by: astrologer Susan Miller 

Horoscope for Scorpios August 2018

We are in eclipse season and two of the three are cutting across your tenth house of career and fourth house of home, suggesting changes are bubbling up in both areas. Late last month you had, on July 27, a lunar full moon eclipse in Aquarius, putting your focus on your home. If you need to move, fix up your space, or care for a family member, you may have experienced unexpected events that came out of the blue that required swift attention.

With Mars conjunct that full moon solar eclipse of July 27, someone seems to have been critical of your need to attend to a home or family matter. In your career, your intermediate boss, seeing you are spending more time on your home life, also seems to voice words, making you wonder how so many people in your circle can get so worked up over small matters. At home and at work, everyone seems a bit self-absorbed and not understanding of your needs.

That lunar full moon eclipse of July 27 had to have you feeling emotional, but the good part is, full moon eclipses deliver news and certain undeniable truths, and once the eclipse is over, your world will calm down. Eclipses demand a quick solution – with no lingering over options. If you have to move, you will find a way and likely find spacious, sunny living quarters, so don’t fret.

Your big moment this month will be the August 11 solar eclipse in Leo 19 degrees. This solar eclipse will open an entirely new and exciting chapter in your professional life, for this solar eclipse will brilliantly light your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. Applause for work well done is on the way, dear Scorpio. New moon eclipses are known to add something to your life that you’ve not had before – a new job offer, a promotion, and a book deal – something special. Or you may be the recipient of a major award or meet with the press and later see an outstanding story written about you in the newspaper – the publicity would be sensational.

Do you work in the creative realm? At the time of this eclipse, good fortune Jupiter in Scorpio is likely to bring you praise for work you’ve done on creative projects (or, related to work to support artists or other creative people). This eclipse could be a wonderful game changer, an important milestone in your career.

All eclipses come as twins, so your next one, a new moon, will arrive as a solar eclipse on August 11 in Leo. This one will bring news regarding your career and will affect your reputation and status in the industry. Solar eclipses usually open doors and often bring wonderful opportunity. You may get a promotion, land a big deal, get an offer from a competing firm, or win a coveted industry award. Home and family decisions will also be on the agenda, so you will have your hands full.

Keep in mind you can feel this eclipse now on or near August 11, or next month on September 11, in each case, plus or minus five days because of how eclipses deliver their news.

Mercury, ruling contracts and agreements, is still retrograde, a trend that started June 25 and will normalize this month on August 18. Do not sign any papers prior to Mercury’s turn direct or you will find certain information was missing and you are likely to regret having gone into the deal.

Additionally, Mars is one of your ruling planets and has been retrograde and moving like a snail, so it’s been hard for you to make progress on home and family matters. Mars first started to retrograde June 27 and will turn direct on August 27. One caveat – any planet needs time to ramp up from being in a deep retrograde sleep state. No planet bounces back to full power instantly, so you will need to be patient until you get to mid-September – give September 11 a gold star. Be ready to roll then, for the planets in October and November will be cranky and unproductive. It won’t be until December 6 and beyond that life will improve in more steadfast, permanent way in months ahead.

The full moon of August 26 will sprinkle you in silvery, glittery dust by Cupid and his little fleet of angels. Male or female, it will be a very special moment, for this full moon will light your house of true love. It is packed with so many goodies that this full moon will be one of your best of the entire year. This full moon will receive support from Uranus, bringing happy surprises in matters of the heart, and also in regard to pregnancy and fun with children. Saturn will also send his best wishes by giving you a yen to think about the long road ahead, and to plan together for a magical future.

At the very same time, a golden triangle will appear, linking the Sun in your eleventh house of friendship, to Pluto in your third house of agreements and travel, and also to Uranus in your seventh house of commitment and marriage. Some Scorpios may receive an unexpected proposal for marriage. If you are already attached, the full moon of August 26 will bring your relationship into an entirely new realm of closeness. It’s the ideal time to take a vacation. Life is very special as you get to month’s end – enjoy it to the fullest.

If you are single, you find yourself now in one of those rare years, when you are the favorite of Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, making you the sign most likely to find the right person for you. You also have Neptune in perfect harmony with your Sun, making the love you find deeply inspirational and life changing. You have a stellar chart for love – all you need to do is step out and draw that special person to you.

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Do it with passion, or not at all. Scorpio Sayings Image Scorpio Quotes Image
Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

August begins this week, Scorpio, and after the monumental Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon we experienced last week, it’s important for you to breathe easy and take things step by step as July comes to an end. We are in the midst of retrograde and eclipse season, so it’s totally normal for things in your life to feel a bit all over the place or out of whack. But this week, you can make an effort to stabilize yourself despite any external circumstances that may be rocking your boat and testing your patience. Monday and Tuesday, the Moon in Pisces helps you release the need to always be in control. Pay attention to your dreams, your subconscious, and your intuitive messages as the week begins. The eclipse has awakened a part of you that was previously sleeping, and now you are sensitive to the signs and omens that exist all around you.

Mid-week, the Moon shifts into Aries, and to have both the Sun and Moon in Fire Signs will help ignite  a more lively, confident and go-getter aspect of your personality. You’ll find yourself being more direct and spontaneous in your action. Instead of overthinking things, you’ll just take the leap and trust that the net will appear. This is especially true when it comes to past projects that you’ve been dedicating your time and attention to. Because we’re in the midst of retrograde season, you’ll make more progress when it comes to completing things that you’ve had on your mind for most of the year, rather than launching something brand new. The same goes for job searching — focus on pursuing leads or interviews that you may have set up in the past few weeks or months rather than starting fresh. Make sure to learn from any repeating lessons that keep resurfacing in your career or personal life so that you can move on wiser and stronger than before.

Friday, the Taurus Moon will help ground you considerably after the action-packed days of the middle of the week. Love and relationships will be on your mind. How much have you been hiding behind your Scorpio shell due to a fear of vulnerability? It doesn’t matter whether you’re single, in a relationship, talking to someone, or shunning love altogether — this post-eclipse week will have you face truths about your own self-sabotaging behavior when it comes to letting love in. Scorpios in relationships may need to work on being more affectionate and loving with their partner, even if sarcasm is a form of showing love and affection. Listen to what your partner has to say, even the subtle comments that they pass off as jokes. Single Scorpios should take time to admit to themselves what it is they truly want in a partner, and focus on the positives rather than focusing and what they don’t want. We are in a powerful period of manifestation, and the Universe is listening to our subconscious desires more than ever. But since Mercury is still retrograde, remember that you’ll have to be very patient with people you’re communicating with and not expect them to always understand you intuitively. Break things down more directly rather than trying to be all subtle and mysterious.

The week ends on a peaceful note with a Quarter Moon, and we’ll look back at the events of the past week with greater clarity regarding any hurdles we had to face or overcome. The Quarter Moon is also perfect for getting more organized in our daily lives, so you may find yourself decluttering, working on your financial situation, weeding out photos or contacts from your phone, and generally making more room for abundance and growth in your life. Take time this weekend to spend time in nature, take care of yourself, take a break from social media and simply check in with yourself and how you’re doing. One of the benefits of our rulers Mars and Pluto being retrograde is that we truly cannot lie to ourselves. We must slow down enough to acknowledge what’s being revealed from our inner psyches, and to confront these truths with compassion and patience.

Do so this week and be enlightened.

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