Scorpio Libra Quotes

Libra Scorpio Compatibility
Initially, and on a superficial level, they get along quite well and make a fairly good match. Depending on other planet placements, this may or may not go anywhere. Scorpio will be too deep and too emotional for Libra who doesn't like to get into messy, intense, heavy-breathing relationships. Libra likes their space and independence and Scorpio won't appreciate that. This match is unlikely, but can work with effort.

Scorpio and Libra Compatibility

Libra Scorpio Compatibility
Scorpio (Water Sign) and Libra (Air Sign) will give you rain. This can prove to be a very dynamic and passionate relationship. The Scorpio will be drawn to the sensual Libra, and the Libra will know how to act to the Scorpio's temper. One of the biggest issues that will arise is that the Libra would prefer an easygoing, and open ended relationship while the Scorpio would demand for a committed relationship. However, the Libra will be able to get close to the Scorpio on a level that many other people may not be able to get to. Overall, this relationship would need some work and effort in order for the two signs to get along well.

Scorpio and Libra Compatibility

Scorpio Woman and Libra Man:

A Libra man due to his ego and flirtatious nature will always make a Scorpio woman neglected. Libra men are fun loving, charming and love flattery. The intense and revengeful nature of Scorpio women may result in conflicts and even can lead to the end of the relationship. The best way to make this relationship strong is to give-up their respective egos and make adjustments with one another, as individually both are good personalities. If Scorpio woman and Libra man understand and admire each other’s traits then the required balance can be achieved.

Scorpio Man and Libra Woman:

A Scorpio man may fall in love with a Libra woman for her beauty and innocence. But, this relationship may sustain only for small period of time. However, to make this relationship work on a long run they will require to make great efforts from both the sides. Scorpio men are intense lovers but due to their jealous nature will always suspect a Libra woman and can make this relationship worse. The happiness in the marriage of a Scorpio with a Libra is a question mark but a time-being relationship will be a pleasure for both of them.

Scorpio and Libra Man and Woman

Libra can soften the intensity of the powerful Scorpio.  

Libra Scorpio Love Compatibility

Libra Scorpio Compatibility
Best Thing: You will love how genuinely kind and open Libra is. They do the social work that you feel quite uncomfortable with.
Worst Thing: Libra takes on the perspective of everyone around them. You see that as phony and weak - two things you cannot stand.

Libra Scorpio Relationship

Libra Scorpio Compatibility
Libra and Scorpio have been called the 'relationship signs' for their capacity for coupling. Libra loves to be swept up in a breathless affair and Scorpio has the urge to merge.
The intensity of Scorpio's gaze is like a tonic to Libra, who comes alive as the object of desire. The attraction may be the promise of something substantial, which both crave.

Libra Scorpio Relationship

Libra Scorpio Compatibility
Libra and Scorpio make a deeply emotional and mutually satisfying pair. They are compatible in that they have very similar needs in a relationship. Libra is happiest in a well-balanced and intimate relationship, and Scorpio thrives on emotional and sexual intimacy with a partner. These two would be wise to undertake projects outside of their romance, as their combined powers of emotion and intellect has great potential. These two really need to work together however, to understand each other and to effectively communicate their feelings. Scorpio's over-emotionalism can dishearten and drag down Libra, and Libra can often make Scorpio flustered and uncomfortably irritated. Also, Scorpio is intense and secretive, while Libra is open and upfront. These two find great power and loyalty in unity, however, and can find a deep happiness with one another.

Scorpio Libra Love

There may be some great initial attraction here, as you're both outwardly fascinating to each other. However under the surface you aren't very compatible without some compromises being made.

You're emotional, while your partner is more intellectual and analytical. You're more indirect and intuitive, while your Libra is one of the charmers of the zodiac - a master of light conversation, which eventually you may come to consider annoying, shallow or indecisive.

Compounding this, Libra likes to get approval from lots of people, and not just their partner. You'll likely find this to be flirtatious and perhaps even offensive.

