Scorpio September 2017 Horoscope


by: astrologer Susan Miller


Summer may be over, and with it, happy times with friends out of doors, but you may be saying, “Not so fast.” You can continue the carefree fun, for the universe will help you do it. September can be a beautiful month, with good weather, good friends, fun, and great food. Soon planets will be on the move, setting up shop in your eleventh house and enlarging the number of new people you will meet, and the friends and acquaintances you will make. The planets will also help you get closer to finally grasping a wish dear to your heart. You ALSO have a career that is blazing with light, so you are very lucky indeed. Let’s look closer.

As you begin September, your popularity with higher ups will be very high. It won’t take long to hear good news about how well regarded you are in your industry – September 1 and September 2 bring Mars in sync with surprising Uranus, so you may get great publicity or get praise from a VIP about your recent work. After that, on September 15, Venus will receive shimmering vibrations from Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, and you may see an increase in salary or your fees.

The eclipse of last month, August 21, could have brought you news of a promotion, a job offer, praise, or a plum assignment that will prove your worth. As you begin September, you will be dealing with changes in your job. If you did not hear any news in August, you still might, as Mars will move over the precise degrees of last month’s solar eclipse on September 3 and 4.

Also, eclipses occasionally deliver news one month later, in this case, September 21 plus or minus four days, so keep your antenna up. Venus will be glowing in your tenth house of profession from the start of September to September 19, a good time to schedule interviews and presentations and to petition help from higher ups. With Venus shining on you, you will make a superb impression.
You will be on a roll, for by September 17, again Uranus will boost your reputation and bring you generous reward, too. That day will occur over a weekend, but you may also feel the vibrations on Monday, September 18.

If you work in a creative job, your creativity will reach new heights in the days surrounding September 6. All things considered, the start of September, after Mercury, planet of communication and agreements, goes direct September 5, will allow you to progress at a rapid rate.
By September 19, you will have the new moon, Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury, all in Virgo, working to light this important area of your solar chart. Invitations will flow in, and you’ll find you are heading into your most social time of the year. Scorpio likes being alone a lot, but now you will see that friends and new contacts will be fun to mix with, and they will also help you boost your career reputation. If you have considered joining a club, whether the group is social or professional, send your application now.

Consider joining a club that requires an application and a sponsor, or attending a seminar or trade show. In the months to come, you would benefit greatly from your involvement with others who have similar interests. This month, you may be concerned about the cost of socializing and traveling to attend industry events due to Saturn’s position in hard angle to the new moon, but it appears that being out and about will be worth any cost you incur. Be open to new people, for among those you meet may be someone you’d like to know better and who may become a good friend.
The September 19 new moon is in Virgo and is the sign of service, so you may be moved to relieve suffering in a group that society has marginalized. You may feel passionate about helping that group, possibly by heading a committee or becoming spokesperson for the charity. Or, you may help in a small way, by participating in an activity of the club, such as a 5K run for the cure. Or you may join the neighborhood committee to improve conditions or join an effort to help a political candidate get elected. Getting involved will be fun for you socially, and you will be learning new skills that you can later transfer to your day job.

When it comes to romance, your finest, most thrilling days will happen in the first week, especially at the full moon, September5/6 – allow a plus or minus four days of influence to that day. Married or single, this new moon has your name written all over it for breathtaking romance. In fact, this will be one of the MOST romantic dates of the year for you, dear Scorpio.

If single, you may meet someone new, and if so, it will be someone who may stay in your life a long time – possibly forever. A friend seems to play a role in arranging this meeting, so if your friend wants to play matchmaker, agree to that idea. If you are attached, with all your career success happening, it will be an ideal time to spend with your partner, and to have your children with you. Neptune will conjoin the full moon, bringing a soft, veiled quality that will bathe your experience in a dream-like glow, almost like an episode fit for the silver screen. Pluto, your ruler, will be aligned perfectly with the full moon as well, suggesting you may be taking a short trip at this time.

