Scorpio January 2018 Horoscope


by: Astrologyzone astrologer Susan Miller 

You are filled with wanderlust, and now that the holidays are over, you can spread your wings and broaden your horizons. You may have already left for a poetic, inspiring location near water or snow in the last week of December, and are now finding yourself heading back from that distant point sometime during the first four days of the full moon in Cancer, January 1.

Life will be lyrical in January’s first week, because on January 6, active Mars – your ruler – will align with Jupiter, the great planet of gifts and luck. This is an outstanding, rare day that will be special in every way. Use January 6, or the day prior to it, Friday, January 5, for any endeavor in your professional or private life where you’d like to have a special edge of luck to further a dream.

Every two years, we have an alignment of these two planets, but each time they meet, they meet in a different sign. To show you how rare this moment will be for you, the last time Jupiter and Mars met in Scorpio, it was August 8, 1982, and the next time they will in Scorpio it will be November 24, 2053. Use these two days to your full advantage.You will feel this aspect building the moment the month begins. These two planets will meet in Scorpio and shower you with radiant opportunity. This docking of two planets will have the ability to bring you an influx of money, and is also great for making an important initiation with profit potential.

Mars and Jupiter align every two years, but always in a different sign. They will not meet again in Scorpio until late November 2053, so make January 6 count by using it for something that you want to accomplish and need a competitive edge to lead you to victory. You will feel the energy building on January 5 too. Mars is one of your rulers giving this aspect extra weight and importance, so you certainly will find that you are at the right place at exactly the right time.

On Monday, January 8, the Sun and Jupiter will be in perfect alignment, and you can reach accord on a very lucrative deal. Use this day to make a presentation that dazzles your audience, for on this day, your ability to communicate will be strong. Give a speech, start work on an app or new piece of software, or place a new project on the market. Begin an advertising or publicity campaign, or hand in a manuscript or screenplay. The key point to remember is that VIPs will favor you, and your ability to make money will be strong.

The following day, January 9, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will be in sync, making it an exciting day, for your charm will be at an all-time high.
With Mars in your sign until January 26, you can take the lead, and others will be more inclined to listen to your proposals and approve your ideas with funding. You will have Mars in Scorpio again in two years (but alas not Jupiter at that time). For now, good fortune Jupiter will continue to favor you until early November 2018, so use this rare and glorious period to your advantage.

By the time you get to the new moon, January 16, a remarkable number of planets will gather in your third house of earned income – six – which is the highest number of planets that are possible to be aligned in one sign and area of your chart. (On May 3, 2000, we had seven planets aligned in Taurus, but scientists tell us that finding seven heavenly bodies in one house won’t happen again in our lifetime.)

All this emphasis on your third house may bring a number of outcomes. First, you may be looking over important papers to sign, for this is considered a contractual house. If you do sign, with Saturn there, you must look over the clauses very carefully, for the contract will likely be in place many years, possibly forever. You would not want to be bound by a contract that has no elasticity, should conditions eventually change in a way you cannot foresee now. Uranus will be in harsh angle to the Capricorn group of planets, the reason you need to tread slowly.

It is also very possible that you will be on the road again, going a short distance, possibly for work, for you will be very focused on negotiating a deal and working on budgets for Capricorn rules major financial markets and estates. Uranus’ hard angle in this instance may indicate that a project is headed in the wrong direction and you will be called on to find ways to fix it. Alternatively, you may suddenly have staffing problems and need to find qualified workers to fill in, pronto. Admittedly, this is a stressful new moon, but you have seen situations like this before, and you can rely on your practical nature to find a fix. You also have Jupiter and Mars on your side, a powerful mitigating influence.

The third house – the one so lit up for you – also rules your sisters and brothers, so you may hear from one, and may need time to give your sibling your advice on a matter that just surfaced. Even if you have other sisters and brothers, you seem to be the one in the best position to offer help.

By month’s end, your attention will switch away from all the topics you have been thinking about to your career. A full moon lunar eclipse on January 31 will light your prestigious tenth house of honors and achievement. If you have been working hard and smart for months or even years and feel you deserve more recognition, it is coming, dear Scorpio. Talks that come up at the lunar full moon eclipse January 31 will likely advance developments that first surfaced last year, in February or in August-September. Your star is on the rise, and soon everyone will know your name, and deservedly so, dear Scorpio.
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