Scorpio Horoscope Forecast July 24 to 30


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

You are adjusting to the new reality that the New Moon in Leo is infusing into your life, Scorpio. This is a week that’s best used for absorbing this new imprint and taking it all in. The New Moon energy will last until August 3, 2017, so the actions you take this week are significant. It’s also the last full week of July, so look back at what you hoped to accomplish by July 31st. This is the week to launch your plans into action. This is the week to check your most important items off of your list. And do this not for the sake of being busy, but for the sake of making room in your life for celebration, for adventure, and for fun! Because while Leo Season is often a great time for Scorpios to improve their professional life, we mustn’t forget that Leo is the sign of the life-giving Sun. You are here to soak up the radiant rays the Sun wants to offer you and nourish you with. So your priority this week is to be well-nourished. Literally and metaphorically.

What does it feel like when you tend to your heart’s desires first and foremost? What does it look like to always put yourself first, to take care of your needs first, to save and invest in your goals first? As a Scorpio, you are someone who feels a large sense of duty and responsibility to take care of your family and loved ones, but sometimes that comes at your expense. You often do a lot of giving without actually letting people know what you’re doing, and then when they don’t thank you or recognize you, you may end up feeling taken for granted. This New Moon week can stop that cycle of self-sacrifice. Life doesn’t have to be a constant sacrifice. You have to understand that if you want people to respect you or treat you a certain way, you have to show them how it’s meant to be done. For example, if you don’t want your boss to constantly pile more responsibilities on your lap without paying you more, then you have to stop making yourself available for those responsibilities. You have to set a firm boundary, and do so with love.

Setting boundaries won’t be easy to do if you aren’t used to doing it, and Saturn’s now in its final retrograde month, meaning that for the next four weeks, you may notice times in your life where you would have benefited from setting firmer boundaries. When situations pop up from your past that remind you of the need for boundaries, learn from them instead of brushing them away. It’s never too late to turn a new leaf. That’s the mission of this week. Even if you’ve felt disappointed by the way things have played out romantically, professionally, or personally, you can change the way you choose to feel about the situation. And the best way to do so this week is by getting active and creative! This is the first full week of Leo Season. During Cancer Season, it may have been challenging to get out of your shell and out into the world more. Your homebody vibes may have kicked in and you may have craved solitude and isolation. But now that it’s Leo Season, the world needs your light and energy, and you’ll be itching to share it with the world. Don’t fight your imaginative, creative side. It’s itching to be free. So give yourself time this week to create, just for the sake of creating. You don’t have to share it with anyone, but you may feel the need to anyways. And because Leo Season is all about action, you’ll want to definitely find a physical outlet for any excess energy building up within you. It’s an action-packed week where you feel a huge urge to get going, but you’ll need to slow down enough to know where exactly you’re going, and why you even want to go there…

Romantically, Venus spends its last full week in Gemini, and you may feel like your love life has been a roller coaster. If you’ve been in a relationship or dating, it may seem like your love interest was two different people, switching up on you unexpectedly. They probably had the same impression of you too, Scorpio. Venus in Gemini’s energy leads to a lot of back and forth in our love lives, and a lot of inconsistencies. Try to keep your cool and laugh about it rather than getting frustrated. Once Venus enters Cancer next week, you’ll feel a more reliable energy from your love interests. Single Scorpios may also find themselves connecting with someone new next week. This week is still more about exploration, saying yes to new encounters, and giving friends your attention, because Venus in Gemini is all about being open, communicative and free. The positive part of Venus in Gemini is that it teaches you how to let go of your need to control your love life. All you can expect in this department is the unexpected. Definitely use the New Moon’s magic to focus on how to release limiting beliefs or conditioned mindsets that makes you think that love has to be hard, challenging, or scarce. Love is unlimited, abundant, and your birth right. Remember that, Scorpio.
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