Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

Welcome to the most life-changing week of the month, and potentially even the year. The main astrological event of the week is Uranus’ shift into Taurus on Tuesday, May 15th. This coincides with a New Moon in Taurus taking place the same day. We will feel these astrological energies all week, all month, and all year long. Uranus is the Planet of Surprise, and it has been in Aries since 2011. It will retrograde back into Aries from November 2018 – March 2019, but then once it settles into Taurus next March, it’ll remain there for seven years.

Since Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign of the zodiac, the partnership sector is activated by this transit, meaning that a lot of change and transformation is on the horizon for us these next 7 years. While Scorpios tend to freak out at the thought of surprise, the way you approach this Uranus shift should be optimistic and hopeful. Change is often necessary and can lead to tremendous breakthroughs. You’ve experienced your share of change ever since Jupiter entered Scorpio on 10/10/17, so just take this Uranus shift as an extra dose of moving and shaking magic.

Plus, the fact that the New Moon takes place on the 15th means that you should take time to set intentions this week and create your dream world, so that Uranus can pick up on your vibes and help open up doors of opportunity for you. What has been working for you in your relationships, friendships, and partnerships? What has been weighing you down or no longer making you feel great? What’s been making you feel like you’re in limbo or indifferent? Taurus energy is about passion, dedication, loyalty and commitment. This week, ask yourself what you’re 100% ready to commit to in love, friendship, career, and your relationship with yourself. Whatever you’re so-so about should be left behind. This New Moon is potent because it’s taking place in an Earth sign, and this allows you to have fertile soil in which to plant your seeds of intention. The key with this New Moon is to practice patience when intention-setting. Taurus takes things slow and steady, and with Uranus in Taurus, change won’t be as immediate or impulsive as it was when it was in Aries. It’s going to be gradual and almost unnoticeable at first, but once you look back at it in a few months, you’ll see just how much has changed based on how intentional and focused you were.

On Wednesday, Mars, the Planet of Action, enters Aquarius, where it will remain for several months due to Mars Retrograde taking place next month. You will notice that you start thinking about your home, family, past, roots and legacy more than usual. You may enter a nesting phase where you want to get your house in order, or moving/relocation may be on the horizon for you in the weeks and months to come. It’s a good time to purge your home for unnecessary items, redecorate, reorganize, and create a safe haven for you and your loved ones. It’s also a great time to come up with unique solutions to recurring family drama, apologize or accept an apology, seek group, family or relationship therapy, and learn to stop blaming other people for your internal struggles, even if you were hurt. This transit will teach you how to be more accountable for the life you want to live, but it will still sometimes be tempting to get stuck in your vision of how things “should be”. Remember that with all of this influx of change and the unexpected going on, your role is to get comfortable with not always having things go according to plan. You’ll have to wing it these next few months, but that will ultimately empower you and make you more flexible and adaptable.

On Saturday, Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Cancer for the next few weeks, and that will make you more sensual, emotional, loving and compassionate than usual. When Venus was in Gemini, your heart and mind were often divided and it was hard to pin down what you were truly feeling romantically and socially. Venus in Cancer makes it impossible for you to ignore your feelings. They may actually at times feel overwhelming! But the key is to feel like you have a safe space to let them all out, be it a journal, a work of art, a therapist, a best friend, and/or a lover (or more than one). You may at first be tempted to bottle up your emotions, but they’ll be begging for a release, so it’s best for your sake and that of others to be honest and truthful about what’s on your heart. Your desire for intimacy is going to strengthen with Venus in Cancer, and if you’re looking to have children, this is a good time to start procreating! If you’re seeking a long-term, committed partnership, you may attract one this month too. Don’t be surprised if someone from your past re-emerges with this transit, because Venus in Cancer brings out your nostalgic side.

All in all, Scorpio, this is a week for fresh starts, clean slates, and new beginnings. You can sense that your life is majorly changing, but you also know that there are loose ends you still have to tie to make sure that you’re entering this new phase in a grounded and sustainable way. So although you may be excited to morph into the newest, strongest version of yourself, understand that it’s still a gradual, non-linear process, and that you don’t have to go through it alone. Since relationships are such a huge theme for you right now, tune into how those around you can best help you evolve, and vice-versa. Also realize that all the self-development work that you’re currently undergoing will benefit not only you, but those around you. So find balance between connecting with those you love, and deeply being in tune with your inner nature by enjoying your solitude and independence. You are the compass you’ve been searching for. Tune out the distractions and let your soul lead the way.

