Scorpio December 2017 Horoscope


by: astrologer Susan Miller

Scorpio December 2017 Horoscope (Summary)

Scorpio is known to be street smart and savvy about money. You certainly will prove this to be true this month. The full moon of December 3 may bring a financial matter to fullness, and you may receive a large commission, royalty, or bonus, or be given a valuable gift. Or, you may get a final court settlement or decide on the division of property in a divorce or the division of profits at the end of a business.

Here is the problem: Neptune will be in a very difficult position, clouding facts and figures. If something does not seem to add up in your mind, say so, and demand backup. Saturn will conjoin Mercury, too, this month, so if you are due to receive a bonus or check, when it arrives you might be disappointed, having assumed it would have been larger. You will be motivated to find out why it is not, so by all means, ask. Study the math and have detailed questions to ask. If you find yourself scrambling for more money, know that you soon will do better financially, so keep to the program. Generous financial reward is around the next corner.

The new moon December 18 will again focus you on your earned income, but with Saturn conjunct the Sun, you may ask for a raise, but it is unlikely you will get much of an increase, if at all. This is not due to anything you did or didn’t do – your performance remains sterling. This news may be frustrating to you, for clearly, you have taken on much more responsibility on your job lately. For now, there is not much you can do.

Don’t discuss money, career, or contractual details with any VIP on December 21, when Saturn will conjunct the Sun, a hard day to get anything to go your way, especially in regard to financial matters. A far better day would come earlier, on December 15 or 16, when Uranus is close to perfect harmony with the Sun. You can try – no promises!

The good news is, Saturn will leave your financial sector on December 19/20 (depending on your time zone), having being there since December 23, 2014. Money will flow to you more generously once Saturn departs from your second house (where it has been those three years. However, since Saturn has his sticky fingers all over your chart in December, especially at the new moon, you will have to be patient before you see relief. It may not happen until the end of May 2018. Even so, you have a spectacular collaboration due between Jupiter and Pluto, your ruler, so that aspect seems to suggest you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy a bountiful financial future. Indeed, you are moving into a far more lucrative period, and when the money starts rolling in, it will keep rolling in at a rapid rate in 2018.

The place where teacher taskmaster planet Saturn is heading next is Capricorn and your third house of communication. Once here, after December 20, 2017 to December 17, 2020, Saturn will teach you to negotiate better deals and teach you, through trial and error, how to refine your communication style so that you can be more precise and more persuasive. Compared to where Saturn has been over the past three years, the coming three years will be a breeze, and you will enjoy learning to hone your skills in writing and speaking in any area of your career specialty.

Although you may be exasperated to learn that nearly the entire month of December will be given over to financial management, if you think about it, this may be a good sign of better days to come. If you plan to meet with your accountant, you may learn about legal deductions you can take this year that you didn’t know about, as well as other year-end moves you can make to save money.

When it comes to love, you are in the very best situation possible. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, now in Scorpio, will be in a sweet angle to Neptune in Pisces, in your true love sector throughout the month. Additionally, Mars will be in Scorpio too, giving you a sexy presence and glow. Use your well-known hypnotic Scorpio gaze to attract admirers – this month, if you do, you can’t fail.

On December 27, when Mars and Neptune are in sync, you may enjoy an enchanting evening with a new person you meet, or with your one-and-only that you love.

Mars in Scorpio from December 9 to January 26 will mark the most important period of 2017 and the New Year 2018. Mars will give you courage and a strong drive to succeed, no matter what the goal you choose to tackle. You should take steps during January to get closer to that dream goal – even a baby step would set you off in the right direction at the right time. If you have an important project to launch or need to persuade a VIP to do you a favor or help you get ahead, do it at the very end of December or any time in January – but put a gold star on January 5 and 6 as two of your most golden days in decades.

Scorpio December 2017 Horoscope (Full)

Sometimes life is just perfect. Dear Scorpio, in many ways, December could be that for you. Two months ago on October 10, Jupiter, the good fortune planet, made his monumental entry to Scorpio for the first time since October 2005 to November 2006. This makes this period, from the end of 2017 and through November 8, 2018, your emerald year, where no dream that you hold in your heart will be too big to tackle.

Adding to this sunny, happy forecast, you have Mars in Scorpio, too, which is an amazing development, for Mars only comes by every two years to your sign. The fact that both action Mars and benefic Jupiter are both in Scorpio is wildly fortunate for you. Actions taken while Mars is in Scorpio near Jupiter in Scorpio have some of the finest aspects you could ever hope to see. By the end of December, Mars and Jupiter will be super-close, so get out your wish list, because it’s time to reach for the big prize, dear Scorpio. If the phone were to ring now, who would be calling you on the other end, and what exciting news would that person have to offer you?

