Scorpio November 2018 Horoscope


by: astrologer Susan Miller

Horoscope for Scorpios November 2018

One of the sweetest new moons of the year will arrive on November 7 in Scorpio, bringing all kinds of gifts with it to use as you please. New moons are very powerful, and doubly so if it falls in your sign (an event that happens once a year), so you would be wise to act on key initiations on or just after November 7. Love, romance, and matters involving pregnancy and the care of children are to be especially bright and are likely to bring happy developments. This new moon seems to direct most of your attention to your personal life and how you can make it more to your liking.

Venus will be retrograde as you enter the month, a holdover from last month when Venus reversed course on October 5. Venus will go direct in Libra on November 16. The problem is that Mercury will go retrograde the very same day that Venus normalizes her orbit and goes direct, November 16, and Mercury will stay out of phase until December 6.

Once you get to next month, the plethora of retrograde planets will finally end, and you will be looking at a much more productive future. In the meantime, do not schedule any treatments to radically change your looks in the first half of November, for with Venus retrograde, you are likely not to like the results. You can follow along with regular grooming, of course, but do not schedule Botox, a facelift, or veneers for your teeth. These are examples, but you get the idea.

With Mercury retrograde, wait to shop for gifts after Mercury goes direct on December 6. This is not the month to buy any product with electronic or moving parts, such as a car, refrigerator, smartphone, TV, headphones, or a computer—wait to purchase until a few days after December 6.

If asked to sign papers, you need to wait until Mercury is out of retrograde, after December 6. You can conduct talks, but keep options open until your lawyer sees the paperwork. Venus is retrograde too, and will be currently affecting your house of partnerships and marriage, with plans going haywire for the first two weeks.

The big news is that Jupiter will move into Sagittarius on November 8 for the first time since November 2006. Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the Sun, spending one year in each of the signs of the zodiac. In your case, Jupiter, planet of good fortune, will remain in Sagittarius, your second house of earned income, until nearly the end of next year, December 2, 2019. You will have a fantastically strong outlook for increasing your earned income in 2019, or if self-employed, through generating quite a bit of lucrative new business. When Jupiter tours your second house of earned income, from November 8, 2018, through December 2, 2019, a period of 13 months, you will be poised to see the biggest financial rewards you’ve seen in over a decade, and possibly ever in your life.

Much of your financial bonanza will be a direct outcome of the seeds you planted over the past year and the fine work you did to bolster your reputation. Think back to the period that Jupiter in Scorpio spanned—October 10, 2017 through November 8, 2018—and to the people you saw, the meetings you arranged, and the proposals you presented. Your harvest is about to come in, dear Scorpio, and as said, almost all of your bounty will relate to those efforts you made during your Jupiter-in-Scorpio year. A strong financial year will give you the funds and the opportunity to direct your life in the way you had always dreamed. It’s time to enjoy life more.

The full moon of November 22 will be in Gemini and will help you settle financial obligations, but will also help you finalize business deals. If you are about to agree to a divorce, you will now be at the final chapter. Sign papers next month, but for now, write down the terms of the deal and ask that both of you think about all that was decided before signing and making it final. You might, on reflection, have small changes to the agreement before you get to next month.

The luckiest day of each year is an annual event that will happen November 25-26 (bridging two days) this year and is always happy for everyone, but in different ways. The event always involves Jupiter conjunct the Sun, and it is lucky because the Sun will take the gifts and luck of Jupiter and multiply them many times over. This year, these two luminaries will meet in your sector of earned income, so one of those days is due to be very fortunate for you financially—proving the forecast that the coming year will be outstanding for your earning power. These days could be the prelude of what is to come.

Romantically, next month will be your very best for fun and love, for Venus will move into Scorpio, and Mars will be in water-sign Pisces. This is the perfect place for both planets to be to help you find new love, if you are single, and to enjoy your partner, if you are attached. After you get past Mercury retrograde on December 6, you will be in full swing of the holiday season and looking forward to a fresh start in 2019.
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