Scorpio Personality Quote #003


Scorpio Personality Quote #003: SCORPIO: One never gives up, and not in a stubborn sense...but because they know what will and will not work. They are the most misunderstood, passionate and intense signs of the zodiac. They are also very sensitive and overwhelmingly deep to the core. One asks questions to ease their worries and find truth. Scorpio are some of the most beautiful people you will ever come across. Naturally feminine in thought and masculine in action. Many are scared to find them highly attractive for settling down. Scorpio is slightly possessive and jealous but hides it well in public. However, that doesn't mean you should tempt them - they have a hard enough time figuring out their own emotions. They can be very moody over small details but it's normally because they truly care more than the average sign. Be open and trust them and they'll be loyal to you forever. No lie.

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