You're private, and somewhat of a loner socially, while your Libra is much more social. It's safe to say there will be arguments over going out versus staying in. Your Libra will eventually go out alone, and you know how things will go down hill from there. In theory Libra could make you more sociable, but in practice it's unlikely to happen.

In short, your intensity and your Libras casual nature don't mesh well without some compromises. You'll be a puzzle to your Libra, and likely they'll annoy you, with concepts such as fairness (very important and central to them) which you know have no place in the real world.

Scorpio Libra Love

Libra Scorpio Love Match
Scorpio can provide Libra with strategy and focus for those scatterbrained ideas, while Libra can provide Scorpio with some fun and light relief from that emotional intensity. Libra is also very beneficial to Scorpio when it comes to providing balance for Scorpio’s emotional tempests. However, for this love match to truly work, both partners must put in some effort – otherwise, this water and air sign match is likely to simply evaporate rather than form a beautiful rainbow.

Scorpio Libra Together

This is a dynamic relationship when they're not at each other's throats arguing about something.  

 Scorpio Libra Together

You are so very different that you are bound to be fascinated by each other. Watery Scorpio loves intense feeling, soulful confrontation, drama, mystery, and the occasional crisis or heated confrontation to feel inspired. Airy Libra loves order, clarity, civilised behaviour, and harmony in all encounters.

Libra can help Scorpio to discover perspective, balance, detachment, and gentleness. Scorpio can help Libra to discover emotional honesty, the hidden side of human nature, the pleasure of a good battle won, and the joys of passion.

Scorpio can find Libra's careful ethics superficial or evasive, and can feel rejected by Libra's insistence on detached discussion. But Libra can find Scorpio's emotional intensity disturbing or even threatening, and can feel bullied by the aggression Scorpio can display in the face of frustration.

Both of you need to listen to each other and appreciate each other's strengths. Libra needs to jump in and learn to fight openly. Scorpio needs to jump out and learn to think coolly. Both of you place enormous importance on relationships, and in many ways your relationship can make you both grow and flourish - provided you avoid polarising.

Scorpio + Aries Quotes

If you can pull the trigger, I will load the gun, and if you can tie a knot, I will make sure that you're hung. If you can find the pills, I will make that bed, and I don't need the devil, I've got you instead.

Aries & Scorpio

Both are physical, energetic, and passionate about everything and this factor is a reason for the initial intense attraction because both will love this trait about each other when the fire of passion is burning bright.

Scorpio/ Aries

Battle of Warriors

Scorpio vs. Aries

Aries and Scorpio together form quite the couple. Both of these signs can be described by the words "power", though they show it very differently. This couple will engage in many heavy arguments because both always want their way, and they both have jealous tendencies. However, they will also never want for fun -- they both love taking risks and trying new things. Scorpio will teach Aries to strategize rather than go in head first, and when things don't turn out the way Scorpio wants, Aries will encourage Scorpio to let it go and move on. This is a powerful pairing.

Aries and Scorpio

Initially, these two seemingly different signs share a lot. They are both passionate, physical and intense. Sex is amazing and the attraction really never goes away. Aries likes to be in control, which really irritates Scorpio who loves to be in control of everything. Sometimes Scorpio's emotional ups and dows turn off Aries, but if they can move past unstable emotions and jealousy, it's a go.

Aries Scorpio Compatibility

Mutual Respect:

Respect can be gained through total honesty and nothing less. If there is any hint of disloyalty, the spell will be broken and if this is the case, the show may not be over. There may be room for repair and ressurection, but Scorpio will never forget. For Aries, there will be regret, but they will forgive.

Aries + Scorpio

Both partners in this relationship love power, and if they learn to work together instead of against each other, they can achieve anything they want. Scorpio is more focused and more determined that Aries, while Aries gets things started the way both partners want, Scorpio has a deeper and more complex devotion to the partnership.