SCORPIO (October 23 -November 21)

source: the only astrology book you’ll ever need by Joanna Woolfolk

This is the sign of extremes. Scorpio people are variously described as powerful, weak, independent, clinging, passionate, and cold. Clearly, Scorpios are a bundle of contradictions encompassing the best and worst in human nature. The key to Scorpio personality is intensity. Scorpios do nothing by half-measures. Magnetic, emotional, capable of exerting tremendous force, Scorpio's strength is hidden in the depths. In the sign of Scorpio the element of water is fixed, an image that suggests an iceberg or a bottomless well.

Scorpio may appear impassive, sometimes unapproachable, but turbulent passions are always boiling underneath, invisible on the surface. Scorpio lives on many levels. While Scorpio presents a calm and smiling face to the world, they are ferociously persistent and extremely strong-willed. Scorpio is also flexible when it comes to working out solutions. When thwarted, Scorpio doesn’t just accept defeat. They are extremely agile when it comes to sidestepping obstacles and figuring out a dozen new ways to get to their goal. In a wonderful paradox, flexibility is one of Scorpio's most effective methods of controlling situations.

Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac because of its complications and convolutions. Basically, Scorpio always have a hidden agenda. They are someone of incredible depth and brilliance, and Scorpio's inner psyche is a labyrinth of wheels within wheels, boxes within boxes. Even when Scorpio seems to be at ease and relaxed, they are always evaluating, figuring out their moves, working out strategy. Much of this has to do with control, which is what Scorpio is all about. For Scorpio, to be out of control is to be in psychic danger. Nothing is worse for them than to feel swept away by outside forces. When they control, they are safe.

Scorpio's evolution is the journey toward controlling in positive ways - putting order into chaotic situations, being of use to others and therefore meeting an unfulfilled need, arranging their personal environment so it works smoothly for them. The unevolved Scorpio tries to control other people and manipulate situations for their own greed. Thus, as you see, the forces of light and dark continually oppose each other in Scorpio's turbulent psyche.

What Scorpios need is to transmute their fervor into positive relationships and meaningful work. It is very easy to waste themselves on what is unworthy, and then their feelings turn inward, become imprisoned, at times even destructive. More than natives of any other zodiac sign, Scorpios live at a high pitch of emotion. Its negative aspects are brooding, jealousy, resentment, even vengefulness. The positive aspect is Scorpio's unswerving dedication once their emotions are engaged. The Scorpion energy, drive, and endurance are legend. Above all, Scorpios seek to give their lives a meaningful pattern, to find a deeper purpose.

Scorpios have a philosophical turn of mind and may become interested in religion and the occult. Scorpio's sixth sense enables them to intuit things before they happen. They are blessed with a native understanding of the human heart and a great awareness of life’s secrets. All the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) tend to be psychic, but Scorpios delve into the powers of the mind that others are afraid of. This is the zodiacal sign of birth, sex, death, and regeneration—areas of human existence in which a person confronts the mysteries of the universe. Many Scorpio natives are brilliant doctors, surgeons, scientists, and spiritual leaders. Jonas Salk, Christiaan Barnard, Marie Curie, and Martin Luther are among them. The complexity of the Scorpio mind makes it difficult for them to skim the surface; they must uncover what lies beneath. Whether the Scorpio is studying a new subject, learning a language, hunting down a fact, or just reading for amusement,there is a quality of penetration in the way their mind works.

Scorpio's finest attributes - and their worst - are revealed in relationships. With Scorpio, relationships are usually complicated. This is not surprising when you consider that Scorpio can be simultaneously generous and affectionate, violent and unpredictable; in their sunniest moods there is always a hint of an imminent change in the weather. Scorpios are deeply loyal to friends but are also intensely jealous and possessive. Scorpio cannot tolerate the thought that anyone they love might have a yearning, or even a simple yen, for anyone else. With them, it is usually all or nothing at all. Moderation, restraint, and certainly casual are not in Scorpio's emotional vocabulary.

Scorpio never forgets a kindness and will try to repay it handsomely. Conversely, they never forgive an injury and will wait years to get even. In fact, most of the time getting even isn’t enough- they  want vengeance. It is strictly not advisable to do harm to any Scorpion. They make a dangerous enemy, for they are as subtle and deadly as the symbol of their sign. Scorpios are a fierce competitor, though often they manage to conceal this from others. Scorpios file away pieces of information, facts, and names, and don’t hesitate to use what they know if the occasion arises. When they spot a weakness in a rival, they move in quickly for the kill.

