Scorpio Horoscope for the Week of October 1-7, 2018


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

Welcome to the first week of October, Scorpio. After a fiery Full Moon week, this new month begins on a more mellow note, helping us regroup from all of the cosmic changes that have taken place recently. Pluto, our co-ruler, just ended its five-month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, and because this retrograde took place in our communication sector, we will begin this week feeling more vocal and expressive than we have for quite some time. Of course, Pluto will still be in its post-shadow period for over a month, but we’ll already start to feel like life is less heavy and intense, and this will allow us to think and speak more optimistically. If you’ve been navigating a low period in your life due to all the pressure you’ve been putting on yourself, get ready for the tides to turn and for you to have a change of perspective mentally and spiritually. It won’t necessarily happen overnight, but pay attention to how your mood shifts for the better this week, even if it means taking it one laugh at a time.

The Moon starts off in Cancer Monday and Tuesday, so you’ll be feeling more sensitive and in tune with your family and close friends. It’s a great time to connect with them and discuss what your goals for this new month is. There’s strength in numbers this Libra Season, so if you find your tribe of people that you trust and bond with, there’s no telling what you will manifest together when you collectively pursue your ideal vision. Then mid-week, once the moon shifts into Leo, you may feel ready to share what you’ve been working on more publicly, and you’ll be rewarded for it. There’s no need to wait for everything to be perfect before putting your work out there, or else you’ll be waiting forever. If there’s an opportunity to showcase your professional growth, take it and watch how many doors open up for you. Toot your own horn Wednesday – Friday, Scorpio. Let your light boldly shine.

On Friday, October 5th, Venus, the Planet of Relationships, begins its retrograde in our sign. It will be retrograde in Scorpio until October 31st, and then it will shift into Libra, where it continues its retrograde until mid-November. Avoid making rash decisions in your relationships and friendships this week, Scorpio. If people from your past suddenly hit you up and want to reconnect, take it with a grain of salt. So many recurring themes and lessons in love and friendship will present themselves during this retrograde, and while you may at first have a knee-jerker reaction to how you must deal with them, if you take the time to dig under the surface you’ll see that situations aren’t as black and white as they may initially seem. So take your time to process what your heart truly wants from those you love, once loved, or think you could potentially grow to love. Retrogrades are perfect for reflection, release, renegotiating, reconnecting, realizing, etc…

Once the Moon shifts into Virgo this weekend, you’ll be in the mood to simplify your lifestyle and your surroundings. It’s a good time to donate clothes, clean out the clutter in your cupboards, and get back to the basics when it comes to what you’re spending your time and money on. If you’ve been doing a bit too much of a Netflix binge, or haven’t been eating as healthily as you can, you may decide to commit to a new routine. If you can’t yet take the leap, don’t worry — there will be a New Moon in Libra next Monday the 8th, and that may give you the cosmic push you need to commit to a better lifestyle. So spend this weekend being honest with yourself about habits that have been holding you back from feeling, looking, and living your best. Awareness and admittance will be the first step to breaking past that cycle and embracing positive change. Plus, since Jupiter is spending its final 5 weeks in your sign, you’ll start to find the momentum necessary to step out of your comfort zone and be your own savior.
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