Scorpio Aries Love Match

Passion, fire, darkness, sexual, intensity

Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

A Scorpio (water) and Aries (fire) will give you steam. Both signs stand for power, and like to have control over things. The outcome of this relationship depends on how this need for power is used. The two signs will immediately be attracted to each other's passionate side. The intimacy between the Scorpio and Aries is very strong and sizzling. There will be no problems in the bedroom. Both signs are very strong willed, so in order for this relationship to work, both need to be willing to set their values aside and compromise with each other. An Aries will want the house to be center of attention, and will want to throw lavish parties while the Scorpio might prefer to keep the house a quiet place where their private life is secure. This may create some conflicts between the two. This relationship can work if they can  both compromise their controlling side, and if they can work through conflicts.

Scorpio Aries Together

 Their personalities are very different. Both love lots of sex with imaginative positions. Unfortunately, each one has the same great need for superiority over the other. If they are both prepared to make the effort, they may experience the greatest love affair of their lives. The flip side of this coin could be a bitter marriage.

Scorpio Aries Marriage

When Aries and Scorpio come together in a love match, it can be the kind of relationship where they both wonder how they ever managed apart.

Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

Best Thing:

As the two most passionate signs in the zodiac, you and Aries will have an intense connection from the moment you first meet.

Worst Thing:

All that intensity can end up making your relationship feel like a constant battlefield.

Scorpio with Aries

Aries, Scorpio = Signs that are so easy to piss off.

Scorpio Libra Quotes

Best Thing:
This can be a very fulfilling connection for you. Virgo is very attentive and makes sure you are always heard and validated, which is something you crave.

Worst Thing:
Together, you may find yourselves constantly over-analyzing everything and sending yourselves into anxiety spirals.

Scorpio Virgo Compatibility

They will feel safe with each other as neither of them is frivolous about a commitment. Scorpio may find Virgo's silences frustrating, but Scorpio knows how to push Virgo's buttons. Virgo will be very receptive to Scorpio's desires and Scorpio will love that. This will be a very strong and lasting couple.

Scorpio Virgo Match

Scorpio (Water) and Virgo (Earth) gives you mud. It's very common for Scorpio and Virgos to be attracted to each other. When together, both are demanding in their own way. They would most likely stay together for life, but would never be able to emotionally fulfill each other. These two signs can work in a relationship, but is not strongly compatible.

Scorpio Virgo Match

Virgo Scorpio Compatibility results in a strong bond although Virgo and Scorpio have different characteristics, when both of them meet, the relationship surprisingly often work out well. The Virgo tends to be shy and over-cautious while the Scorpio is expressive and courageous. The Scorpio prefers to have the upper hand in a relationship and the Virgo allows this set-up. The Virgo is self-conscious that is why he or she admires the Scorpio's self confidence. These differences allow each of them to have an agreement and compromise. Due to their passion for conversation, they will both develop common interest in a lot of things, thus creating a compatibility which builds up a strong and deep bond between the two.

Scorpio Virgo Love

When Virgo and Scorpio join together in a love match, these Signs that are two apart in the Zodiac are brought together. Their placement gives the relationship an intense karmic bond.

Virgo Scorpio Love

A strong earth/water match, when these two get together, they create quite a sparkling pair. Both are loyal and appreciate the other's devotion to commitment. Both appreciate and are even a bit fascinated by one another. There can be hangups with expressing their deep feelings, but in time, they will draw out each other's true and real passions. Scorpio will awaken Virgo, and Virgo will enthrall Scorpio. This is a prime example of a couple that will build each other up.

Virgo Scorpio Bond

The Virgo-Scorpio couple is loyal and deep, with very strong ties. Usually, this couple will stay away from crowds; they aren't too inclined to go to parties, but alone they can form a very fulfilling union.

Virgo Scorpio Love Match

I'm a Virgo and love a Scorpio.

Virgo Scorpio Love

I'm a Scorpio and love a Virgo.

