Scorpio Horoscope for the Week of December 11 to 17, 2017


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

A major shift is about to happen in your life, Scorpio. Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, is spending its last full week in the sign of Sagittarius. On December 19, it will enter Capricorn for almost 3 years. This is therefore a period of time where you’re contemplating the hero’s journey you’ve been going through since Saturn entered Sag. Because you made it through Saturn in Scorpio (October 2012 – September 2015), you know more than most signs the resilience and courage that Saturn asks of you. You’ve had to strip down the non-essentials to get to the root of what your personal “why” is. And now that Saturn is about to enter Capricorn, the sign that it rules, you’re going to feel so much more at home with this new version of yourself that you’re creating.

But before we get to Saturn in Capricorn, Saturn in Sag has some final lessons for you to learn. You may have to do some major analysis of your current financial situations, and set some clear goals for where you want to be this time next year, and this time in 2020, when Saturn in Capricorn will be done. During Saturn in Sag, you may have adopted more of a “money comes, money goes” mindset. You were less worried about having everything together, and more focused on making sure you felt free to explore your talents and desires. If, however, you haven’t fully allowed yourself to step into this spirit of experimentation, it’s not too late. This final week of Saturn in Sag can impel you to take a risk that you’ve been meaning to do for years. Since Mercury is currently retrograde in Sagittarius too, an aspect of your past is being highlighted. Return to an old dream, dust it off, begin anew.

Romantically, Mars, the Planet of Action, spends its first full week in your sign too. That’s why you’re feeling this mounting feeling of passion and intensity vibrating through every part of your body. Try to get active this week, especially since there is a Sag stellium taking place (which is when more than 3 planets are in the sign). The Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all in Sagittarius, so you’re being asked to let out your free spirited, more emotionally detached side to love. Spend time doing solo activities and taking yourself out on dates, even if you’re already in a relationship. Prioritize putting your emotional and physical needs first, Scorpio. If not, you can end up feeling restless and it’ll hard for you to focus on anything else.

By working out, doing fun activities, and just blowing off steam, your love life will become easier to navigate. This isn’t the time to be taking everything super seriously, however. The blend of Scorpio and Sag energy asks you to be more moderate in your actions. With Jupiter and Mars both in Scorpio right now though, it may seem easier said than done. Jupiter’s pushing you to get so much done, and Mars will feel like an energizer bunny telling you to do the same. But remember to breathe, pause, reflect, and appreciate how far you’ve already come instead of constantly racing to an imaginary finish line.

This Sunday, at 10:30pm PST, and Monday the 18th at 1:30am EST, the New Moon in Sagittarius takes place. This occurs one day before Saturn in Capricorn starts, so it’s a momentous New Moon. It’s the last one of 2017. You’re being asked to really delve into where you can allow your imagination to take you within the next 6 months. You shouldn’t play it safe or try to be “realistic” right now. You should truly let yourself expand your horizons and dream of living a life that astounds you in every moment. Take time this Sunday to first make room for this expansion, by doing a ritual that allows you to leave behind dead weight. Make sure you’re keeping a spirit of lightness to this exercise though, and view the experience as a friendly, liberating one. Do something this weekend that takes you out of your comfort zone and helps you showcase a new side of yourself. That’s what this New Moon is all about — recreating yourself, suddenly and spontaneously. This can be the ultimate adventure.
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