Scorpio Horoscope for the Week October 2 to 8


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

This Full Moon in Aries week will have a hot-and-cold aspect to it, so hold on tight during this first full week of October. The first three days of the week are about paying attention to your relationships. An alignment between Venus and Pluto helps redirect you to matters that yourself and others may have not previously expressed. Perhaps your friend(s) or partner(s) feel emotionally neglected because you’ve been in your own world, focusing on your own interests for a while. What they don’t necessarily understand is that Jupiter has been in your spirituality, healing and closure sector for quite some time, and it’s currently wrapping up its final week in that sector. So your more distant attitude is something that’s beyond the means of your control right now — in fact, it’s necessary for your evolution. You don’t owe anyone an apology, but perhaps being a bit more communicative may help keep the peace.

Now that Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is in Libra for the next few weeks, it may be challenging for you to make fixed decisions at work, in love, and in your personal life. You may find yourself weighing the pros and the cons of each situation, wondering whether you should stay or you should go. Try not to get too frustrated by this reality. As a Fixed sign, you like to know what your next step is, but this week will have you feeling a bit in limbo, and that’s perfectly normal. Remember that life is not a linear process, Scorpio, so it’s unrealistic to always think that you have to make forward progress. Sometimes progress manifests itself as circling back around a familiar situation so that you can look at it from a variety of perspectives and find a different solution. Use this Mercury in Libra placement to put yourself in other people’s shoes at work and in your personal life. Avoid being defensive if people say things that trigger you. Be a patient observer instead.

By this Thursday’s Full Moon in Aries though, you may find that your patience is running a bit thin. That’s because Aries is a Fire Sign, and it’s also ruled by Mars, the Planet of Action, just like Scorpio. It’s therefore imperative that you find some way to release excess energy, stress, anxiety, or frustration. Working out is a great outlet, as is passionate love-making. Just make sure that you’re facing any perceived problems head-on and actively looking for ways to remedy it. Aries is a solution-oriented, direct and bold energy, so this Full Moon will ask you to step up to the plate, roll up your sleeves, and be the change you wish to see. Think about the New Moon in Aries that took place about six months ago, and where you were in your life around April 2017. It’s very likely that this week’s Full Moon will bring elements of your life full circle, and you’ll be proud of how far you’ve come. So even if you’re focused on solving issues, take time to appreciate all that’s going right in your world too.

Romantically, there are many planets still in Virgo, while the Sun and Jupiter are still in relationship-oriented Libra. Therefore you’ll feel a tug-of-war between being emotionally detached and feeling the need to critique yourself and others over the ways you treat each other. The Venus in Virgo energy could lead to you setting unrealistically high standards for those in your life, and you can end up in many disagreements if you try to change or mold others to love you the way you want to be loved. Your mission is to love yourself how you want to be love, and also take the time to express your love language to others while learning others’ love language. Want to spend more quality time and less screen time with people? Be that change, and express that truth respectfully. Instead of saying “ugh, you’re always on your damn phone”, you can say, “I find it really sexy when we turn off our phones and just stare at each other longingly”. Words make all of the difference, and you’ll get what you want when you pay more attention to the way you express yourself. If you find yourself snapping at others, take it as a sign that your energy stores are depleted, and spend more time solo and recharge.

All in all, Scorpio, this week is about release and surrender. Trust the flow of the Universe, even if you’re a bit confused about where you’re going. Things will make so much more sense starting next week, once Jupiter finally enters Scorpio after 12 years. This is the last week you have to experience this feeling of disorientation, but even Thursday’s Full Moon in Aries can help you see matters in your life more clearly once you’ve committed to what has to go. Endings, goodbyes, separations are likely this week, but not necessarily in the most traditional forms. You may realize that someone who hasn’t actually done you wrong has energy that simply doesn’t align with yours right now, and those can sometimes be the toughest goodbyes, because you don’t necessarily have a clear reason to let go. But trust your instincts, Scorpio, and know that there’s a higher energy leading the way. Your job is to give into that energy, and have faith in your journey.
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