You and the Scorpio Man


You and the Scorpio Man:

The Scorpio man has so much energy and passion that you'll have no problem him --if that's all you want. What's harder is to form a relationship with him. The Scorpio man will never allow you to dominate him. If he chooses, the Scorpio man can keep you dangling on his string as long as he wants you. He is secretive and hard to fathom, although he often appears likeable and easygoing. What you see on the surface is only what he wants you to see.

The Scorpio man is aware of how attractive he is to people and makes the most of it. One of the things that makes him unique as a lover is that he truly understands your needs. The Scorpio man can be a lot to handle, but he can make anyone feel like they are the best person they can be.
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