Scorpios are adaptable, able quickly to channel their formidable energies into new paths and to embark on an entirely different career. Confronted with disaster, they will try to turn it into success. Practical and shrewd, Scorpio believes in tangible immediate goals, and their singleminded concentration on getting what they want is formidable. Clever with money, conservative about spending it, Scorpios have an excellent chance to amass wealth. In business, Scorpios tend to accomplish things first and announce them second. By the time an opponent is aware of a Scorpio's progress, it is a fait accompli. Scorpio nature makes them subject to obsessive drives that can be resistant to reason. Scorpios will dominate and control anyone who lets them. Suspicious and wary, they are reluctant to trust their heart to anyone. But once Scorpios do, they love deeply.

Too many astrologers, in describing the sign of Scorpio, forget to emphasize how loving, generous, kind, loyal, even gentle a Scorpio can be. Many idealists who adhere to high principles and are a great positive force for helping others are born under this zodiac sign. What all Scorpios have in common is intensity of feeling. Emotion not only rules, it characterizes them. Scorpios are
passionate in love, and passionate about everything in which they become involved: work, relationships, hobbies, causes. Scorpios are individuals painted in vivid colors; there is no such thing as a pastel Scorpio.
source: scorpioseason 

Fact 1) I’m a Scorpio, born October 23 – November 21.

Fact 2) Most people think I’m mean but if you get to know me, I’m actually a cool person.

Fact 3) I am a difficult person to get to know though LOL #Scorpios are secretive.

Fact 4) You’ll never really know what I’m thinking. I could be feeling you but you wouldn’t know it.

Fact 5) If I go out of my way to talk to you (rare), I either care about you, or you got something I want rofl.

Fact 6) Flirting does nothing for me. Confidence=turn on, as well as other lil simple things #imnottelling.

Fact 7) I think about sex more than I care to admit.

Fact 8 ) It may seem like I’m picky when it comes to love, but I’m really just weeding out all the dummies.

Fact 9) I don’t trust anybody completely. Not even you… (sorry).

Fact 10) I am irritable. Don’t irritate me. Thanks LOL.

 Facts about Scorpio 11-20:

Fact 11) Oh, I know how to push your buttons. It’s fun.

Fact 12) I usually get what I want. I’m kinda persuasive like that.

Fact 13) I don’t let many people in, because they wouldn’t understand the depth of my thoughts.

Fact 14) So I keep to myself, and smile at you silly, superficial azz people.

Fact 15) I’m a people watcher. I see you!

Fact 16) I like to be left alone. I need my space. Always thinking.

Fact 17) You don’t want to see me mad. Yea. Don’t do it.

Fact 18) I’m independent. Don’t need anybody. But would love to love somebody.

Fact 19) If I let you in you will see that I’m one of the most downest people you’d ever meet.

Fact 20) I’m a serious person but I’m funny too, I’d do anything to make you laugh, even at my own expense.

Facts about Scorpio 21-30:

Fact 21) I’m an affectionate person. Not in public though. Unless I’m in *that* kinda mood.

Fact 22) I feel 1000000000 times stronger than most. But I know how to keep it together.

Fact 23) I keep my friends close, and my enemies closer >:)

Fact 24) I’m nocturnal.

Fact 25) You probably don’t know about it, but I have HUGE goals in life.

Fact 26) You’re all bark, no bite. I’M ALL BITE #Scorpio (Don’t talk about it BE about it).

Fact 27) I’m a great work, home, in the bedroom (keep that in mind *wink wink*).

Fact 28) 1 of the best ways to lose me quick is to try to make me say or do something I don’t want to do.

Fact 29) When we’re talking, give me your undivided attention or leave me alone.

Fact 30) I will give you all of me, and I want the same in return.

Facts about Scorpio 31-40:

Fact 31) 98% of you wouldn’t be able to handle me *shrugs*

Fact 32) Keep me happy and interested, and you’ll have a loyal partner for life.

Fact 33) I won’t stick around if I’m not interested. I can’t be fake, sorry.

Fact 34) Hurt my family, I’ll hurt you.. one way or another.

Fact 35) WARNING: I can be addicting. When I’m gone you will experience withdrawal symptoms.

Fact 36) I need someone who will support my ambition, not get in the way.

Fact 37) I could be your best friend or worst enemy. Choose wisely.

Fact 38) When I love, I love HARD. That’s why I tend to love few. You have to be worth it.

Fact 39) I could be difficult at times. I want to see you prove that you love me.

