Scorpio October 2017 Horoscope


by: astrologer Susan Miller


You’ve waited a long time for a break from the heavy load you’ve been carrying in life, and finally, from this month on, you’ll see a near-permanent change for the better in all parts of your life. It has been twelve years since you’ve seen Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, in your own sign of Scorpio, but starting from October 10, that is exactly what is due to happen. As the great benefit planet, Jupiter will remain at your side more than a year, almost thirteen months, until November 8, 2018.

This means you will now become the celestial favorite and will have your turn from October 10 onward to November 8, 2018 to get the most luck showered on you of any sign. The seeds you plant this coming twelve months will forge the way to a new cycle of prosperity. Make appointments with as many influential people as will see you and present your ideas, for by the time Jupiter leaves next year in early November, you will see financial reward for your efforts. While not all of your projects will bear fruit, more than the usual number will, so it will be vital that you know what you want to achieve by then, and to turn over every stone until you get to where you want to be.

In love, Jupiter in your sign is the number one place for Jupiter to be to help you find true love. Many new people will enter your sphere, including VIPs who will want to help you. Others who you meet socially will become important friends and expose you to new interests and more new contacts, and encourage you to develop your talents. Your new friends will be successful people and will enthuse you to try new ventures. Among all the people you will meet in the coming months, one face is likely to stand out – take this romantic interest seriously, even if at first your first instinct is not to do so. Life will hold many surprises. Along with a heightened chance to find your one true love (or to celebrate the love you have now), your health is due to improve, too, along with job opportunities and financial benefits. It’s rare to have a year like the one you are entering – because Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the Sun, you only get one of these years every twelve years, or eight such years in a lifetime if you live to 96.

Your life is about to change for the better on just about every level, and this includes you if you were born with Scorpio rising (something you would only know if you know your time of birth and had your chart done.

Watch whom you meet and the news you hear on October 26, when Jupiter will align perfectly with the Sun, both in Scorpio. This is a day that will be laden with golden good fortune for you. If your birthday falls on or within two days of this date, you will get a double dip of pleasure, not only near this day, but also throughout your birthday year. If this is your birthday, wow – what a great year you will have in store!

Earlier in the month, October will begin on a social note. Mars is still enlivening your social sector, a continuance from last month. On October 5, coincidentally the full moon, Mars and Venus will conjoin in a rare and highly romantic way, in your eleventh house of events, fun, and friendship. You may be attending an industry event, birthday party, sporting event, or other activity, and there may be many people you know present. If you are unattached and have noticed one person that you had hoped to get to know, it looks like you will get your chance. The full moon will enlarge emotions to a magical level.

Take good care of your health near the full moon, October 5, for you seem to be working on a project that needs to be finished up by Friday, October 6 or at the latest, Monday, October 9 (or, your project may reach a new plateau at that time). If you are seeking accord in a negotiation, you may find you are standing toe-to-toe with a domineering client who won’t be easy to persuade, even if you concede one or two points to this client – this client wants all his way, and uses a scorched earth method of negotiation. Mars rules the full moon in Aries, indicating that this time, charm and a gentle approach will work best and help you win the day.

The new moon, October 19, moon may also bring co-worker workplace shenanigans. At this new moon, Uranus will directly oppose the Sun, and that could give you problems in the form of a person behind the scenes who be bent on stirring up trouble. This person may be trying to take credit for your work or jockey ahead of you for a promotion. News of this person’s plot may leak out in the days that follow the new moon. Keep in mind this person has chosen the wrong person (you) and the wrong time (now) to act so unfairly, because from now on, you have Jupiter protecting you in every way. As a Scorpio, you are street smart, and not one to allow anyone to pull the wool over your eyes. You will see through this person’s antics, and that will allow you to combat this possible problem.

If you are not feeling political tensions in the office, you may need to address a physical or psychological disorder that may have been troubling you in the background for a while. That pesky problem will now suddenly become a priority for you to face squarely with advice from a medical professional. A new moon, such as the one October 19, sets up a six-to-twelve-month trend, so if you have patience, you can prevail, but you will need to do so in a strategic, step-by-step way. Your secret ingredient to success is to show passion, determination, and ingenuity.