If you are dating, the relationship may now proceed to the next level of closeness. If you are married, you may spend more quality time together – possibly on a trip – and rediscover the qualities that led you to you fall in love with your partner in the first place. Matters having to do with conception, pregnancy, birth, or having fun with children, whether the children be yours or those of others, will bring you joy in your off hours.

Pluto, your ruling planet, has been retrograde since April 20 and will go full speed ahead on September 28. Watch the days that surround this date for good news of something important to you that will finally move forward in a big way.

Are you excited yet, dear Scorpio? I am excited for you! It’s a delicious month, filled with all kinds of successes, and I am sure you can’t wait to see what the universe has in store for you!

Detailed Version:

Last month’s total eclipse of the Sun was a dream come true for you to see magnificent career progress. You may still be shaking the confetti out of your hair because it would have been impossible not to want to celebrate the fantastic opportunities that are now coming your way.

All this is due to the appearance of the solar eclipse last month, August 21, at 29 degrees Leo. The eclipse lit your solar tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement in a way not seen in the same degree and sign since August 1998. Eclipses are the most dramatic tool the universe uses to affect change and progress. That was a new moon, opening a big heavy door that was previously bolted shut and that now, when opened, will put you onto a new and exciting path. Eclipses have a long tail, and if you didn’t notice any news arising about your career yet, you are likely to hear something this month. The news of an eclipse can keep coming for six months.

The reason I say you may hear something in September is twofold. First, on September 3 and September 4, Mars, your ruler, will move over the precise mathematical degree and sign of the total eclipse, 29 degrees of Leo. These days will be vitally important for you to watch, even if you already heard news about how well you are doing professionally last month. Indeed, every Scorpio, including you, have the ability to see your career rocket skyward, assuming you’ve worked hard and smart for years to get where you are, and to where you are about to go. If indeed, you did hear news, then on September 3 or 4 you will likely get more details.

The second reason I feel you MIGHT hear news, is that most eclipses (70 percent) deliver their news when they appear. Some do so a month to the day BEFORE the eclipse occurred, and that would have been on July 21 (10 percent). Still other eclipses as a rule deliver news one month to the day AFTER the eclipse occurred (20 percent), which would bring you to this month, September 21, plus or minus five days. We are lucky we have email – you can check what you were doing near July 21, August 21, and what will happen this month. An eclipse delivers its news during one of those three periods.

Astrologers use bell curves, and we look at time in terms of cycles, not in a linear fashion, which might help you understand why this happens. Also, I cannot see your individual chart and the degrees of your Scorpio planets, the reason I sound conditional here, which as you know is rare for me to do. I feel EVERY Scorpio will have something to cheer about, for that new moon eclipse last month was fantastic for you, dear Scorpio, and as you will see later in this report, the very best is yet to come. You haven’t seen the depth of good fortune due you yet, but it will start as soon as next month.

If you DID hear exciting professional last month, September 21 will bring other positive news, this time related to this month’s new moon. I still implore you, no matter what your circumstances, dear Scorpio, you need to pay attention to events in your life and on the world stage, on September 3-4. I also maintain that the August 21 eclipse will be fantastic for you. If you lost your job, later you will say they did you a favor. Let them keep that old job – you are on a fast track to success in a much bigger arena.

Now let’s turn to what is going on for you in September. Mars, your ruler and planet of high-octane energy, is now in Leo and will continue to light your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement until September 4.

Remarkably, on September 1 and 2, Mars will receive positive, sparkling beams from Uranus, suggesting that quite out of the blue a new work assignment will show up, and it will be one that will thrill you. You may be able to get in touch with an important person you never thought you would be granted an appointment to see. Or, work you did in the past on an assignment might net you an award or special praise from a person who matters to you. If you are self-employed, a prestigious new client may now walk through the door.

Venus will remain in your tenth house of fame and honors, a place that Venus first entered last month, to stay until September 19. This means that VIPs and subordinates alike will adore working with you. Your popularity and reputation at work, with customers or clients, and possibly with the world at large, will be sensational. There are several days I would like to point out for you to use for your most important career initiatives.

