Scorpio Horoscope for the Week of January 28 - February 3, 2019


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

This final week of January and these first few days of February will feel quite dreamy and out there, Scorpio. We’re fresh off the heels of a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which has caused so many outdated structures and mindsets in our lives to disintegrate. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, has shifted into grounded Capricorn, helping us commit to some of the intentions we set during the New Moon Solar Eclipse at the beginning of the month. This week’s energy is about feeling at ease with our variety of thoughts, emotions and actions that exist within and around us. We know that we’ve outgrown the status quo and that it’s time to switch things up for the better. We just have to take some time to figure out what that looks and feels like…

The Scorpio Moon at the start of the week will have us feeling very passionate and profound, but not in an overbearing way (due to the detached energy of the Sun in Aquarius). Then Tuesday – Thursday the Sag Moon takes over, lightening up the energy and allowing our more flirtatious and spontaneous energy to come forward. It’s a good time to send texts to people who make you laugh and happy. Keep the conversations light-hearted and joyful. You’ll enjoy this week because it gives birth to a new month, and the Full Moon energy will have officially waned so you’ll feel less all-over-the-place.

As the weekend begins, the Moon’s entrance into Capricorn will have you thinking about business ventures and long-term goals. You’ll be less in the mood to party non-stop and more in the mood to build your empire. You can play hard and work hard, Scorpio. So reward yourself for long stretches of productivity by doing something more social and outgoing. Let yourself be seen and acknowledged rather than hiding behind the scenes or in the shadows. You know exactly what you must do to thrive and commit to your passions. This weekend you’ll have epiphany after epiphany, so make sure to write things down and remember what comes to you.

Romantically, Venus spends its final week in fiery Sagittarius. This transit has led to you having more options romantically and socially, but you’re learning to focus on quality and not quantity. Make sure you’re not leading anyone on, either intentionally or unintentionally. Once Venus shifts into Capricorn on Sunday, you’ll be focused on cultivating deeper ties with a special person, and not the whole world. Your more reckless and adventurous energy helped you step out of your comfort zone during Venus in Sag, and this allowed you to connect with people in more wild and carefree ways than usual. Once Venus enters Capricorn at the end of the week, you may start to ask yourself and others questions like, “where is this going” or “what are we?” Just make sure that you’ve answered those questions for yourself first and foremost before demanding responses from others. Avoid placing too much pressure or expectations on others, especially since we’re still in Aquarius Season and loving without attachment is the name of the game. Have a liberating week, Scorpio!
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