I don't want to be the one you settled with ... I have to be the one you were searching for.

Only Four Types Of People Tell The Truth:

  1. kids
  2. drunk people
  3. people who are angry
  4. Scorpios

Take the mast off when you speak to me.

Scorpios have a knack for seeing past a person's exterior. They can pick up on the little things easily. Their emotional intensity and ability to see right through anyone can be disturbing to some people and intriguing to others.

SCORPIO:  Your psychic talent is Telepathy:

You just know what people are thinking and it can scare people how much you know about them without having to say a word to you. You are also able to transfer your thoughts to others and can somehow get them to feel the way you want them to feel. If you want them to feel happy to see you, through your psychic ability, you can achieve this. You are naturally very in tuned with the psychic world. Your magnetism is partly due to your psychic ability to connect with the thoughts of others.
Scorpio Knows when your heart is in the right place when it comes to them. It's something they can sense. Bad intentions are not welcome and they're liable to dismiss you without warning or explanation.
Scorpio prefers to use their strengths as hidden weapons at any given time. This is why you will never fully know how powerful they are.
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