Fact 40) I’m worth it. I promise.

Facts about Scorpio 41-50:

Fact 41) I don't like being bothered with questions. If you bother me, I'll ignore you (Thanks @firexbomb!)

Fact 42) Don’t play with me. I invented this game. (Thanks @abandaq!)

Fact 43) I like to get my way, but I like it even more when there is a challenge involved (Thanks @so_HollyHood!)

Fact 44) Never show what I feel, NEVER . (Thanks @mosquiito!)

Fact 45) (We want) Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love (Thanks @pUnKrOcKpRiNc3!)

Fact 46) When we are quiet, we aren’t being arrogant we are watching and thinking everything (Thanks @PattPerez!)

Fact 47) I can sometimes forgive, but I NEVER forget (Thanks @resemo!)

Fact 48) C0MPETETI0N ? BRING IT 0N (Thanks @KEEPiT100SHOBAD!)

Fact 49) I love people, but I hate people (Thanks @ShadyRese!)

Fact 50) Darkness is a state of mind we know too well. (Thanks @FeuerkindJana!)

Facts about Scorpio 51-60:

Fact 51) Don’t underestimate what I might know. I know everything about you! (Thanks @resemo!)

Fact 52) we have an extreme passion within us. One that you’ll probably mistake for what you think is love (Thanks @mista_drew!)

Fact 53) I don’t trust easy….so have patience…I will question you, deal with it… (Thanks @hbomb1119!)

Fact 54) I Never Let Some1 Play With My Feelings Wht So Ever! (Thanks @8one1!)

Fact 55) The only thing that can stop ME from anything I put my mind to, is ME! (Thanks @ChuckieObienu!)

Fact 56) I know I’m a bitch…thanks for the compliment. better a bitch than a doormat! (Thanks @hbomb1119!)

Fact 57) (Scorpios) likes to read people but never let anyone read their minds (Thanks @MirandaSuz!)

Fact 58) (Scorpios are) ready to have sex anywhere any time just give me a wink (Thanks @NYG804!)

Fact 59) Scorpios don’t Trust easily. It has 2B Earned (Thanks @TrgdyAnn!)

60) We’re so soft deep inside. Our outside shell betrays big time! (Thanks @nmazhar!)

Facts about Scorpio 61-70:

61) Treat me good and I will treat you better, treat me bad and I will treat you worst (Thanks @rafacanedo!)

Fact 62) How about…I say what I want to say and I do what I want to do (Thanks @__Rad__!)

Fact 63) I don’t like being in emotional limbo. It’s all or nothing. (Thanks @pUnKrOcKpRiNc3!

Fact 64) If we fall down seven times, we’ll get up eight times. (Thanks @mayang_88!)

Fact 65) I am not going to stick around if I see you flirting with someone else.

Fact 66) I can be completely into you but if you do something I really dislike, we’re done, YOU killed it.

Fact 67) Once I see that other side of you, it will never be the same, I won’t forget.

Fact 68) It takes a lot to hurt me but fck… when I do hurt, it hurts SO bad.

Fact 69) I’m super quiet when I’m upset. Nothing you do or say will get me to smile or react. Leave me alone.

Fact 70) When I love someone I make them the center of my world, I put them above all others.

Facts about Scorpio 71-80:

Fact 71) I don’t want to share you.

Fact 72) Don’t tell me what to do. If you do, I’ll most likely do the opposite.

Fact 73) I’m stubborn. Once I’ve made up my mind there’s really nothing you could do. I’ll applaud your effort though.

Fact 74) I’m not impressed when you brag about superficial things. Don’t throw yourself at me, it’s tacky.

Fact 75) I don’t PLAY hard to get, I AM hard to get!

Fact 76) If I were to tell you what it takes to get me, I’d have to kill you.

Fact 77) I like that subtle sex appeal and confidence. Nothing over the top. Don’t try too hard.

Fact 78) Lie to me and you’ll get the blank stare *_*

Fact 79) Sometimes I’ll pretend I don’t know something, to see if you’ll admit to it or bring it up.

Fact 80) I’m not afraid of you, you, or YOU! Try me, I DARE you.

Facts about Scorpio 81-90:

Fact 81) If I don’t know you or don’t like you, you don’t exist. Don’t flatter yourself thinking that you cross my mind.

Fact 82) I could cut you out of my life in a split second if you cross me.

Fact 83) Yea I’m a sexual person, it doesn’t mean that I’ll just sleep with ANYBODY though.