Full October Horoscope:

The orchestra is tuning up and the curtain is going up on your life, dear Scorpio, and you are about to enter a very exciting time that will last a year or more. You have come through many challenges lately with dignity and grace, and now is the time for your reward. Specifically, do you remember how hard it was for you while taskmaster Saturn was touring your Scorpio from October 5, 2012 to December 14, 2014? Those were tough years, when you were being challenged from many sides. Now the opposite will take place – you have proven your mettle and can now enter into an entirely new phase.

This month, on October 10, you will be crowned the celestial favorite. You will find it easier than ever to have access to influential people who can help you. In the coming year, you will be optimistic and more energetic, ready to tackle a big goal that previously seemed too hard to reach. You will have a chance to travel, too, most likely to a foreign country that you’ve never visited, for Jupiter will want to open your mind to exciting new cultures to enjoy new tastes, colors, and sounds and to make a friend to two based afar.

If you say that going abroad or to a nearby country (one that requires a passport for entry) is not likely to happen, think again. I can hear you say, “I have no time, I have no money for this, my children need me,” I know, we all feel the same way, but with your aspects, miracles happen. When I had your aspects, my director of the magazine I wrote for in Turkey sent me an email that said, “Susan, we need you here. We are sending you a business class ticket, so will you come and speak to various reporters and editors for us? I will give you a car and a producer so you can see my fine city of Istanbul after you meet with reporters for six days. We will have you in the Four Seasons for a week, can you come?”

Oh my goodness, how could I say no? I did go and it was thrilling to experience Istanbul, and to see structures I studied in college in art history, such as the Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Basilica where pretty orange fish swim in tiny canals, and they have music concerts in the cistern, where the music reverberates in the most delightful way underground. I also loved the Grand Bazaar where I went to bring home little gifts. I will never forget this experience and am so grateful I was given a way to go. The magazine I used to write for, Tempo, closed recently after working there for six years. Now I have released a new app, identical in content to my app in the United States (search Susan Miller), this time in all-Turkish language, and that is sold in the Turkish Apple App Store and Google Play. Turkey continues to have a big place in my heart.

Another earlier time when I had Jupiter in the right place at the right time (like you do for your zodiac sign) something else exciting happened involving travel. Little Mom, my mother who I loved so much, was always entering contests. We would always make fun of her because she was always going to the mailbox to send in her applications. She would win little prizes too, and it was always exciting to hear what was happening with Little Mom and her contests. One day we all went to Radio City Music Hall here in New York to see a movie. She was saying, “They are giving away one prize tonight, and it is a trip to London. I have to find the bin to put in my entry.” We all groaned and protested – the movie was going to start soon. However, she persisted and as we entered, sure enough, we found the big wire drum for contest entries in a prominent place in the lobby.

You know what happened. I couldn’t believe my ears when the man read her name into the microphone on stage before the movie started. The big spotlight searched the audience and centered on Little Mom when she stood up laughing. She won a trip for four, so my mother took my two children and me – they were 8 and 11 years old – and off we went on the most fun trip to London ever. I had been to London two times as a college student, but this experience was unique and so much fun. Little Mom loved the sights and sounds of London, and so did my young daughters. We stayed five days, and it was filled with giggles and surprises. I remember the contest put us in the Intercontinental Hotel in London, so we all felt in the lap of luxury.

Never say never, dear Scorpio. In the coming thirteen months, one way or another, you can or will find a way to see the world.

Tender romance can easily be part of this trend too. If you are single, Jupiter in Scorpio will help you find true love. Indeed, of all the transiting aspects possible in a chart, having Jupiter, the good fortune planet, in your own sign, dear Scorpio, touring first house of personality (as you have), is the most favorable aspect to foster a chance meeting with a person who could be the love of your life.

If you are attached, your love will grow closer and deeper now, and if you hope for a child, this would be the time to get serious about that desire and try for a baby. If you or your partner has had problems with conception, then see a fertility specialist immediately to see what can be done medically to help you – don’t delay, as you have sterling aspects now.

