Scorpio Horoscope for the Week of May 14 - 20, 2018


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

Welcome to the most life-changing week of the month, and potentially even the year. The main astrological event of the week is Uranus’ shift into Taurus on Tuesday, May 15th. This coincides with a New Moon in Taurus taking place the same day. We will feel these astrological energies all week, all month, and all year long. Uranus is the Planet of Surprise, and it has been in Aries since 2011. It will retrograde back into Aries from November 2018 – March 2019, but then once it settles into Taurus next March, it’ll remain there for seven years.

Since Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign of the zodiac, the partnership sector is activated by this transit, meaning that a lot of change and transformation is on the horizon for us these next 7 years. While Scorpios tend to freak out at the thought of surprise, the way you approach this Uranus shift should be optimistic and hopeful. Change is often necessary and can lead to tremendous breakthroughs. You’ve experienced your share of change ever since Jupiter entered Scorpio on 10/10/17, so just take this Uranus shift as an extra dose of moving and shaking magic.

Plus, the fact that the New Moon takes place on the 15th means that you should take time to set intentions this week and create your dream world, so that Uranus can pick up on your vibes and help open up doors of opportunity for you. What has been working for you in your relationships, friendships, and partnerships? What has been weighing you down or no longer making you feel great? What’s been making you feel like you’re in limbo or indifferent? Taurus energy is about passion, dedication, loyalty and commitment. This week, ask yourself what you’re 100% ready to commit to in love, friendship, career, and your relationship with yourself. Whatever you’re so-so about should be left behind. This New Moon is potent because it’s taking place in an Earth sign, and this allows you to have fertile soil in which to plant your seeds of intention. The key with this New Moon is to practice patience when intention-setting. Taurus takes things slow and steady, and with Uranus in Taurus, change won’t be as immediate or impulsive as it was when it was in Aries. It’s going to be gradual and almost unnoticeable at first, but once you look back at it in a few months, you’ll see just how much has changed based on how intentional and focused you were.

On Wednesday, Mars, the Planet of Action, enters Aquarius, where it will remain for several months due to Mars Retrograde taking place next month. You will notice that you start thinking about your home, family, past, roots and legacy more than usual. You may enter a nesting phase where you want to get your house in order, or moving/relocation may be on the horizon for you in the weeks and months to come. It’s a good time to purge your home for unnecessary items, redecorate, reorganize, and create a safe haven for you and your loved ones. It’s also a great time to come up with unique solutions to recurring family drama, apologize or accept an apology, seek group, family or relationship therapy, and learn to stop blaming other people for your internal struggles, even if you were hurt. This transit will teach you how to be more accountable for the life you want to live, but it will still sometimes be tempting to get stuck in your vision of how things “should be”. Remember that with all of this influx of change and the unexpected going on, your role is to get comfortable with not always having things go according to plan. You’ll have to wing it these next few months, but that will ultimately empower you and make you more flexible and adaptable.

On Saturday, Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Cancer for the next few weeks, and that will make you more sensual, emotional, loving and compassionate than usual. When Venus was in Gemini, your heart and mind were often divided and it was hard to pin down what you were truly feeling romantically and socially. Venus in Cancer makes it impossible for you to ignore your feelings. They may actually at times feel overwhelming! But the key is to feel like you have a safe space to let them all out, be it a journal, a work of art, a therapist, a best friend, and/or a lover (or more than one). You may at first be tempted to bottle up your emotions, but they’ll be begging for a release, so it’s best for your sake and that of others to be honest and truthful about what’s on your heart. Your desire for intimacy is going to strengthen with Venus in Cancer, and if you’re looking to have children, this is a good time to start procreating! If you’re seeking a long-term, committed partnership, you may attract one this month too. Don’t be surprised if someone from your past re-emerges with this transit, because Venus in Cancer brings out your nostalgic side.

All in all, Scorpio, this is a week for fresh starts, clean slates, and new beginnings. You can sense that your life is majorly changing, but you also know that there are loose ends you still have to tie to make sure that you’re entering this new phase in a grounded and sustainable way. So although you may be excited to morph into the newest, strongest version of yourself, understand that it’s still a gradual, non-linear process, and that you don’t have to go through it alone. Since relationships are such a huge theme for you right now, tune into how those around you can best help you evolve, and vice-versa. Also realize that all the self-development work that you’re currently undergoing will benefit not only you, but those around you. So find balance between connecting with those you love, and deeply being in tune with your inner nature by enjoying your solitude and independence. You are the compass you’ve been searching for. Tune out the distractions and let your soul lead the way.
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