Keep in your pocket that Mars and Jupiter will reach perfect mathematical alignment on January 6, making Friday, January 5, and Saturday, January 6, a stunner of a day – try for something you dearly want on that day. Because both planets will be in Scorpio, it can be in any portion of your life that you want to make progress on, and would like to have a special edge to capture.

If your birthday falls on November 10, plus or minus two days, you will get a double dip of luck. The same is true if you have Scorpio rising at 18 degrees, plus or minus 2 degrees. Every Scorpio will have something to celebrate, however, so even if your birthday or rising sign does not fall into either category, you will certainly benefit.

People often say to me when I tell them that their coming year will be lucky, “Good! I will make a note to buy a lotto ticket!” When I hear that, my heart sinks. I am always so disappointed to hear that all-too-common response. Life can be so much more than about getting more money. Most winners of the lottery have problems with friends and family after winning, so in truth, winning the lottery is not always what it’s cracked up to be. Having lots of money can get old, but tender love, deepening friendships, blossoming creativity, gaining knowledge and mastery over a subject, and development of one’s talents and a fulfilling career can be much more valuable in my mind than any sum of money can ever bring you. You stand now on the threshold of so much reward, dear Scorpio, and it will go far beyond getting more money.

When I say you will be fortunate this year, I mean that you will become healthier, stronger, and more confident. I mean that you will learn to find your innate talents and to find ways to develop and express those talents and individuality, and creativity is the joy of living. You will have a sensational chance now to find the love of your life and also the chance to expand your heart to include love of children and friends. If you have already found your one true love, Jupiter in Scorpio will make that possible. If you are attached and happy, the two of you can now grow closer. Your optimism and cheerfulness will be irresistible.

With Jupiter in your sign, you will also likely travel to at least one foreign country, likely one you have never visited but always hoped you’d see, and doing so will be an awe-inspiring experience. You will make the acquaintance of many high level people during your reign as celestial favorite, in all walks of life, and among those, you will make new friends who will encourage you to go down new, positive roads, especially to develop ideas that will come to you. You are embarking on one of the most adventurous and exciting years of your life. This is true if you were born a Scorpio or if you have Scorpio rising, for the rising sign is treated exactly the same as the Sun sign. (For more information, go to my other site,, and look for the description of the natal chart for adults, the purplish-blue and yellow cover.)

It is true that this month will bring an enormous emphasis on money management for you. The first sign you will get that money will be at the hub of your wheel will be at full moon of December 3. At that time, money matters will culminate and finish.

You may be paying a bill or purchasing something big, but it would be best to delay your purchase. You need to look closer, and if at all possible, delay action until January. I say that because Neptune will be at precise hard aspect to the Sun and also to the full moon, causing confusion and possible obfuscation of information you need to make an informed choice. Neptune creates fog, so think of the haze and fog of English classic movies, when it rolls in on the heath, veiling reality, and making for a beautiful, soft setting. The problem is, fog and financial dealings don’t mix – when it comes to money you need full disclosure. If something doesn’t seem quite right, speak up and demand answers.

Adding to the problems of the month will be Mercury retrograde, December 3 to 22 in your second house of earned income. It is never wise to sign contracts or buy anything expensive when Mercury is creating confusing circumstances. Purchasing an electronic item will be especially risky now, as it is never wise to buy electronics, a car, or machines with moving parts when Mercury is out of phase. This month that will be December 3 to 22. However, we all feel Mercury retrograde two weeks prior to its turn, so it’s already too late to make those purchases. Mercury retrograde will impinge on holiday shopping too, so it’s best to buy gift certificates or wire money. Express couriers will run late, for Mercury rules those types of companies too, and wild weather is likely to make things harder for the delivery of packages. Leave nothing for the last minute, and do not buy electronics this month, even if it will be delivered next month. No electronics!

Later in the month, the new moon on December 18 in Sagittarius 27 degrees will also emphasize money. Whereas the full moon of December 3 plus or minus four days will emphasize funds you mix with others – taxes, credit cards, insurance, all kinds of loans, lines of credit, inheritance, child support and so forth – the new moon of December 18 will focus on different funds. The funds you will be thinking about in the ten days following December 18 will emphasize private money that is yours to do with as you please. In this category is personal earned income, savings, and spending.

This new moon only comes by once a year, and lighting your second house of earned income would normally be a good time to ask for a raise, and if you recently changed jobs (very possibly true) you may get your first paycheck, and it will be larger than before. However, if you ask for a raise now, with Saturn conjunct the Sun and new moon of this new moon period, you are likely to hear that the company is tightening its belt, that a raise freeze is on, or that they can only approve a small one. It is always worth a try, however, but be prepared for a disappointing answer that has nothing to do with your performance.

