Scorpio August 2017 Horoscope


by: astrologer Susan Miller

You are now on the threshold of the most important month of 2017 and possibly the most important month in a decade for your career and living situation. Eclipse season is back, and like most events of nature, when something big is about to happen, it is at first quiet. Most months have a small velvet bag of aspects that when opened spill all over the month, but not August. As you enter the month, the little planets are stepping aside along the edges, to make way for the entourage. They are in anticipation of what is to come. In a sense, there are no supporting actors this month – all aspects that I would normally discuss with you, ones that take secondary positions, are missing. It is the way of the universe to clear the way and put the big spotlight on the two eclipses.

The first eclipse will be a full moon lunar eclipse on August 7, in Aquarius, 15 degrees, that will light your home and family sector. Something is coming to fullness regarding your home, most likely within four days of this eclipse. You may be moving, buying a house, leasing an apartment or vacation home, renovating with the help of a contractor, finishing repairs or a decorating project, or seeing a roommate leave, and perhaps finding a new one (or not), as some examples.

All eclipses push, prod, and pull you out of your complacency to get you moving and ready to embrace change. This eclipse appears to bring to a culmination a home-related project you’ve been doing or thinking about for some time. Mars is currently heating up your career sector, so if you are thinking of changing your residence, it seems to be connected to changes going on at work. You may need to relocate, or you may be ready to treat yourself to new furniture or a renovation of kitchen or bath.

The reason I am excited about your outlook for this full moon is that Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, now in Libra, will support this full moon in Aquarius one-hundred percent, in a perfect “trine,” which is astro-speak for supreme harmony. Everything Jupiter touches instantly expands – Jupiter will be busy showering your home-related plans with gold dust. If you need family support for your goals, you will garner great support. If you are not moving or changing your home in any way, then it may be that you or your sibling has a baby that brings such love and joy, and that the entire family comes together in a harmonious unit like none before.

Your news about home or family will come within 5 days of the full moon, August 7. If nothing happens for you, then next, watch one month to the day later, September 7 plus or minus five days, for the message of the eclipse. (Some eclipses – 10 percent – arrive one month to the day earlier, in which case you should have heard near July 7.)

Now let’s skip forward two weeks, for the big centerpiece of the month will come on the total eclipse of the Sun on August 21 in Scorpio, 29 degrees. This is a new moon on steroids, lighting the very top of your chart, your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. Twenty-nine degrees is a degree of completion, so indeed this is recognition of your talents.

This eclipse will be powerful and friendly – you are heading up the ranks of your company. If you are an actor, with a new moon solar eclipse, you may get the role of a lifetime. If you are self-employed, you will likely bring in a new client, and when you do, your name will be on everyone’s lips, for you will be the talk of the industry.

Most eclipses are mixed in outlook, but this one will be as sweet as sugar. The August 21 will form a golden triangle in the heavens, linking Mars, your secondary ruler, in your prestigious professional tenth house, to Uranus, the planet of surprise now in your sixth house workaday assignment sector. The third leg of the triangle will link to Saturn, currently in your second house of salary and other compensation. Saturn is the planet that allows you to build long-term security.

I know that you have been somewhat underpaid since Saturn first entered Sagittarius in December 2014. That is about to change when Saturn leaves Sagittarius this coming December 20. From then on, you won’t have to negotiate so hard for a decent salary – the money will start to roll in, and your Spartan financial period will be officially over. If you say you didn’t suffer too much with money during this past three-year period, wait until you see how much better things will be for you!

You see the planetary links of this eclipse August 21 are dramatic for you: Uranus (surprise assignments), to Saturn (money), and the third leg to the eclipse (power and promotion). I see you getting praise and being elevated in industry status. I feel you will have plenty to celebrate.

To have Mars in perfect angle to Jupiter this month is remarkable – it means your strategic actions will lead to excellent, profitable results. I am simply stunned by the lineup of beautiful aspects you have in August. You might get a call that unlocks all this for you, but the way astrology works best is if you try for career success, too. Show initiative – you will be rewarded.

If you don’t see news this month on or near August 21, look to September 21 plus or minus five days. As said before, in about 20 percent of the time, the message of an eclipse is delivered a month to the day later, within the number of dates stated. Occasionally, in about 10 percent of the time, you will feel an eclipse a month to the day earlier – that would have been near July 21. You might want to check your email to find out what you were discussing last month to see if anything special came up. Most eclipses deliver right on time, so see how things go.

All eclipses require adjustment to change, and there appears to be a very sudden and important shift in management at the very top of your company. A man is about to announce a sudden departure, and everyone will be surprised. This fluidity will allow for room for everyone to move within the structure of the company’s hierarchy. I see this to be enormously helpful to you. On the world stage, a king is about to leave his post. That comes from ancient text, so I have no idea which world leader will disappear, but it could be that he simply steps down or is voted out.

If you are old enough, think back to the one that fell on nearly the same day, the same sign, Leo, and the same degree, 29 degrees, on August 22, 1998. You may be able to pick up a theme that happened back then and that appears to be happening now in your career.