The first is Tuesday, September 12, when Venus and Saturn will be in sync. This would be an effective day to negotiate a financial deal. Saturn will see to it that you not only do well, but that the agreement would build long-term financial security for you and be in place for a long time.

The second date will be Friday, September 15, one of my very favorite days for you, for Venus, still in Leo and your house of fame and honors, will receive shimmering beams from Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, showering you with career luck. What a powerful, lucky day for you! Use this day for any important matter that you feel requires you gain a competitive edge. This day rates four stars.

Two days later, on Sunday, September 17, Uranus will make a decisive beam to Venus, and even though this is a weekend, you are likely to hear news out of the blue about your career and how well you are doing. (The aura of this day will be strong, so you may feel it on Monday, September 18 instead.) Uranus strikes like lightning, always unpredictably. You won’t see this day coming, nor could imagine what you will hear, but I can say you will like the news very much! It seems a new assignment or new client will come in, and the project you will do will have the power to set you head and shoulders above the competition.

Let’s backtrack a bit to the full moon in Pisces 14 degrees, September 5 / September 6 (depending on your time zone) in your fifth house of true love. This house also rules matters of pregnancy, birth, care for children, fun, leisure, and your own creativity. This full moon comes just after the American holiday of Labor Day, when many families go on the road to celebrate the last days of summer. If you live in the US, you may be able to duck out for a fun time with your one-and-only and your children. This is a carefree new moon. No matter where you live, if you are single, you have superb aspects and may meet someone new. It should be a highly romantic full moon period for you, too. (Allow a plus or minus of three days from September 5/6.)

This same full moon may bring joyous news of a pregnancy or birth of a baby (yours, or a baby of a member of your family, such as your sister or other close kin), making you feel very happy. This house also rules creativity, so you may be wrapping up an artistic or writing project, or you may be excited to learn that you finally got approval and funding for a creative idea that is dear to your heart.

I say this will be a romantic full moon because Neptune will conjunct the full moon, adding a dreamlike experience that will also have the power to provide a touch of glamour. If you go to a party September 5/6 plus or minus 4 days, this will be one of the most beautiful you’ve seen in a long time. Candlelight and flowers, delicious food and wine, with friendly guests, against a backdrop of magic and mystery would make this party special. With Pluto friendly, you may be traveling a short distance to get there. The people are likely to be self-made types, and with the Sun in Virgo, they might work in the media. One or two people you meet could become a good friend in the future, and could be quite supportive of you.

If you don’t get invited to a party over September 5/6, then plan a dinner out with your sweetheart or partner, to a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Make it an establishment that pampers guests with a soft, warm environment. Saturn will be in a challenging position, however, so the cost of socializing for any activity at this full moon may give you pause, but I say, do it anyway. An evening this enchanting doesn’t come that often. Treat yourself – you have had so much emphasis on your career that you need time for your private life, too.

If your birthday falls on November 6, plus or minus five days, you will feel this full moon the most. The same is true if you have Scorpio rising or the moon in Scorpio, 14 degrees. You will also do well with this full moon if you have a natal planet at 14 degrees Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, and in all cases, 14 degrees should be given a tolerance of plus or minus five degrees.

I will digress for a moment and address your financial outlook. For nearly three years, you have been dealing with Saturn, the taskmaster planet, in your solar second house of earned income. Although you by anyone’s standards, you have been paid well, but if you look at the hours you worked and the achievements you made, you would have to conclude you were underpaid.

Saturn was teaching you to value money and urged you to save. Even though you were likely to put away quite a bit of money, you still likely felt that you needed to make more money because you were unhappy with the money you were left with at the end of the day. Now all that will change for the better when Saturn leaves your second house of earned income in four months, on December 20. From then on, you will be released from Saturn’s limiting conditions, and you will find it so much easier to make the kind of money you deserve.