The biggest news of December will be the monumental move of Saturn out of your second house of earned income, a place Saturn has set up residence since December 23, 2014. He will leave this placement on December 19 or 20 this month (depending on your time zone) and free you to make more money from now on. Saturn will not be back to this area of your chart until 2044. During the past three years, Saturn held down your money – you may have felt you worked very hard and were underpaid for what you were given. You may have found it nearly impossible to increase your monthly income. Saturn was teaching you to do more with the money you did have coming in. During this period, you learned to get more for less, by getting better bargains, and to be more effective when in negotiations.

Normally, with Saturn leaving this month, you would feel financial relief immediately, but it seems you will have to be a little patient. The cosmos is playing tricks before that can happen. A new moon sets the tone for six months, and as luck would have it, Saturn in Sagittarius, the spot that has been so difficult for you over three years, will be exactly conjunct that new moon. Stay with me, because I have to describe how astrology works to get to your outlook on money.

It doesn’t quite matter that Saturn will move on to Capricorn (and out of your financial second house) the day AFTER the new moon in Sagittarius. The fact that Saturn WAS conjunct that new moon on December 18 means you will feel its influence for a while, up to six months’ time. However, by the full moon in Sagittarius, May 29, 2018, you will be free and clear of Saturn’s clutches. Furthermore, next year, on December 7, 2018, the next new moon in Sagittarius, you will see an even bigger reward for coping with Saturn’s rigors. That new moon next year of December 7, 2018, will be a game changer, when the gates open and the cornucopia appears for you.

Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy financial breakthroughs other than through a new moon, and those many aspects will help you as you move forward in the New Yea. One of them, a friendly aspect of powerhouse Pluto to Jupiter, will be operative almost all through 2018. You see how I have to weigh aspects for you to give you an accurate forecast. Pluto’s friendship with Jupiter will be a very strong aspect for you to see financial gain, for both planets are associated with large sums of money. Also in your favor, Pluto is your ruler, adding extra weight to this wonderful aspect. Where does this leave you? If you don’t feel relief with the move of with Jupiter in Scorpio, you have just entered one of the finest periods of your life – you are the celestial favorite.

When Saturn moves to Capricorn, you will learn to communicate in a more sophisticated way. You may learn to write, speak, or edit work more effectively, and this will be very helpful to you as you move forward. Alternatively, you may build an app, or learn HTML or you may hire someone with that expertise, and debut your own website or blog. You may become a spokesperson for your company on television, get your own radio or TV show, or sell your manuscript to a top book publisher, or you may become contributing editor to a prestigious magazine. If you are a lawyer, you will run rings around your opposing council in the courtroom with your stunning and persuasive opening and closing statements, and in all your written legal briefs. The ancient astrologers felt communication was so important, they designated an entire house of the chart to this skill. Sharpening your ability to find the right words at the appropriate time will help you not only in your career, but also in your private life, with your romantic partner and with friends and family.

Saturn is known as the tough love planet, so his methods are not always easy. This is something you learned while Saturn was in Scorpio from October 5, 2012 to December 23, 2014, and then for a short time, from June 15 to September 17, 2015, when Saturn retrograded back to Scorpio for several weeks. Those periods brought tough times for you. Still, in contrast to what you went through during that time, and more recently when Saturn in Sagittarius give you an MBA in finance, hosting Saturn in Capricorn now in your third house, a so-called cadent (mild) house of the zodiac will seem like a breeze. You have paid your dues, and now the universe will give you a needed break from Saturn’s harshest tests, one that will last three years.

I will flag one day I want you to stay to yourself and don’t ask for favors: December 21, when Saturn and the Sun will meet. This can be a depressing day, when you receive criticism that you feel is too harsh. Try to be philosophical on this day, for the person giving you this feedback will not be malicious, but simply trying to make your performance better. Take the part you can use to heart, but discard the rest if you feel crushed. Within a day or two, you will feel better.

Christmas Day on December 25 will be joyous – the moon will be in Pisces, a romantic placement for you. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you will have fun on this day, and the day before, December 24 too.

If you are in the market to buy a house or furniture, put a gold star on December 15 and 16, when Uranus and the Sun will collaborate for you. You may find the perfect space to rent or buy, or find the chic piece of furniture that will make your room complete. It’s a very exciting day. Remember, however, to make the actual purchase or to sign the papers in January.

The full moon of January 1 in Cancer 12 degrees will influence the last days of December in the sweetest, kindest way. You may decide to take a holiday trip to an international city or paradise island to enjoy a change of scene. Good idea! You may decide to have a romantic trip with your one-and-only partner to ring in the New Year. If you are not attached, you may decide to travel with one or more close friends, or with your sibling or family members. Cancer, the place of this full moon, rules the people nearest and dearest to you in your family.
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