Scorpio Horoscope for the Week November 27 to December 3, 2017


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

November and December merge this week, making it one full of closure and new beginnings. Monday, the Pisces Moon helps you dream of all that’s still possible to achieve this month, and this year. Tuesday – Thursday, the Aries Moon helps you actually come up with a game plan to see those plans through. Make your important phone calls and emails during that time period, because on Sunday, December 3, Mercury Retrograde begins and may slow down your momentum for three weeks. Everything you do before Mercury Retrograde will benefit you and be easier to sustain than whatever you attempt to begin after Sunday. Be strategic, create minimal lists that don’t overwhelm you, but make sure that you don’t fill those lists with busy work. Be intentional about what you’re going to give your time, resources and energy to this week.

Venus remains in our sign until Friday, December 1st, so it’s a great time to give yourself a mini make-over. Take yourself shopping, but only after having looked at what you already have and taking stock of what you actually like and what no longer represents who you are. Having both Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio these past few weeks has helped you realize how much you’re constantly changing and evolving. Certain styles that spoke to you just last month may feel outdated this month. So instead of splurging on super fancy items, you may enjoy thrift shopping instead as a happy medium. Find new ways to express your originality and recreate yourself this week. Let yourself have fun with the expansiveness that Jupiter in Scorpio is bringing into your life. If you want to learn more about how Jupiter will transform every aspect of your life these next 12 months, be sure to read my latest forecast here.

This is the first full week of Sagittarius Season, and once Venus enters Sagittarius this weekend, you will notice a huge shift from the past 4 weeks. You’ll be feeling more flirtatious, light-hearted and optimistic. This can also lead to you making more spontaneous and impulsive decisions, particularly financially. Be careful about that though, Scorpio, because Mercury Retrograde starts on Sunday and is advising you to take your time before leaping into new financial or professional decisions. Instead, the retrograde energy is perfect for looking back at projects that you had previously put on the back burner, and bringing them back to life. You may find yourself completely re-inspired now that some time has passed.

An opposition between your ruler Mars and the Planet of Surprise, Uranus, takes place this week, and this can really take you by surprise because it will lead you to doing something completely out of character! You know those wild fantasies you have in your mind but you never tell a soul about? Well, you may convince yourself to actually act on them, particularly this weekend. Say yes to social invites because it can lead to you making an exciting, life-changing encounter with someone (or multiple people) who help you see life from a completely new perspective, or open up doors that lead to powerful opportunities. But be careful to not just leap into something new without doing your research first, Scorpio. You should take time to process what all this novelty really means for you. Not every opportunity must be said “yes” to.

The week ends on a soulful note, as Jupiter in Scorpio harmonizes with Neptune in Pisces. Now that Neptune Retrograde is over, you’re able to see your love life and creative interests with greater clarity. Let your imagination run wild on Saturday. Create a work of art. Go see a beautiful movie. Write your own movie, maybe. Pour your feelings into your journal or confess your feelings to your crush. Make love all day and night. Take yourself out on a romantic date. Just try not to take yourself too seriously, because Venus will be in Sag, a much less intense sign than Scorpio. Plus, on Sunday, there will be a Full Moon in Gemini, a sign that’s even more emotionally detached than Sagittarius. This Full Moon will teach you to accept things outside of your control. You’re being asked to be more adventurous and less attached to routine. So instead of taking things zero to one hundred as the week comes to an end, focus on enjoying life’s synchronicity without trying to make too much of a meaning out of everything. Avoid putting pressure on other people to fit into a certain idea of how you’d like them to be. Focus on accepting everything in your life for what it is — that’s the secret to manifesting what you want, or better. Release attachment. It may seem easier said than done, but it’s all about practice, Scorpio. So start this week. And every day, it’ll get easier.
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