Scorpio Horoscope for the Week October 30 to November 5


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

November begins this week, as does week 2 of Scorpio Season. It will be one for the books, because this is also a Full Moon week. On Saturday, November 4, a Full Moon in Taurus takes place and transports us to a world of depth and intensity — even more so than usual. This Full Moon highlights our partnership and marriage sector, meaning that the main theme this week will be your relationship with yourself and others. The energy of the Full Moon is often most intensely felt in the days before it, so it’s important for you to stay hydrated, well-rested, and as calm as possible, Scorpio. Taurus and Scorpio are both extreme signs, so it’ll be easy for you to push yourself to the edge professionally, romantically, sexually and spiritually. You’ll feel the urge to completely transform every aspect of yourself this week, but before doing so, you must purge.

The first half of the week is best spent in reflection of how you’d like to feel in November 2017. Scorpio Season still has three weeks to go, and you can really make the most of this energy by stepping into your power, accepting major opportunities for expansion, and deepening bonds with people who make you happy. But the key to this abundance is to first feel great within yourself. My Scorpio best friend LB, born on November 4, best explained why many people often feel like they’re lacking love, success or joy. “The problem is that people start feeling that since they’re not where they want to be, they don’t deserve what they want”, he said. Bingo. This week, you must tackle your own insecurities, your own feelings of lack, or your feelings of not being good enough. It’s only once you start filling yourself with self-love and self-confidence that you’ll notice your love life, professional life, and social life aligning in the way that you deserve. You can’t search for joy outside yourself — you have to create it within.

By Wednesday, the Aries Moon will have you feeling more emotionally detached and more ambitious. You’ll feel ready to focus on your career and personal goals without letting your feelings dictate your every move. Take an objective look at the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of 2017. With Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun all in your sign, you can accomplish more this week, and in November, than you have in previous months. So don’t get overwhelmed if you haven’t accomplished everything you’ve set out to do. Start to refine what it is you really want to achieve this year. You don’t have to do it all at once, and it’s actually better to take the minimal approach because that way you won’t be spreading yourself too thin. Focus on one or two goals that you can fully devote yourself to. It’s up to you to minimize distractions and put in the work. Jupiter being in your sign will be here to help you of course, but the magic comes from within. It comes from you wanting to succeed, and knowing that you have to do behind-the-scenes work in order to get to the mountaintop.

Romantically, as the Full Moon approaches this weekend, the Taurus energy will have you in the mood to go shopping, change your look, or invite your date/boo/bae for an intimate home-made dinner (or take-out if you’re feeling lazy). But make sure you do more than just Netflix and chill’. Have that heart-to-heart you’ve been longing to have, or perhaps even make that tough decision you’ve been delaying. Full Moons symbolize closure, so the vibes this weekend may lead to you closing the door on toxic relationships or friendships. Or, if you’ve ghosted someone in the past few months, you may finally feel ready to let them know why, or you may come to terms yourself about why you felt the need to take distance and cut off communication. It’s also possible for forgiveness and healing to take place this weekend. Since you’re purging what no longer serves you, you’re getting rid of the dead weight, and that may mean that you’ve become aware of your own pettiness or grudges that have been doing you more harm than good. Remember, holding on to anger or a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die. To forgive is a selfish act, because it liberates yourself from the past. Choose to love yourself enough to be free.
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