Scorpio September 2018 Horoscope


by: astrologer Susan Miller 

Horoscope for Scorpios September 2018

It’s rare for you to take your eyes off the road Scorpio – you are a very dedicated worker, and by nature you are quite savvy in business – but everyone occasionally needs to let go (even you) to get in touch with the softer, more emotional side of life. The full moon of August 26 accomplished that and has made you more eager to socialize and make new friends. If you have been holed up in your office, with your head glued to your computer screen, last month’s full moon showed you the joys of coming out of your shell. Your sign loves privacy but sometimes you need to remind yourself that there is a big world out there, ready for you to explore on any level or any way you like.

The new moon of September 9 will open a portal of two weeks that will be purely social. You may travel to see friends, or you may take a journey with a friend to an exciting distant point – either would turn out to be quite delicious. If you are married, your partner is likely to get along exceptionally well with your friends, even if this has not always been so in the past.

From September 9 to January 7, Venus will glide through your sign, Scorpio, making you the favorite sign of this planet of love. The usual tour of Venus typically lasts one month, but the reason you will feel the dazzling rays of Venus in Scorpio for many months is that she will be in retrograde orbit from October 5 to November 16. Once she emerges from retrograde, she will give you from November 16 to January 7, 2019, to be full power in Scorpio, a long visit, as thanks for your patience.

Still, you will have plenty of time to have help from Venus in Scorpio in September. If you are currently not sure about where you want to take a romantic relationship you are in now (or if you want to leave), don’t force yourself to make a final decision until Venus goes direct and has time after the retrograde ends to ramp up to former strength. That should happen by December 17, in time for the year-end holidays.

In the meantime, you will have the opportunity to mend a close romantic or business relationship that you may have neglected. Any retrograde planet urges us to go back and revisit, repair, readdress, recover, or revamp a relationship or project. While it will not be the time to start a new relationship in October or November, you can do so in September.

Avoid taking any action, especially in terms of a relationship / housing / family matter on September 18, when Mars, your ruler, will clash powerfully with Uranus, planet of surprise. A residential matter, or one involving family, will be inflamed and difficult to fix. Someone connected with your home is not about to be logical and reasonable, so don’t tempt fate – the less said the better on September 18. From a physical standpoint, be sure you don’t overload electrical sockets, never leave candles burning unattended, and make sure walkways are clear of toys or other items at night.

Through most of the month, financial news should be positive. A tip from a friend about a career matter on September 7 may lead to a tidy sum of money. On September 13, 15, or 16 you may find accord and sign papers on a lucrative deal.

Yet, it would be hard to beat the fabulous coming financial aspects you have on September 11, when Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will team up with Pluto, your ruling planet. Pluto will take the goodness of Jupiter and multiply this planet’s goodness many times over.

In a separate set of aspects on the same day, September 11, the Sun will also contact Jupiter and Pluto, ensuring your career reputation will shine brightly. VIPs will adore you, for good reason – your work is excellent and above reproach. If you need to sign an important contract or shake hands on a key deal, September 11 will be the day for you to do it. It’s also the day to have an important interview or make a presentation.

By September 24, you seem to be finishing up an important project that appears to have been quite strenuous to complete. Pressure will be on you to finish, and you will, but doing so might take a lot out of you. Saturn, the teacher-taskmaster planet, will be in hard angle to both the Sun and moon, suggesting that you will be aware of your high profile now and that your reputation will rest on how well you perform on this task.

A foreign person or location appears to be involved with this full moon, or you may need to the finish a publishing piece or broadcasting segment, and the demands on you to be accurate, articulate, and clear will be considerable. Mars, your secondary ruler, will be beautifully conversant with the Sun, proving once again that you can pull a rabbit out of a hat when necessary. Your fears of not being able to measure up to this tall challenge will be unfounded, but that fear will nevertheless drive you to do your best work. That will be apparent and will be why VIPs will always want you in their corner.

The month will near an end on a superb note, September 27, when the Sun and Mars, your ruler, will work together flawlessly to find ways to benefit you. Family will want to help you in any way you need, and your career will bring good news. Furthermore, home-related changes and improvements will click into place almost effortlessly. Can’t life always be this way? I guess not, but while it is, use September 27 to your full advantage!
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