Depth, passion, transformation. Those are the main themes of the week, especially due to the Moon-Pluto alignment that takes place in the first two days of the week, stirring up deep, hidden feelings within you. You’re realizing just how close to your heart something or someone is, and there’s absolutely no denying the effect they’ve been having on you. You’re absolutely magnetic as the week begins, and if you stay focused on what makes you happy, you’ll feel a natural buzz that makes you full of life and energy. It’s important to own what you feel though, Scorpio. There’s no need to go around reciting positive mantras if you’re not actually feeling positive within. The key is to become aware of what your subconscious thoughts and patterns are, and consciously raise your vibration.

This week is the last full week of Taurus Season, meaning that the Sun’s in your opposite sign of the zodiac for a few more days. During Taurus Season, you’re more likely to think and act in ways that are completely unexpected or out of the ordinary. It’s not as much of a surprise for you though, because Taurus Season represents the six months after Scorpio Season where you’ve been working on turning visions into reality. You’re realizing that experimenting with new ways of living and acting is beneficial to you. As a Scorpio, you’re the sign of transformation and this will be a very transformative week, especially as we get closer to the Sun entering Gemini at the end of the week. You’re going to feel like every aspect of your life is changing at once, and you’re morphing into someone brand new.

So who exactly are you, Scorpio? This question will be on your mind, especially since Mercury, the Planet of Communication, leaves Aries and enters the deep, earthy sign of Taurus for three weeks. Mercury in Taurus energy allows you to cut right though the core of situations, uncovering the truth, no matter what it is. You’ll really be feeling existential and spiritual during this transit. You’ll also be feeling ultra romantic, and it’ll be easy to get lost in a world of fantasy. Your practical side will want you to not get sidetracked by your romantic wanderings, but your sensitive Scorpio side won’t be able to help it. It’s best to let yourself woo and be woo’d. This is a potent week for manifesting an amazing romantic or intimately revealing experience. The key is to not fight the sensations that you feel — let yourself be drawn towards what you intuitively know fulfills you.

With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto still retrograde, you’ll still feeling a bit in limbo when it comes to your long-term vision. But that’s a good thing, Scorpio. Sometimes you focus way too much on what’s happening next that you lose sight of what matters most — the present moment. That’s the only thing that really matters anyways. So make it a priority this week to be as present as possible. That may mean shutting off your phone or leaving it at home. It may mean going to meditate or read in the park. It may mean walking without a set location, just letting your body lead you to wherever you want to be. Taurus Season is all about activating your senses, and this last week of Taurus Season, especially after the Scorpio Full Moon, will make you feel incredibly alive.

Scorpio Strong Personality:

Scorpio has a strong personality but knows how to keep it in check.

Scorpio Rage:

Scorpios have a fit of rage like no other. Watch Out!

Scorpio Hates Gray Areas:

Scorpio is only at peace when they've gotten to the bottom of a situation. They hate gray, shady and undefined areas.
Scorpio hopes to find the love that will always keep Scorpio hopelessly in love
Scorpio Likes People Who Are Not Afraid Of Being Themselves

Scorpios Dominant:

Scorpios are often dominant figures in their family, social and work groups.
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