Also, on September 5, Mercury will go direct, having been retrograde since August 12. You felt the slowdown earlier, the minute August began, so the Mercury retrograde period that put you in a kind of limbo may have seemed endless. Mercury has been retrograding partly in your friendship house – that was fun, because you likely ran into old friends. However, as Mercury continued to retrograde, it occupied your career and honors house part of the time, which was no fun at all, because your career life became a bit chaotic, with indecisive managers and clients, and it was hard to make progress. Whenever Mercury is retrograde in the business world, people make bad decisions because Mercury is basically an intellectual planet that deals in facts and figures. When retrograde, Mercury’s powers are reduced. People become distracted, confused, and forgetful, and often go off track in saying what they need.

Now Mercury will speed direct on September 5 and each day will grow stronger for your career successes. Don’t sign a contract too close to September 5 – allow a space of days. I prefer you sign on September 9 when the Sun and Pluto will be beautifully angled. Pluto in Capricorn, based in your third house, suggests you would make good money from the contractual deal. Pluto is one of Scorpio’s two ruling planets, with Mars being the other.

The feeling of the month will change dramatically once you get to the new moon Virgo, 27 degrees on September 19. Life will become much more fun, and you will be dealing with many new and friendly faces around you. That new moon will appear in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes, friends, acquaintances, and groups of people.

By groups, I am referring to anytime many gather together for a single purpose, and that purpose can be varied. It can be to attend a club to learn about a topic of interest to all, to attend a trade show, or to gather together a tenant’s committee or neighborhood watch group. A group can gather to attend a spectator sports event with many in the stadium – that too comes under the eleventh house.

This house also rules the community of people you draw together, such as if you were a writer – your fans; a politician – your constituency; or if you are on TV – your viewers. This house also rules your work on charitable and humanitarian causes. Any of these areas, including your friendships and circle of acquaintances, will be your sweet spot this month. You will see this to be true in the two weeks AFTER the new moon of September 19 and in the two weeks that follow.

The seeds you plant after any new moon arrives (within ten days AFTER it appears) will have the power to change your life for the better for a full year, until the next new moon in Virgo has time to return to refresh this moon’s energy. (The next time you will have a new moon in this same eleventh house next year it will be September 9, 2018.)

The Sun rules your career (for Scorpio), and with the Sun now touring your solar eleventh house of friendships and casual contacts, your career progress will become easier to advance, and you will become less pressured from higher ups to succeed – the process will become more natural and organic. It won’t be what you KNOW that will be most important, but WHOM you know – your database of contacts will be worth their weight in gold.

If you have a birthday that falls on November 18 plus or minus four days, you will benefit the most from this highly social new moon. The same is true if you have Scorpio rising 27 degrees, or the natal moon in Scorpio at the same degree. Or, you will also benefit if you have a natal planet in Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn at 27 degrees, and in all cases, plus or minus five degrees.

You must think I am positively giddy discussing your chart, and I am! There is one MORE aspect I am excited to tell you about – Pluto will turn direct on September 28. Pluto is your ruling planet, and when your ruler is languishing in retrograde motion, you find it hard to make any kind of appreciable progress. Pluto has been retrograde since April 20, but will now speed ahead. Wow!

I have saved the best news for last. Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune, will enter Scorpio on October 10 next month. Jupiter will stay in Scorpio a whopping thirteen months, until November 8, 2018.

Next month, and through most of 2018, you will be the cosmic favorite, and you will wear the crown. You’ve not had this privilege since October 2005 to November 2006, more than twelve years ago. With Jupiter in Scorpio, you will meet many dignified people in all walks of life, from publishers to ambassadors, to leaders of various governments, to men and women of business and industry. At the same time, you may have the opportunity to travel overseas, and will enjoy improved health. If you are single, you will have the best chance ever to meet your one true love.

Life can’t always be this sweet – we only get 8 of these years in a lifetime if we live to 96 – so while you have your emerald year coming, you need to make the most of it! Next month I will show you how.
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