Fact 84) It takes more than good looks to get me, I’m far from shallow.

Fact 85) If I’m good to you, don’t take my kindness for weakness. That can change QUICKLY.

Fact 86) My mood can change in the blink of an eye. Be ready?

Fact 87) It’s hard to capture my interest, and hard to keep my interest.. but once you have it, you have it all.

Fact 88) Seducing… it comes natural to me.

Fact 89) I know I’m driving you crazy when I *casually* touch you in public. I act innocent though.

Fact 90) I’m more in control than you think I know exactly what I’m doing.

Facts about Scorpio 91-100:

Fact 91) I won’t profess my love by shouting it on a rooftop, I’ll show you it in other ways.

Fact 92) I have a tight circle of friends. You’re either in or out. You’re either with me or against me.

Fact 93) People always have some type of reaction [gasp/fear/interest] when I tell them I’m a #SCORPIO.

94) I could be excited/sad/pissed inside but you’d never know it, unless I wanted you to know #calmexterior

Fact 95) I’m very intuitive. I can read you like a book so you can’t really surprise me .#10stepsaheadofyou

Fact 96) I’m a loyal person, cheating is not an option. If I wasn’t happy with you, I’d be single!

Fact 97) I could get pretty ruthless when I’m mad  Nothing is off-limits.

Fact 98) People usually comment on my eyes or the way I look at them “Don’t look at me like that!”

Fact 99) I’m intense, passionate, loyal, determined and intuitive.

 Fact 100) I can be intense, jealous & demanding but if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.

Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life With A Scorpio. They are intense, sexy, mysterious, consuming and a ticking time bomb.

Scorpio Confession:

All of my emotions are heightened in a way I can't really full describe. My happiness is joy, anger is rage, sadness is depression. It's overwhelming at times.
by: astrologer Susan Miller 

As a Scorpio, you tend to like to do things by yourself and not involve others. You like having full control, but sometimes, like this month, you might want to consider teaming up with a person that can add a needed element of expertise to your life. This may be for business, but you also will have the urge to merge in love – by getting engaged or married. Late April was, or the first days of May will be, an ideal time to couple up. Saturn will be on hand to add solidity to what may now become a long-term alliance and other planets show you both do want to get the deal done.

However, Mercury, the planet governing all contractual relationships, won’t be in a welcoming mood, so you and the other party will almost certainly encounter differences of opinion about how certain clauses should be written and how finances should be handled. When differences surface, you’ll likely be caught off guard. Still, differences of opinion come with the territory and won’t stop your plans, but simply require more communication.

The new moon in Taurus on May 15 will help you find ways to grow closer in any collaboration or romantic marriage. View the period after the new moon appears May 15 as the opening of a new pathway, not the time you will crystallize your pact.

At the same time, mid-to-late May will bring sudden happenstance that will keep you on your toes regarding a work assignment or in regard to a health matter, and may become a distraction. Keep talking to your proposed partner, for you will get closer to accord by the financial full moon in Sagittarius on May 29. You will make progress, but even so, you may still not be fully there yet. Be patient.

You may be in the market for a new apartment or house, or to make improvements to the one you have now. Mars will certainly help, for Mars will tear through your home sector for months, until November 16. You won’t be able to proceed as fast as you’d like, for Mars will retrograde June 26 to August 27, not the best time to make a final home-related or career-related decision. In fact, it’s best to hold off on any decision on any matter when Mars is out of phase.

With Mars retrograde, you may change your mind several times, or conditions may vacillate. For example, you may put a bid on a house, only to lose it, but weeks later be asked to return with another bid. Your strongest time to make a final decision or to take action about your living arrangements will be in September. If you must act in May, you will find May 23 your best day when Mars will collaborate with the Sun or on May 25 when just about everything seems to go your way.

Venus in Cancer will bring romantic opportunities to travel and to break free (at least temporarily) of the decisions you seem to need to make this month.

One highly important day for love will be when good fortune Jupiter will be in fine angle to Neptune in Pisces, May 25, currently in your fifth house of true love / romance / pregnancy / and time with children.

If you take a romantic trip together the ensuing weekend, Friday, May 26-May 28, the transiting moon will be in Scorpio, and you should find this time together heavenly and showered in Neptune’s romantic silver dust the entire time. With Venus smiling at you in Cancer, you can’t miss. Life will be glorious at month’s end.

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Quote about Scorpios:

Scorpios are the best problem solvers of the zodiac. They love anything as mysterious as they are, and are determined to figure it out.
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