This month Mercury will go retrograde. I know what you might be thinking: Really? That too? Isn’t this month filled with enough news? Yes, but think of it this way: Mercury will slow you down so you can think clearly. Eclipses kick up a lot of dust, and it is hard to see the road ahead for a few weeks after they occur. Mercury will build in enough delays this month so that you won’t be able to move fast, even if you wanted to do so. The second part of August is a popular time for many to be away on vacation, so when VIPs are away, you may be able to catch your breath. That is not to say that you should take a vacation. You should not. You need to be at home base when your career and home / family news begins to pop.

Mercury will be retrograde in your friendship sector, so this time, you may enjoy this trend – a friend from your past may unexpectedly surface, and you will likely enjoy seeing each other. When Mercury is retrograde, it is not wise to buy expensive electronic items, appliances, a car, or for any machine with moving parts. It is also not a time to sign papers either if you can help it, because the world is moving quickly toward a new place, and your preset priorities will soon shuffle. If you sign papers using your present priorities, they will be out of date by the time you put pen to paper, and you may wish you had waited.

In terms of romance, Venus will be in a special place for you – Cancer – so I feel things should go very well for you indeed. You have so much going on in your life this month, so it might be hard to socialize, too. If you have someone in your life, it will be comforting to have the support and cheer of someone special. Although love won’t take center stage in August, romance can flourish for you if you make time for love. Venus will be in your highly compatible sign of Cancer from the very start of the month until August 25.


The most dramatic way the universe works to get your attention and foster change is to send eclipses. They always come in pairs, as a full moon, called lunar eclipses, and as new moons, called solar eclipses. Typically, we have four of eclipses in a given year, and they arrive in pairs every six months.

In August we will have two, guaranteeing that certain changes are on the way to your home or career, and possibly both. If you didn’t travel in July, which would have been an ideal time to go, you might want to wait to take your vacation in late September or October. A lot will be going on in your life this month, so you’ll want to be at home base to monitor those changes and to voice opinions.

The first will be a full moon lunar eclipse August 7, falling in your fourth house of home, bringing an important domestic or family-oriented question to fullness. You may move to a new address, in your town or across the country, close on a house, sell a house, lease a vacation home, finish up a massive fixer-upper, finalize the new decor, remodel your basement space, or conclude a series of structural repairs. Or, you may paint your apartment, or add one or two new handsome pieces of furniture. The list of possibilities is nearly endless. It appears your focus will be on a project you’ve been thinking about, and perhaps involved in, and may have started to do as far back as last February. Now this month or in September, your project will crystalize and finish.

The elements that make this August 7 eclipse so special will be the friendly beam from Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, suggesting you will have behind-the-scenes confidential help, and that you will be able to make a profit from your actions connected to your home, either now or in time. (Saturn is also in fine mathematical angle that will create a feeling of comforting security. You may be asked to sign papers, but keep in mind that Mercury will be retrograde from August 12 to September 5, so plan to finalize things next month. I suggest you sign on September 15 if you can wait. If you can’t wait, then move ahead, but there will be clauses in the contract that you didn’t anticipate would come back to bite you later. Give it to your lawyer to address.

The second eclipse, August 21, will be quite exciting, for it will be a new moon solar eclipse that will light your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. It is the part of your chart that directs your attention to your professional abilities, achievements, and status. This solar eclipse will open doors that have been previously locked, and you will have a helping hand from a VIP. So much of what you have done, over the course of years, will now be rewarded. Mars, your ruling planet, is joining the energy of this eclipse, signaling benefic Jupiter, and Mars will be conjunct the Sun and moon. This is very significant, for Mars will act like a booster rocket to your success, spotlighting your skills and expanding your fine reputation. Your outlook for your career is simply fantastic.

Saturn, in your house of earned income, will also reach out to Uranus, planet of invention and surprise, suggesting you will make money from the original creative approach you’ve consistently taken on your job assignments. This suggests innovating will be the way to go – Uranus will give you the impetus to experiment, and Saturn will reward you for doing so. Saturn and Uranus, beaming their shimmering rays from different parts of your chart, will create a golden triangle with the Sun and solar eclipse, along with Mars – this is remarkable!

The solar eclipse will fall at the very pinnacle of your horoscope, nestled in the tenth house that ancient astrologers called the house of dignity. It is the place in the chart where you are given reward for all you’ve done in your career, as far back as ten years. The Sun’s position is important in any solar eclipse, and doubly so for you, for Leo rules the highest point in your chart. Very simply the Sun’s position shows where you will shine, and this month, it’s in your career. Rarely have you had such a powerful professional outlook for making a name for yourself as you do now. The fields of entertainment, acting, theatre, teaching, design, music, art, and costume design and makeup will all be areas of substantial gain.

In love, Venus in Cancer makes you the apple of Venus’ eye from the start of the month until August 24. Although you’ll have no time for a vacation, plan a sunny weekend at the seashore – I love August 19-20. You won’t be able to be gone long, but being in a charming fishing village or at the seashore to hear the waves crash to shore will be just the trick to make you very happy and bring you home refreshed.
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