Scorpio February 2019 Horoscope


by: astrologer Susan Miller

Horoscope for Scorpios February 2019

If you have been thinking of moving house, sign with a broker just after the new moon on February 4. This will be the most beneficial new moon of the year to help you find suitable living arrangements or a new roommate or to change your décor in any way you please. Most new moons aren’t as delicious as this one, so you should immediately look into your options now. At the same time, good-fortune Jupiter is moving through your wealth sector. The Sun and new moon will be in your home and family sector, receiving glittering rays from Jupiter, which indicates that the first part of February would be your very best time to buy, lease, or in other ways improve your property.

If you just recently moved, after the new moon February 4 in Aquarius, you will become even more enthusiastic about making your new space an accurate reflection of your style and taste. Start a vision board by cutting out photos from decorating magazines or printing out inspirations from the Internet. Browse, get used to your new space and enjoy the process.

With Venus, Saturn, and Pluto moving in your third house of agreements and all well angled to Neptune, the planet of inspiration, creativity, and design, you have an ideal setup for moving forward on a deal you’ve been working on. It looks like you will be asked to sign papers, and this month would be your most productive time to do so.

Sign on February 3, when Mercury will receive spectacular rays from Jupiter, or on February 7, when the Sun will enlarge all the goodness that Jupiter brings. Next month Mercury will be retrograde from March 5 to March 28, so act now.

At the same time, during the first half with Jupiter in ideal position facing toward the Sun, your career will go exceptionally well. Two days, February 7 and 27, will be your best days to see amazing results from your career efforts. Mars and Uranus will be orbiting quite close together in your sixth house of workaday projects, and both will stir up a lot of surprising activity. Mars will be beautifully aligned to Venus, and surprise-planet Uranus will direct its rays to Jupiter, so not only are hefty profits due, but the events will play out in a surprising way and be thrilling to see.

You will have time to let go and relax at the full moon, February 19, plus or minus four days, when a social event comes up and brings such happiness for you. This full moon in Virgo might bring a party invitation over the preceding weekend, February 16-17. If you get an invitation, accept immediately, because Venus will be signaling Neptune, one of the most glamorous aspects possible, and both planets will be in compatible signs, Capricorn and Pisces, respectively.

This will be a loving full moon for it will coax you to connect and enjoy the warmth of friends and to be out more than usual. Scorpio tends to prefer to stay alone much of the time, but near February 19 you must go out. You may be amazed how very positive this full moon will be for you. Your ruler Mars will send a perfect beam to that full moon, energizing you from your seventh house of partners. You may have a spouse, steady established partner, or a business partner/collaborator/agent who will do something special for you at the time that makes you feel very grateful to have that person in your life.

On or within four days of that full moon, February 19, you may have a wedding, a birthday party, baby shower, or anniversary party to attend. Being that the Sun, Neptune, and Mercury are all in your fun and love sector, this full moon will have romantic elements, and certainly those planets are getting ready to bring on a very loving phase at the new moon next month, March 6.

This month, it is also possible you would go to a different kind of event that draws like-minded people, such as a trade show, festive club event, or sporting event for example. By all means, go out!

You are on the threshold of one of the sweetest months of the year, perfect for making important initiations. Things are going your way, dear Scorpio, and by month’s end you’ll know for sure that you’ve entered a fortunate patch where life seems brighter than ever and that your possibilities are endless.
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