Scorpio Horoscope Forecast August 21 to 27


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

With so much hype around the Solar Eclipse New Moon that took place this Monday, it’s easy to think that everything goes back to normal afterwards. But quite the opposite, Scorpio. This week is a life-changing week, and the eclipse that takes place on the 21st at 2:30pm EST is just the beginning of a huge cycle of transformation going on in your life. This week, the Sun is preparing to enter Virgo, and Virgo Season will last for the next four weeks. This means that we are only two months away from Scorpio Season — it’s crunch time. This eclipse energy will make it abundantly clear where you have to step up to the plate in your professional and social life. All of the ideas have been ruminating in your mind, but now it’s time for them to come to life. You will be given opportunities for expansion this week, and they may come through the form of an email, invitation, or out-of-ordinary request. Resist the urge to crawl back into your comfort zone when this opportunity comes up. The time is now.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon’s energy will last for the next two weeks, and the intentions you set and actions you take between now and then will make all the difference. This is the week where you should talk to financial advisors about your 5-year plan, create a business plan for your passion project, look into amazing job opportunities overseas or in a new state, and expand your awareness of what is possible for you to achieve. As Jupiter gets ready to enter our sign in less than 2 months, you won’t have the ability to play it small or play it safe. This eclipse gives you a taste of what’s to come. At work, people will praise you. Accept the praise with lots of positivity and joy — you deserve it! You will be thrown into the limelight this week, Scorpio. Embrace it! This is the second of two New Moons in Leo that took place this month, and it’s crystallizing your deepest desires in a way that at first may make you feel like life is too good to be true. But it’s time for you to recondition your mind and realize that some things are simply that good, and true.

The one potential delay to all this amazing manifestation power is the fact that Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, is stationing direct this Friday, August 25, after a long retrograde. This is very good news, because Saturn was affecting your income sector, leading to inconsistencies in that department. But when a planet gets ready to end its retrograde, it can also lead to a resurgence of past emotions coming to the surface. Anything you haven’t yet dealt with during Saturn Retrograde will make its appearance this week. That may mean past lovers, past debt, past obligations, promises, duties, etc… Remember that important email or letter you’ve been meaning to take care of these past few days, weeks, or even months? It may come back to haunt you if you don’t simply focus your energies and get it done. Ideally, the days before the New Moon are best for nipping things in the bud, but the days before the end of Saturn Retrograde can be just as good — better late than never. As we get closer to Friday, you may find yourself putting pressure on yourself to get your ducks lined in a row. Do what you can, but also know that even taking the first step towards being more physically and spiritually organized is enough. Once Saturn goes direct on Friday, you’ll feel the pressure lessen, so take it easy.

Saturday and this weekend is a prime time for love, as Venus, the Planet of Relationships, enters Leo until September 19. While Venus was in Cancer, you may have felt more sentimental, moody, nostalgic and even a bit clingy. But now that Venus is about to enter Leo this weekend, you’ll feel like the life of the party. Once again, it’s time to put claim your status as the center of attention, because people will be very drawn to you this week, Scorpio. Your intuitive vibes will be tingling, and you’ll be able to sense how people feel about you, even if they try their best to hide it. Venus in Leo can lead to you being more stubborn, inflexible, and egocentric though, so make sure you’re not being overly dictatorial about what you want, or who you want. During Venus in Leo, you’ll have to work on releasing the urge to always be in control and always have the power in your relationships. You will, however, be drawn towards power couple dynamics. You like the idea of building a dynasty with the one you love or the one you want to love, so make that clear to contenders or current lovers. If you combine your energies with someone you care for, you two may end up creating a lovechild — either literally or figuratively. Venus  in Leo is the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe or look, but ideally spend this week thinking about what your new look will be, and then wait til after Mercury Retrograde ends on the 5th to actually start shopping.

All in all, this eclipse week isn’t here to scare you. It’s here to embolden you. There are times when the Universe pushes us to take greater leaps of faith, and to trust the unknown, even if we’re unsure where it’s leading. That may mean leaving behind relationships that you know you’ve outgrown, or perhaps delving into the complexities of such relationships and really doing the work necessary to heal. There is an element of this eclipse that may make you feel like it’s all or nothing, and like you have to take drastic action in your life right now. It’s actually okay to just absorb the vibes without immediately taking action (just try to do so within 10 days of the eclipse for maximum power). Sometimes, the eclipse reveals things to you in the days after it, so Tuesday – Sunday, pay close attention to the signs that the Universe sends you. Pay attention to the messages you receive and interactions you take part in. You may have to engage in shadow work this week, which means confronting the darker aspects of yourself in order to transcend them and help enlighten the world. That’s literally what the Solar Eclipse was — the Sun was temporarily blocked out by the Moon, and in a way the cosmos pressed “reboot” on our consciousness. So be kind to yourself and others, and be patient as your internal rewiring takes place. Not everything will immediately make sense to you, but it’s important for you to trust the way you feel about things… Your intuition and gut-instinct is stronger than ever this week, and if you trust yourself, you’ll see the light, be the light, and spread the light.
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