Here is some GREAT news! Watch October 26, the luckiest day of the year, when Jupiter will align perfectly with the Sun, an annual event that creates magic for everyone. However, it will create the MOST happiness for you, for these two heavenly bodies are meeting in Scorpio this year. It’s not been since November 2006 that you had this advantage, for it takes Jupiter twelve years to revolve around the Sun. Like two men, long friends over the years, who enjoy each other and always plan to meet up annually, they look through their restaurant guide and choose a magnificent place to meet. This year, the Sun and Jupiter will have their magnificent dinner meeting in the constellation of Scorpio.

Your happiness on and within two days leading to October 26 may come from various sources. Because the Sun is involved, you may hear amazing news about your career. October 26, or the day before, October 25, would be a superb day to have a job interview, to contact a person of great influence for a reference or favor, or to ask for a promotion. You can also ask for a raise; better company benefits, like health insurance, more vacation days, working from home once a week; or other perks – either financial area of your chart, or both, will shine for you. If you can’t get a salary raise now, try again once you get to 2018. Saturn will leave your second house of income for the first time in three years in December of this year. At that time, the cap will come off your salary and the sky is the limit.

Now let’s look at the other aspects of the month, which will be tricky. You are not the main subject of these new and full moons, but you may feel them anyway as all the rest of us will of any sign (only each of us will feel these dates in different ways).

The full moon of October 5 will be in Aries and light your sixth house of work projects. Full moons bring things to a crest and also rally a lot of energy around the project from the team. However, your ruler, Pluto, will be in hard angle to that full moon and Sun. In business, you could have contractual problems with a client or other person, such as a landlord, who you might be negotiating with to crystalize the deal. Don’t sign papers at the full moon if you can help it. Sometimes we must, and so we have to go with the flow, but if you have a choice, choose October 16 when the Sun and Saturn will be friendly and your venture will be long lasting, not volatile, as it would become if you signed near October 5.

The same house that rules work projects rules health, so something may be going on with yours that should be addressed. If you feel anything seems out of place, then by all means, check in with your doctor. You have Jupiter in your sign now, and Jupiter is called the great healer. Stay optimistic. When you get an illness on a full moon, it tends to go away fast – an illness that comes up on a new moon has to be attended to quickly because it can take longer to fix.

Speaking of new moons, this one, October 19, in Libra 27 degrees, will fall in your twelfth house and will set up a new trend. It is a good time to be alone, to work quietly on a project, without distraction of co-workers who might burn your time. This is a tough new moon, because Uranus will oppose the Sun and new moon in Libra to exact degree. This is a shocking, jarring aspect, and causes very volatile events to occur, so you will have to keep your antenna up, for news will strike suddenly. Don’t travel at this time – you seem to be needed back home.

The new moon of October 19 could again be about your health, and would be a fine time to address reliance on opioids or to go into rehab or professional therapy. Or, this new moon may require you help a relative or friend who is going through a procedure and would explain why I see you near medical personnel.

f you are working on a secret project at work that must remain under wraps, you may have a problem with it that comes up out of the blue, and that will have to be solved quickly. You won’t have any clues ahead of time that this is coming. I suppose the universe gives us these hard aspects teach us to be nimble, adaptable, and resourceful when sudden things happen.

Romantically, you will have quite a social time during the first three weeks of October. Mars, your other ruling planet, will be quite a busy bee. (You have two rulers – Pluto and Mars – while most signs have only one ruler). Mars will light your eleventh house of friendship, fun, new people, and events until October 22. Mars started to enliven your social life on September 5, so you may have been invited to events that drew many people – possibly crowds of people to the event! I know the new moon of October 19 will foster a feeling of withdrawal from others so that you can concentrate, but your social trend will happen mainly before that new moon occurs.

Not only is Mars lighting your eleventh house of friendship, fun, hopes, and wishes, but Venus is there too, and that’s extraordinary. Due to their different orbits, it’s hard to see them together, but Venus and Mars LOVE to be united, and they will be on October 5 (which coincidentally will be the full moon, too). If you get invited to a party, mixer, sporting event, or industry function, enthusiastically agree to go, for you will find yourself to be quite popular and may make a new friend or two. Your magnetism will be high, and it will be a great time to buy some new things to make you feel great when you step out this glorious month.
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