Scorpio Horoscope for the Week September 11 to 17


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

The fewer expectations you have this week, the better. We’re in the final 9 days of Virgo Season, and there’s a high likelihood that you’ve been more critical of yourself than usual during Virgo Season. But this week, you need to put all the self-assessment and overanalyzing on mute, and tune into what your body is telling you. If you’re tired, sleep. If you’re antsy, work out. If you’re stressed, take deep breaths. If you’re chill, spread chill vibes. Keep it simple. Keep it minimal. Keep it flowing. We are all still recovering from the emotional Full Moon in Pisces that took place last week, and the eclipse month that took place in August. This week is about distancing yourself from external pressures so that you can make room for ease to enter your life.

Mid-week, the Moon in Gemini can also make you feel inspired by many ideas at once, which can make it both exciting and overwhelming. You have many projects that you’d like to get off the ground, but you may not necessarily know where to begin. It’s okay. Take your time to explore what speaks to you and what doesn’t. Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, is spending its last month in Libra, highlighting your spirituality and healing sector. Then next month, on October 10, it will enter our sign and remain there for 13 months. That’s why this month is all about discovering your passions and not rushing into anything new, because next month will give you more clarity. This week, brainstorm all the ways you can do what you love every day, and let yourself be drawn towards them, without forcing yourself to commit to one in particular.

Romantically, the Saturn-Venus connection that happens this week allows you to look at your love life without any rose-colored glasses. You can definitely like what you see, and you can also notice that there are certain patterns or cycles that you’re ready to shift or break entirely. How much have you been standing in your own way, Scorpio? You ca always choose to stop replaying past hurts over in your mind, or thinking of the worst case scenario. This takes patience and healing though, and just because you’re making a decision to heal doesn’t mean that you won’t feel sad sometimes. It just means that you can allow yourself to still feel love, even if everything isn’t perfect. This week will help you let go of fixed ideas of how things “should” be, in your love life, creative life, professional and personal life. Instead focus on all the possibilities that exist, including some that you can’t even imagine yet.

Focus on your health as much as you can this week. Rest up, hydrate, stay moving, and don’t put too much on your plate. Practice deep breathing and be more conscious of the little things you do. Be present when you’re walking, without always looking down at your phone. Be present when you’re eating, breathing, and cleaning. Virgo Season is a period of renewal and purging for you, Scorpio, so it’s normal for you to feel tired and even a bit unmotivated sometimes. It just means that you’re getting ready to break out of your shell, renewed and newly inspired. This week is really about rest, and infusing yourself with so much compassion. Stop beating yourself up for matters outside of your control. You are doing just fine, and everything is aligning the way it’s meant to. Trust yourself, and the process.
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