Scorpio Horoscope for the Week of April 23 to 29, 2018


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

Welcome to your Full Moon in Scorpio week. We usually only experience one Full Moon in our Sun sign per year, and it’s taking place this Sunday, April 29th. You are likely to feel the effects of this Full Moon in the many days before the 29th though, and it’s best to be aware of why your emotions may be more heightened than ever, and your passions will be pulling you in so many directions. This is a week where many of your Scorpio Season intentions from October – November 2017 will come full circle, leaving you brimming with pride and accomplishment. However, since Scorpio energy is all about extremes, this is also a week where you can feel high highs and low lows. You must be kind to yourself during this process, Scorpio, especially if certain situations catch you off-guard and test your patience.

This is the first full week that both Saturn and Pluto go retrograde as well, and we’re still feeling the post-shadow effects of Mercury Retrograde, so this further highlights the necessity to slow down in your day to day life, even if you feel like you have so much to do. It’s best to retrace your steps and make sure you aren’t missing any vital information when it comes to any professional or personal projects which may be on your mind. The overall theme is to not let yourself focus on the worst case scenario in any given situation. Remember that the Universe works in mysterious ways, and even your most terrifying experience has a larger lesson and could eventually turn into an unforeseen blessing…

We are also in the foreshadow period of Uranus entering Taurus on May 15th, meaning that the final three weeks of Uranus in Aries will be full of life-altering surprises and spontaneous events that threaten to throw you off balance. This week is therefore perfect for finding balance through yoga, therapy, meditation, resting more, taking care of your diet, listening to healing music, and purging items in your environment that do not serve you. Even if painful emotions emerge this week as a result of the intense astrological climate, realize that you are not alone — everyone is feeling these vibes and when we choose to collectively lean into each other, then we will be able to ride this wave and make it out even stronger. Accept the rollercoaster that is your life, Scorpio, without spending too much asking yourself why certain things are happening to you, and instead reflecting on what you’re meant to learn from it. But if there are times when you don’t want to reflect and you simply want to be, indulge in that too. There’s no right way to navigate retrograde season and a Scorpio Full Moon — your only mission is to feel the feels, knowing that they’re all temporary.

Romantically, you may find that your support system grows stronger this week. Even if it’s not by quantity, it’ll be by quality. People know that you are someone who loves fiercely and deeply, and this week they will make it clear to you that they have your back. It’s also possible that you may sense a rift with people whom you no longer resonate with though, or experience a separation or ending of some kind. The Scorpio Moon energy will bring to the surface important truths that must be faced, so try not to get too reactive or defensive when you’re having important heart-to-hearts. Think of the best possible result and really use the recent New Moon energy to be intentional about the types of relationships you want to cultivate. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and admit where you still have growing to do. This Scorpio Full Moon has all it takes to help you morph into the Phoenix, forgive yourself for past transgressions, and evolve into a better human being with each passing day.
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