Virgo Scorpio Compatibility

Virgo and Scorpio seem to have some sort of otherworldly bond when they are brought together. This couple is loyal, deep and strong. Together, they tend to not be a particularly social coupling, but they keep each other plenty fulfilled. They work together towards creating a fulfilling life with career, finances, and home life and are a service-oriented couple that enjoys helping out the community. Virgo is highly attracted to the intense, passionate energy of Scorpio, while Scorpio, who craves loyalty and practicality in a partner, is pleased to find that inherent in Virgo. Scorpio helps to deepen Virgo's emotional nature, and Virgo is good at tempering Scorpio's emotional storms. The mutual determination, organization and devotion in this relationship makes it a harmonious and lasting one.

Virgo Scorpio

Virgo Man/ Scorpio Woman:

The Virgo man and Scorpio woman are similar in many ways. Once in love, they are very loyal to one another. She is very passionate and supports her lover. This is the kind of partner that he seeks for. It's very hard for them to trust people, they can be very picky, extremely critical and honest. Both are very determined. If they work toward a common goal, great results will arise from it. The Scorpio woman is mysterious but more sociable than the Virgo man. In the relationship, she's the one who displays her emotions. It might bother him a little since he's very practical, he doesn't let his emotions get the best of him. It might take some times for her to get used to his practical nature. He is usually calm while she can have sudden outbursts if she doesn't control her emotions. The Virgo man can help sooth her. One thing that she should control is her jealousy, as this is one thing he can't stand.

Virgo Scorpio

Virgo Woman/ Scorpio Man:

What these two want the most in a relationship is loyalty and they can both provide it. The Scorpio man is confident, mysterious and powerful. He's a water sign, therefore, he can have very intense emotions. He's looking for someone who is strong, intelligent and independent. The Virgo woman possesses all of these qualities. Both can also provide comfort and financial security. They understand the need for their alone time as they sometimes need to reflect upon their lives. He admires her intellect, she is impressed by the fact that he can see beyond the surface of things. They can talk about pretty much anything but since he's very mysterious, there might be things he'll never tell. The Virgo woman and the Scorpio man are great at helping their partner and can achieve great things together. When it comes to love, he's very passionate and shows lots of signs of affection. Both can be shy when revealing their feelings at first, but once they're comfortable, they open up. Downsides of the relationship: He needs someone who values him so she should avoid being so critical. Since he's extremely possessive, he can be jealous but once he knows that he can trust his partner, he'll stop being so possessive. The Scorpio man is so mysterious that it can leave her confused so it's important that they stress on communication if they want to keep the relationship alive.

Virgo Scorpio Love

Best Thing:
With Scorpio, Virgo can delve into their deepest emotions and discuss every issue in detail.

Worst Thing:
Scorpio's intense way of communicating can leave Virgo feeling like they are always in conflict.

Scorpio Scorpio Quotes

There is plenty of deep emotions found within a Scorpio. There is always something mysteriously alluring around them that often attracts others to them. They can often leave an impression that makes those of the opposite sex want to come back for more.

When the Scorpio man is dating a Scorpio woman, both will be able to understand each other’s needs through intuition. They both have the same emotional connection.

The Scorpio Man prefers to remain at home compared to venturing off every night for a new social setting. He finds contentment at home and wants to create a sanctuary where he feels safe and loved. Of course she will want the same things and will be able to provide him with the type of lifestyle he prefers.

Scorpio and Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

The relationship between two Scorpio individuals will be a bitter-sweet one. They have the same positive qualities and they share the same negative traits.

Scorpio and Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

The Scorpio Man Scorpio Woman have the potential to create a loving relationship. They are both able to understand each other on an emotional level that most in the Zodiac can’t even start to comprehend. They have the ability to communicate without words and will be able to tell what the other one is feeling.

Their greatest strength will be in the bedroom where they are bound to create a very large family. If these two Scorpios can overcome their main flaws then they will have nothing holding them back from a long lasting relationship.

Two Scorpios Love Match

The Good. Scorpios play for keeps, and the two of
you will form an intense, passionate bond. Who else
could possibly understand your need for control and
undying loyalty? You’ll quickly slip off to a private
universe for two, where you stay up all night talking,
strumming guitars, plotting business ventures,
and drinking one too many bottles of gin. When you
emerge from your bubble, you’ll be joined at the hip.
You’re fiercely loyal and protective of each other—
anyone who messes with you better watch out!

