't and won't fake a commitment they don't feel, so intense Scorpio must learn to back off a bit.

 Gemini Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

A Gemini and a Scorpio are like two ends of the same pole. They are totally opposite to one another in almost all the aspects of their personality, making this zodiac match a difficult one. The Scorpio is a highly emotional individual, who always forges deep, meaningful relationships. A Gemini, on the other hand, hardly becomes attached to people and most of their love relationships tend to be superficial ones. Gemini will find a Scorpio as too intense, demanding, clingy and intimidating. Gemini has a flirtatious nature, which is bound to get the jealousy meter of a Scorpio shooting high. However, if seen the other way around, both the individuals can complement each other with their contrasting qualities. But, for this, they need to be ready for adjustments and compromise. The compatibility of this love match will depend on whether they manage to do it or not.
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