Scorpio Horoscope for the Week November 20 to 26, 2017


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

This week will be magical AF. As all weeks are (remember that, Scorpio). Astrology is just a celestial observance of universal patterns. As above, so below. So focus on your internal rhythms as the week begins. You are much more in tune with what steps you need to take than you give yourself credit for. Your job is to intentionally distance yourself from distractions and give attention to what lifts your vibration. Make this decision, and everything changes.

Tuesday – early Friday, the Moon will be in stabilizing Capricorn, and this will help you work on following through with your goals in a consistent way. You have big ideas, but sometimes the big picture overwhelms you, and you don’t know where to begin. That’s why your job is to take things step by step, and breath by breath. Identify your top 3 priorities each day, and dedicate your energy to completing those tasks, nothing else. See how you feel, and adjust the priorities if need be. You can always decide to re-arrange. Scorpio Season was all about radical transformation in areas of your life where you needed to grow. It wasn’t always comfortable, but you’re being given this chance to restructure your life for the better. Build a foundation.

Wednesday, November 22, Neptune finally ends its five-month retrograde, in the Water Sign of Pisces. The Sun will have entered Sagittarius that day as well. During Neptune Retrograde, things have been a bit foggy when it came to your social life and love bonds. You may have felt like you’ve looked too deeply into certain situations, but you knew that you were feeling what you felt for a reason. You wanted to explore your feelings, while also staying grounded, and sometimes that felt a bit jarring. Neptune being direct may lift the veil and unravel mysteries. But people will still find you to be quite the enigma, because of the energy of Jupiter in Scorpio. Your mission is to keep looking inward until you find ways to express what you’re genuinely feeling. Don’t rush yourself to make huge declarations this week. Trust your inner vibes.

Romantically, Venus remains in our sign until December 1st. It’s been such a sultry, passionate, intensely transformative transit. You couldn’t help but go to the root of what you’re feeling, but you may have been internalizing it and you’re now seeking release. The recent New Moon in Scorpio’s energy will last until the end of the month, so doing a peaceful New Moon Ritual may be an amazing way to redirect your powerful emotions into something that serves your growth. The sooner you write your intentions, the better.

But before telling the Universe what you want more of, Scorpio, you should really take stock of what you already have in your life. Start to imagine what your life would be without some of your most precious friends or family. By doing so, you’ll take them less for granted, and you’ll be more present with them in the now moment. Challenge yourself to not multi-task when you’re around people. Give them your full attention. You’ll receive the same energy in return. With Jupiter being in Scorpio for a year, we are the cosmic leaders right now, so people are really inspired by our energy. With such power and magic, we might as well make the world into a more ideal place. We can have fun being the superheroes of the Universe this week, and always.

Enjoy the last hurrah of Scorpio Season!
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