The Bad. Suspicion, jealousy and intrigue make
a great movie, not a healthy relationship. Unless
you trust each other, this can be a power
struggle. Who will open up first? Neither one of
you likes to feel vulnerable, so this relationship
could get off to an awkward start. There’s a tendency
to form an “us against the world” mindset
here too, and push away other people who love
and support you. Take care not to isolate yourselves
from your social networks, or life could
feel lonely, fast!

Two Scorpios Love Relationship

When two Scorpions make a love match, it is a fierce tempest of intense passion. Both are obsessed with one another, and they move forward in love, sex and romance at an accelerated — some would say foolish — way. Personal relations are positively steamy but, to the equal and opposite extreme, disputes will also be frenetically powerful. This relationship could go either way: It will either be the most wonderful thing in the world or a destruction of both involved.

The romantic merger of two sexy Scorpions can bring out the best in both love mates; each will use their intense emotional and intuitive natures to love their partner very deeply. Resolve and passion will keep these two together. The most powerful and threatening external forces will have a difficult time intruding on the happiness of a truly committed Scorpio couple. If they can wrangle their ardent energies, this power pair can set off fireworks.

What’s the best thing about a Scorpio-Scorpio love match? The intensity of love that this couple can feel. They’re very goal-oriented, and their shared power makes them an incomparable, unconquerable duo! Utter devotion ensures that this relationship will continue for a long time.

Scorpio + Scorpio Relationship

Scorpio star sign compatibility is all about passion, magnetism and raw sexuality, and for Scorpio and Scorpio, compatibility at first is a foregone conclusion. The two Sorcerers sense in one another a partner worthy of their time and attention – an equal. As well as being exceptionally sexually compatible, this couple are also on the same wavelength emotionally. Both know what it’s like to deal with deep, turbulent emotions, so they make allowances for one another’s moods and feelings. Intensely jealous and possessive, they also tend to be very faithful and loyal to one another – if only because they know the fury they will face if they’re not.

Scorpio Scorpio Relationship

Two Scorpios in a relationship can be either the best thing that ever happened to them, or the worst. In most cases, two Scorpios fall for each other very quickly and the passion between them is very strong. The two Scorpios will be able to communicate non-verbally very easily. However, conflicts such as intense moodswings due to inflexibility may arise. Also, the two Scorpios may become very possessive of each other, to the point where there is no personal freedom in the relationship. However, if both Scorpios compromise and stand on a common ground, this relationship can work out extremely well.

 Scorpio + Scorpio Compatibility

Finally, in this quasi-incestuous Scorpio-Scorpio love match, Scorpio finds someone who loves as chaotically and deeply as they do. They finally feel .....  at home.. as if they have found a kindred spirit. They will instantly become close and may even mirror each other's behaviours. Scorpios get one another's foibles and admire the personality traits others would shred them for.

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Two Scorpios together could be a deadly combination.

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship

Constant power struggles can ensue, because both partners need to be in control. When they feel slighted, each partner can be highly vindictive, so this can be a relationship in which spite plays far too big a role, having a destructive effect on the passion they share. Scorpio is a fixed sign, so both partners will be very stubborn. Compromise is not on the menu in Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility – it’s more a case of who blinks first.

Scorpio Leo Quotes

Both Leo and Scorpio are drawn to each other due to their strong resolve, commitment, and will power.

 Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

These two are very interesting together. Like magnets, there is something very instantaneous about their chemistry and attraction. But if they want to have something serious, they need to examine their own shortcomings. Scorpio will have to let go a little in order for Leo to be happy, and Leo will have to become more understanding. There will be clashing and definitely arguing, but if they can make it, this would be very rewarding for them in the long run. This relationship could make their dreams come true.

 Leo/ Scorpio Compatibility:

Both of them can get pretty possessive. This is a fire/water combo, so Leo's vibrant nature may feel threatening to Scorpio and may drag Leo down often. However, they're both very stubborn so neither of them will let go so fast. An extremely rocky pairing full of intensity and immense passion.

