Scorpio Love Extremely hard, but when their heart has decided it's time to call it quits, they can walk right by your ass and act like you're invisible. Scorpios need a partner that will love them enough to realize there will be times when they just need to vent the feelings that are overwhelming them. One of the biggest fears of a Scorpio is being lied to by someone they love and trust. Most Scorpios have a big problem with a person not listening to them. They always want their words to be of significance. She says things with her eyes that men cannot put into words. I'm one of the people that when I ask what is wrong, I really care. Scorpio finds it difficult to keep their mouth shut when they dislike someone. A great number of Scorpios may be found in the helping professions because they are so keyed in to people's pain and the struggle of those trapped in their own darkness.

Ya I'll Meet You There. I just Have To Run Home And Change My Mind

As A Scorpio, When You Love Someone or Something So Much You Can't Leave Them Alone

Sometimes You Don't Get Closure, You Just Move On

Scorpios Are Devoted And Fiercely Protective Of The Ones They Love

Scorpio: This Is Actually An Increadibly Easy One

Scorpios are very selective with their company. If a Scorpio is very intrigued by you, asking you a lot of questions about yourself and making jokes with you, they like you. They might be sarcastic or bitingly charming. Another telltale is if they're slightly shy in your presence and do things like biting their lip, rubbing their neck, and blushing. Scorpios are pretty confident in front of everyone but their love interest.

Level of Savage: Low, Medium, Scorpio

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