Scorpio Horoscope Forecast July 31 to August 6


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

The Universe wants you to tune into what your heart wants, Scorpio. The week begins with Venus, the Planet of Love, entering the sensitive Water Sign of Cancer for several weeks. This new transit also takes place while the Moon is in your sign, Scorpio, so you’re especially in tune with what your heart desires. The next step now, is to take action on those desires. You are going to feel like life is too good to be true at times this week. But guess what, Scorpio? This is true. And it’s your life. When good things start to happen and everything falls into place, it’s your mission to embrace the blessings rather than subconsciously push them away or look for reasons to sabotage them. As we approach Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio, you will start to meet people and be placed in situations that are going to catapult you in a completely different level personally, professionally, socially and romantically.

Tuesday – Thursday, the Moon enters Sagittarius, lightening up the intensity that you may have felt as the week begins. Sag is an action-oriented Fire Sign, so in the middle of the week you may feel the pressure to get it all done at once. It’s important for you to take a deep breath as the month of August begins though, Scorpio. There will be a Solar Eclipse New Moon in 3 weeks, and we can already feel the pre-shadow effects of it. Eclipses are life-changing times in our lives, when things change suddenly and unexpectedly. There’s no reason to panic or fear, because life truly is a series of unforeseen events. You never really know what’s going to happen next, even though you may have an inkling of what will. Eclipse season just precipitates events and makes them more visible to everyone. So as August begins, reflect on aspects of your life you’re willingly open to changing.

Perhaps you’re tired of living in the past, holding on to trauma, or even just feeling disorganized or all over the place. Use Friday – Sunday to start new habits that feel more constructive to you, such as donating old items that you’ve held on to, or deleting people from your phone that you never talk to. We are approaching next week’s Full Moon in Aquarius, so you’re feeling the urge to truly do your own thing without having to explain yourself to anyone. Venus in Cancer will make you a bit moodier this week though, and Uranus’ recent astrological transits have led to you also feeling like life is a bit of a whirlwind. Leo Season adds to this fire by throwing you into the limelight this week, even if you feel shy or reserved. Everyone will be talking about you and what you’re up to. The more you try to hide, the more they’ll seek to see you.

Therefore, this first week of August is one of the best weeks of the month for launching a venture or initiative, because Mercury will go retrograde on August 12 for three weeks, and it will cause a universal slow-down when it comes to technology, travel, and communication. So even if the project you’ve been working on isn’t fully ready, don’t just twiddle your fingers. Put in the work so that you can share your magic with the world before Mercury Retrograde begins. Or else, the energy won’t be as potent until late-September, once Mercury Retrograde’s post-shadow period has waned. No pressure though, Scorpio. Only you know what timing is best for you, and Mercury Retrograde will allow you to review what motivates you most, so if you really don’t feel ready to put yourself out there, trust that feeling too. Just know, that sometimes fear can be your greatest motivation. It can show you what you’re truly made of. And that’s what this week is about for you. Realizing that you are greater than your fear. You are a radiant being of light who inspires those around you, and you are here to keep shining brilliantly, with passion and power. Soar, Scorpio!
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