 Scorpio and Leo:

You get someone who will push you to be the best. They will challenge you on every level.

 Leo + Scorpio

An exciting, torrid affair is possible. A marriage will be dramatic and inadvisable.

 SCORPIO LEO Relationship:

No one can keep calm with a Leo man and Scorpio woman in the room.

 Scorpio Leo Together

Much depends upon compatible factors elsewhere between them. Power struggles of some sort are guaranteed with this combination, yet they can form an intensely powerful and loving union. If they bring a third element into the mix, in the form of a creative intention that is clear to them both, this match can burn bright. Care must be taken, however as fireworks from time to time are inevitable.

 Leo Scorpio Astrology 

A Scorpio and a Leo are drawn to each other's strong resolve, strong sense of commitment and strong will power. But then, all these qualities make them a little stubborn too and they refuse to see each other's viewpoints.

 Leo Scorpio Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio create a dynamic and intense union. Scorpio wants to be respected and wanted. Leo wants adoration and to be doted on. They can both easily provide these things for one another. Leo and Scorpio are also both extremely loyal individuals, so as a couple, this trait is heightened, almost to the point to strong possessiveness on the part of both partners. These two will have to work on compromise, as both are very  determined and tend to be controlling. Leo in an outward sense, Scorpio, inwardly. Generally, their romance is extremely positive, there is plenty of romance, passion and sexual energy to keep things going. There will be emotional conflicts, however, if both parties can keep egos at bay, and put the relationship first, things will flow smoothly. They are both extremely stubborn, however, they will be very dedicated to making the relationship work no matter what.

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility 

Light and darkness, yin and yang, ever fighting... ever in love! You are born to be together, yet there are so many things that stand between you too. You are different people and difficult personalities. None is eager to change, yet both know how to play the game of love and the nights are always filled with passion.
Tip: respect each other!
Sex Tip: Put your fancy underwear and strip tease them. Be ready to feel like never before!

 Karmic Zodiac Love Matches: Leo and Scorpio

 Leo Traits:

Optimistic, draws energy from a crowd, wants fame, likes to get even, bright and bubbly.

Scorpio Traits:

Pessimistic, draws energy from themselves, wants power, likes revenge, dark and sarcastic.

Both Scorpio and Leo Traits:

Self-centered, manipulative, magnetic, seductive, scary when angry, talks a lot of shit, wants to be the best, intimidating.

Zodiac Love Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio is the type of relationship which will probably make a good movie. Passionate, volatile, dramatic, intense, explosive and punctuated with some wild make up sex.

 Leo and Scorpio Love

Leo and Scorpio are both extremely loyal, and often possessive of one another. Both are members of this love match are ablet o give the other what they need and while enjoying one another's strengths.

 Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Leo tends to be flamboyant, and Scorpio will appreciate that and will be happy to be the audience Leo requires as long as there is equality in the relationship.

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility Quotes

These signs are very strong and similar. This means advantages and disadvantages. In fact, on one side, they can share interests and desires, but on the other side, they are both jealous and possessive. However, a long lasting relationship may be established if they manage to define precisely their roles.

 Scorpio and Leo Love Match

Scorpio and Leo are apt to work harder as the challenges become tougher


 Scorpio with Leo

Best thing: The two of you are drawn to each other like magnets. Both emotional, creative, strong and passionate, you have an extremely powerful connection.

Worst Thing:

Because you and Leo are both extremely strong people, your relationship can end up feeling like an ongoing power struggle.

Leo- Scorpio

A Scorpio (water) and a Leo (fire) will give you steam! This would definitely be a passionate relationship, but would only work if both of you feel respected by each other. A Scorpio's usual inflexibility will soften when in the presence of Leo's warm rays of sunshine! The Leo will be especially attracted to the Scorpio's sensuality and passion. Both signs are romantic, and loyal, so you two will most likely stick together through the good and bad. Overall, these two signs are compatible and would have a very deep bond.
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