Scorpio Horoscope for the Week November 13 to 19, 2017


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

Venus and Jupiter align in Scorpio for the first time in 12 years this week. This transit takes place on Monday the 13th and will be felt all month long. Your connection to yourself and to those you love will deeply intensify this week. You’re going to become more aware of what you’re truly feeling, and because you’re owning your emotions, you’ll be able to work through them with greater ease and transparency. You are an emotional warrior, Scorpio, and while this week may bring up a range of emotions, they will all be very empowering to you. Your emotions can be your superpower, especially if you pay attention to the clues your body’s giving you as well. Use the Venus-Jupiter mash-up to do something very creative, romantic, and/or adventurous during the first three days of the week.

This is also the last full week that the Sun will be in our sign. It moves on to Sagittarius on the 22nd, but there will still be plenty of vibes in the air since Jupiter — the largest planet in our solar system — remains in our sign until November 2018. It’ll basically feel like Scorpio Season all year long. Still, since this is a New Moon week and the Scorpio New Moon takes place on the 18th, you’ll want to use the days before it to gain greater clarity in your life. There’s still so much that can be accomplished before 2018 takes place. You may have felt a bit restless and scattered due to Saturn being in Sagittarius and infusing you with countless ideas but not as much of a solid foundation. This week is the week to work on growing that foundation, step by step.

The North Node, which represents your destiny, is activated this week, and it’s currently in Leo, the sign of passion and fame. You have a unique talent (or many talents), that you can maximize and take advantage of Scorpio. Even if you’re not sure what that is specifically, this is the week to explore your creative side and let yourself prioritize that over more practical matters. Make sure there’s a balance between your day-to-day work and the type of work you’d ideally want to be doing all the time. By the time Jupiter leaves our sign in 12 months, the goal will be for most Scorpios to be doing what they love in a sustainable, consistent way. But in order to get there, you have to put in the work, and break it down into manageable action items. This week, list 3 goals that you feel compelled to cross off your list, and put them in your schedule so that they’re achieved.

The Moon will be in Scorpio Thursday – most of the weekend, and this will coincide with the New Moon in Scorpio — your special New Moon that takes place during Scorpio Season each year. This is the time to set clear and specific intentions for where you see yourself six months from now. Be sure to read my free New Moon Intentions Guide for help on your New Moon ritual. This weekend may be a time of potent reinvention for many Scorpios. You may feel the urge to redecorate or contemplate moving to a new city, state, or even country. You may map out a 3-year plan that inspires you to job search or launch your own business. You may find ways to take an existing venture to a completely new level. And romantically, you may find yourself ready to let go of past pain and really focus on how to create a new reality for yourself in the here and now. It may be an emotional weekend, but it will be purifying.

So get ready for this fresh start, Scorpio. But before the 18th, take time for yourself to reflect on what you’re grateful for. You’ve manifested quite a lot this year, even if it’s all internal. The fact that you’re prioritizing your spiritual and mental well-being is already an ultimate success. This week is going to teach you to really find validation within yourself, and not look for external means to be recognized. Glow from the inside and it will manifest on the outside.
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