Scorpio Horoscope for the Week of January 22 to 28, 2018


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

A major breakthrough is on the horizon, but you already knew that, didn’t you, Scorpio? You are the most self-aware and intuitive sign of the zodiac, and ever since January 2018 began, you could sense that life was changing rapidly, and unpredictably. The Supermoon’s energy has made you extra-sensitive this month, but finally you’ll get a chance to take a breather this week due to the Aquarius energy taking over the cosmos. The Sun and Venus are both in the detached air sign of the zodiac, a fellow Fixed sign, but one that contrasts your passionate, emotional nature. This week, you’re learning to give less f*cks.

You usually don’t care too much about what other people think, unless they’re someone close to you, or unless something or someone you deeply care about is being threatened. As the week begins, the Moon is in pioneering Aries, helping you step into the role of the fearless leader, and truly get all your ducks in a row. You’re realizing that even if life has been challenging, and you had your moments of feeling down, you’re the only one who can pick yourself back up and keep going. That’s exactly what you must do this week, Scorpio. Go further than most would ever dare to go…

Mars, the Planet of Action, is your co-ruling planet. It’s been in our sign for the past 5 weeks, and it’s entering Sagittarius on Friday, January 26th. You may have felt pressure to get major projects off the ground with Mars in Scorpio, and if you’ve been procrastinating, this week you may decide to stop standing in your own way. You know exactly what emails to send, which texts to type up, and which presentations to make to get the ball rolling. You’ve simply made up excuses and reasons in your mind for why it wasn’t the right time to do so. Throw those excuses away once and for all, Scorpio. Mars won’t re-enter our sign for another 2 years, so you might as well make a splash while you’re here. And Jupiter is in Scorpio, egging you along, reminding you of your inner superhero powers. All you have to do is activate them through intention and action…

Romantically, Venus in Aquarius is putting you way out of your comfort zone, but this is good. This is really, really good. You know how as Scorpios we like to own our more intense traits of possessiveness, jealousy, obsession, resentment, anger, bitterness, etc…? Sometimes we think that if we laugh at ourselves and blame it on being a Scorpio, it will give us a pass, or it will scare people away before we even have to open up to them. But since we’re in a period of profound evolution, the Aquarius energy in the air will help you look at these traits from another perspective. You’ll be focused on what these emotions are trying to teach you about the way you love. Are you holding on to something or someone because you want to feel safe? In control? Loved? Are you afraid of what would happen if you let space exist between you and the object(s) of your desires? Ask yourself these questions objectively this week. Journal your answers, blog it, talk about it in a podcast, to your therapist, or best friends. Start a tweet thread. What’s happening, Scorpio, is that you’re starting to find ways to vocalize profound truths about relationships and human connection, in a way that will resonate with other people. You’re daring to dig deep and reveal what you find, even if it makes you or others uncomfortable. That’s because Saturn is in your communication sector, encouraging you to find a way to maturely self-express. And boy will you love the healing energies that come from purging what you feel, without judgment or attachment to what others think.

All in all, use the energy of the mainly Aquarius, Scorpio and Capricorn vibes in the cosmos to get to the root of any lingering discontent in your life. Next week’s eclipse will wipe the slate clean, and if you don’t take the time to check which wounds still need to heal, you may face a painful wake-up call when the band-aid is ripped off without warning. But if you dare to look at the wound, stop picking at it, and let the Universe’s natural remedies soothe it with time and patience, you’ll be unstoppable by next week’s eclipse. It will light up your sector of profession and reputation, and it will catapult you into a whole new world, where your risks consistently pay off because of how well-executed they are. It all begins within. It begins by you deciding to trust yourself, and take initiative consistently and faithfully. You are here to thrive, Scorpio. Always remember who you are.
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