Scorpio Horoscope for the Week October 9 to 15


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

The highlight of the week is the fact that Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, finally enters our zodiac sign for the first time since 2005. Jupiter’s entrance in Scorpio will be felt throughout the world, because this energy symbolizes global transformation and the ability to significantly raise the world’s collective consciousness. As a Scorpio, you are therefore serving as a microcosm of this huge astrological shift, and everyone will view you as a shining light and example of what mankind has the potential to be. Don’t let that put too much pressure on you though. The point of Jupiter in Scorpio is to simply be yourself and step into your power. Trust yourself to know what steps to take — your intuition will be heightened this week, and for the next 13 months. Jupiter will remain in Scorpio from October 10, 2017 to November 8, 2018. Who you are at the start of this week will be radically different than who you’ll be 13 months from now.

It is important to note that even though a major planetary shift is taking place, we’re also still dealing with some pretty intense cosmic alignments that will test our patience. Venus and Saturn have engaged in frictional alignments this month, which have caused us to feel more sensitive in our relationships and friendships. Monday you may still be feeling the cosmic hangover of this transit, but it’s important for you to face whatever feelings come up instead of ignore or deny them. The energy of last week’s Full Moon will be felt until Tuesday, so you may find yourself simultaneously being super excited about Jupiter in Scorpio, but also still feeling a bit drained from all the energy you exerted last week. This week, it’s important for you to rest and take care of your body. You’ll want to start Jupiter in Scorpio off on a strong note, so prioritize your spiritual and physical well-being. If that means leaving work early or saying no to previous engagements, so be it. You will be taking care of your own needs unapologetically throughout Jupiter in Scorpio, so be grateful for your ability to set clear boundaries and protect your peace.

Romantically, both the Sun and Mercury being in Libra can make you go back and forth between what you want and what you think you need. If you’ve been dating or talking to someone, they may be curious to know what you’re feeling, and you yourself may not be quite sure of that. It’s okay to be indecisive, even if it’s infuriating for all parties involved. Venus and Mars being in Virgo has made you a bit of a perfectionist in terms of how you’d like your ideal love life to be, but if you continue to use the energy of the Full Moon to your advantage, you’ll find it easier to just relax, let go of your expectations, and be pleasantly surprised by the way your love life evolves. This will especially be the case Tuesday onwards, because Jupiter in Scorpio’s energy makes you appear more confident and magnetic. The key is for you to feel confident too, and not just act the part. Take time mid-week to assess any self-doubt that may have stopped you from being authentically yourself in relationships. One of the biggest lessons Jupiter in Scorpio will teach you, is that it’s okay to be vulnerable — in fact, it’s empowering.

On Saturday, Venus, the Planet of Love, leaves Virgo and enters Libra, and this increases the desire to be surrounded by beauty and to live a life full of good times. With this transit, your social life will receive a great boost, but you may also find it easier to get distracted, so you may want to make sure you’re not saying yes to too many invitations or experiences. Venus in Libra can also make you a bit more reckless when it comes to saving, so stick to a budget this week or else the swiping could easily get out of hand. But for the most part, this transit will help you loosen up when it comes to interactions with others. You’ll have more empathy for how others are feeling, so that means there will be less misunderstandings and arguments in your life. This weekend is a great time to mending broken hearts or clearing up confusing conversations. Don’t be afraid to be the one to reach out or to be the bigger person if you’re ready to move past hurdles. Jupiter in Scorpio will also help you transcend pettiness and soar.

Even though Jupiter in Scorpio symbolizes the beginning of a 12-year cycle in your life, the magic will truly be activated once Scorpio Season starts on October 23. That’s because Libra Season is still a time of major closure, healing, endings, and wrapping up past projects. This means that this week will have you feeling passionate about your life, but also being quite aware of the remaining work that you must do so that you can immerse yourself in your passions without feeling pulled in too many directions. Spend time this week prioritizing what you love to do, and even eliminating obligations or time constraints from your schedule, slowly but surely. You have to be willing to let go in order to receive what’s really meant for you, and this is the main lesson that you’ll be absorbing this week. Take time to journal or record how you feel at the start of Jupiter in Scorpio’s transit. What are your dreams, fears, hopes, anxieties, visions, aspirations, and desires? Be specific, and be fearless in your admission. Keep what you write or say in a safe spot, because you’ll be going back to it frequently during Jupiter’s transit, and it will help you remain aligned with your evolutionary journey.
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