Scorpio July 2018 Horoscope


by: astrologer Susan Miller 

Horoscope for Scorpios July 2018

Travel is written all over your chart and will give you the needed rest and rejuvenation you so dearly need. A short trip that you may have taken at the end of last month, at full moon, June 27, seems to have been for business. If that was true for you, it was not exactly an easy trip – finding client agreement would not have been easy, and you may have decided this deal will take more time to complete. If you took that trip for pleasure, it’s clear you had a very clear-cut goal to complete, and it would take a lot of will power to make it happen. Having said that, wild horses could not stop a Scorpio from his or her quest – the smart money is on you, dear Scorpio. I am convinced that you could accomplish anything you put your mind on.

At the same time, last month, a family member, whether a parent, sibling, cousin, spouse, ex, or other relative, may have brought news that concerned you, too, so as you enter July, you may feel everyone, in every corner of your life, needs you to drop everything and attend to their needs. There seems to be no other option but to spend early July tying up loose ends on all fronts.

Even more travel is indicated for you at and after the new moon solar eclipse July 12, and this time, may have you traveling farther away, and for joyful, personal reasons. Good fortune Jupiter in Scorpio will beam fine rays to this eclipse, so you are likely to enjoy luxurious accommodations, and have a very good time. You need time off, so by all means consider taking a vacation in early or mid-July. Choose to go to a new location – somewhere that you’ve never been before but always wanted to see. Jupiter in Scorpio is expanding your horizons and helping you see that this year, the world is your oyster. Neptune will send beams to this eclipse from your true love sector too, giving you inspiration and possibilities for experiencing breathtaking romance.

Pluto, however, will be in difficult direct opposition to the Sun and new moon solar eclipse on July 12, which may bring a distraction from one of a number of sources. You may have family tensions or concern about housing. Your ninth house will be brought into the discussion; so alternatively, you may need to untangle a legal matter, or one involving an international relationship or immigration matter. Or, instead, you may be concerned that a media story has portrayed you incorrectly.

If you work in publishing or broadcasting, alternatively, you may be concerned that if you are not present at the office, others will be making decisions for you, and of course, those won’t be ones you would have made. If you are in college, you may need to address a situation with an official, perhaps to line up your date to take an exam, hand in a paper, or defend your thesis.

At the time of this eclipse, someone near appears to want to dominate you, or act in an unfair way that makes it clear this person will want you to follow their rules, like it or not. You may feel contained, overwhelmed, or checkmated by this person in a highly unfair way. For now, you may feel powerless to turn events to your favor.

When Pluto forms an opposition, as it will on July 12, it can bring on a feeling of being dominated, with no recourse to negotiate. To mount a resistance to this person may seem akin to fighting City Hall. The decision is yours as to whether to do battle or remain silent, but it may help to know that things should gradually improve in months ahead. Still if you are outraged, stand up for yourself.

Your efforts to find a new apartment, house, roommate, or contractor or to deal with any other topics related to home will come to an important point, or even a conclusion, at the lunar eclipse, a full moon in Aquarius, 5 degrees, July 27. Some sort of change seems to be bubbling up, and changes will be happening quite suddenly regarding home and property or in relation to a family member, and you will need to stay alert.

Mars will again be in hard angle to surprise-a-minute Uranus, from July 27 to August 1, the very planet ruling your home sector. This aspect can bring on emotional or physical results. Think back to May 16 and see what happened then. This aspect happened then, and is repeating at month’s end. You may be able to get a clue of what might come up, although with Uranus, you can never know. His very nature is to bring on all things unexpected.

To be careful now, never leave a room unattended while candles are burning, and be careful not to overload electrical outlets this month. If you are not sure about the condition of the wiring in your house or apartment, ask an engineer to have a look. This is important advice when Mars and Uranus are not in sync – Uranus rules the electricity in your home and Mars rules candles.

Sometimes Uranus, when clashing with Mars, can trigger arguments at home, so tread carefully if you are dealing with a family member, a roommate, or someone involved with your home, like a contractor, landlord, or decorator. This is not the month to discuss politics or other controversial matters.

No one of any sign will find the last week of July easy, as completely unexpected events are likely to surface suddenly like a geyser shooting out of the ground. For example, you may not see eye-to-eye with your broker’s advice, or in a different way things may work out, you may not get along with your roommate. If you want to buy a house, a seller may not accept your bid, or worse, accept it, only for you to find out you will need to make costly repairs you that were never told about at the sale by the seller or the appraiser.

Mars, one of your ruling planets, will be retrograde in July and August, so a setback is possible but may actually be a blessing in disguise. Mercury will be retrograde from July 25 to August 18 too, and this will not help matters – wait, for this is not a favorable time to make major home or family-related decisions, nor to make any decision on any front for that matter.

Later, in hindsight, you will see that what you “lost” you really gained, for you dodged a bad situation. Admittedly, your nerves will be on edge near July 27. Full moons bring information to light and help you move on – you will get another chance to buy or rent a new space or to create a beautiful decor in September or in early February 2019, but maybe just not now.
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