Scorpio Horoscope for the Week September 25 to October 1, 2017


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

This last week of September will have you feeling quite curious about the expansiveness that awaits you. In a little over two weeks, the event of the year happens with Jupiter entering Scorpio for 13 months. This is therefore a great time to fine-tune what you’re going to be focusing on during this abundant and extra-lucky astrological time. As a Scorpio, you’re multi-talented and you often have countless ideas about what to create. But it’s important for you to be more selective at this time. Mars is currently in Virgo, the most detail-oriented sign of the zodiac. You are ruled by Mars, so you’re going to feel the urge to strategize, systemize, and better coordinate your time and schedule. This is a great week for delegation. You tend to try to do it all solo, but that’s a recipe for burnout. Take a look at your daily schedule, and see if there are ways you can take certain things off your plate. There are apps that exist that can help you hire help at a reasonable price, or perhaps someone in your network is looking to be of assistance. Ask and you shall receive.

Monday – Wednesday, you’ll also be feeling quite inspired to generate new forms of wealth. This may mean asking or preparing for a raise or promotion at work, introducing streams of passive income such as renting out a spare room or selling products online, or talking to a financial advisor about the best way you can save and invest your money, so that it will work for you. Saturn’s been in our financial zone for the past 2 years, and as it’s getting ready to enter our communication sector, you should be sure to face your finances with confidence rather than letting yourself feel overwhelmed by them. Break things down into actionable steps by giving yourself deadlines to reach certain goals, but also realizing that it’s okay if you don’t reach all of them. This is a process of knowing your worth and letting your job be a reflection of your worth. Take it step by step.

On Thursday, September 28, Pluto Retrograde ends after being retrograde since April 2017. This is cause of celebration, because Scorpio is co-ruled by Pluto, and the retrograde may have led to a back and forth between asserting yourself with passion and remaining in the background. Pluto Retrograde may have also intensified trust issues, suspiciousness, feelings of betrayal or resentment, but now that you’re almost at the end of this retrograde, you’re realizing that you needed to accept such emotions in order for them to not have as much of a hold on you. Yes, as a Scorpio, releasing grudges and past hurts is an ongoing process, but this retrograde has enlightened you to the fact that sometimes the stories we hold on to become bigger than the situation itself. Make sure that you aren’t wallowing in a victim-based reality. You must align your thoughts with your desired reality, so that may mean forgiving someone who hasn’t even apologized to you. When you forgive others, it’s actually a selfish act, because you’re doing it for your own liberation. You shouldn’t let the weight or burdens of others fall on your shoulder. Find one way to forgive this week — and that includes self-forgiveness.

Romantically, the Jupiter-Uranus alignment that takes place this Thursday could have you making assumptions about the status of a relationship. Press pause and hold your horses before making an impulsive emotional decision that you could later regret. With Pluto going direct on this day, the last half of the week is best spent being a fly on the wall in your social interactions, and not letting yourself get too emotionally invested in situations out of your control. By next week, you’ll be able to look at the given situation from a completely new perspective, and you may realize you had been overreacting or blowing things out of proportion. Positively, the end of Pluto Retrograde, as well as the fact that this is the first full week of Libra Season, will help you get things off your chest with greater ease. You’ll be able to be gentler in your communication approach, rather than so self-protective, and that will make a world of difference. Anytime you find yourself about to sting someone with anger out of self-defense, take a breather and sting them with love instead.
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