Scorpio Horoscope for the Week October 16 to 22


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:


This final week before Scorpio Season is about finding harmony and equilibrium in your inner and outer worlds, Scorpio. You’re still adjusting to Jupiter’s recent entrance into your sign, which signals the start of a new 12-year cycle in your life. The energy of Libra Season has led to you weighing the pros and cons of multiple situations in your life, both financial, personal, professional and spiritual. However, it’s been challenging to make fixed decisions about what your next step is, because you’re clearly able to see the benefits and drawbacks of the multiple paths before you. This isn’t the week for making bold decisions. It’s a week for basking in the here and now.

Now that Venus, the Planet of Relationships, has entered Libra, you’re going to feel less of a need to control everyone and everything in your life. You’ll be able to adapt a more “let it come, let it be” mindset that takes a lot of the pressure off of you and allows you to view situations from a more light-hearted perspective. Your ability to listen to other people’s point of view and hear them out is also heightened by this transit. However, you may find yourself avoiding some more intense conversations, which is unlike you. That’s because these last few days of Libra Season are intensified by the fact that Venus is in the sign that it rules. If you find yourself getting defensive when those you love call you out about something, take deep breaths and re-evaluate. Resist the urge to lash out. You’re too close to your birthday season to let drama kill your vibe.

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters Scorpio on the 17th of October, so this does slightly outweigh the Venus in Libra energy. Your mind will cut straight into the core of people and situations, and your ability to see their true intentions is maximized by Mercury in Scorpio. You must however beware of your tendency to be too critical of both yourself and others this week. You have a vision of what you’d like to complete by week’s end, but if you are too stubborn about the process, you may end up feeling frustrated or disappointed.

Use Mercury in Scorpio’s energy to tackle your hardest tasks first, rather than procrastinating on them. The key is for you to feel more organized and centered when it comes to your day-to-day affairs, Scorpio. You know what to do to create a more efficient lifestyle, and if you commit to making meaningful changes, you’ll feel less stressed by matters out of your control.

Romantically, you may find yourself having a breakthrough at the New Moon in Libra taking place on Thursday, October 19th. This New Moon is all about love, relationships, fairness and equality. If you’ve been keeping your mouth shut about something that’s been brewing under the surface, you may finally feel the urge to release it out into the open. However, the Libra energy will allow you to be more diplomatic and less stinging in your delivery. There will be an element of unpredictability surrounding this New Moon, though, because Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, will be activated by it. You may feel the urge to do something completely unexpected this week, and you should follow that urge, as long as you’re not trying to get revenge or be spiteful. Remember that Jupiter is all about karma, so you’ll want to be aware of your own intentions and not lie to yourself about why you’re making certain romantic or emotional decisions.

All in all, this final week of Libra Season is about finding peace within yourself, even if all of the elements in your life are up in the air. Celebrate the progress you’ve made these past 10 months. Your birthday season is just around the corner, and in order to keep attracting blessings you have to be aware of the ones you already have. Also make sure to take it easy this week, because Jupiter in Scorpio’s energy can make us feel more easily tired due to all of the transformation that we’re internally going through. As Scorpios, we have the ability to remain calm, cool and collected on the outside, and no one truly knows what we’re experiencing within ourselves. This New Moon week is the perfect time to delve into a creative form of release. Journal, act, sing, dance, draw, paint, garden, get active… Constantly remind yourself of the beauty of being alive. Surround yourself by people who are beautiful inside and out and who make you feel good about yourself. Be the type of person who makes others feel good too, and watch your life bloom before your eyes.
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