Scorpio Horoscope Forecast July 10 to 16


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

What you do this week, and any week, will affect the trajectory of your life, Scorpio. This week is particularly powerful, because we’re fresh off the heels of a game-changing Capricorn Full Moon, and we’ll feel the lingering energy all week long. What do you have to do to create a solid foundation off of which your dreams, relationships, and seeds can fully bloom? That should be your intention this week. Pay attention to the ways you contribute to your own self-sabotage, and flip that around as soon as you notice detrimental habits or thought patterns trying to make their way into your consciousness. One of the best things you can do Monday – Wednesday, when the Moon is in Aquarius, is to take a step back from all the action and be a quiet observer. People may try to trigger you or get under your skin — don’t react. Just sit back and observe.

Cancer Season has stirred up old wounds within you, but since Neptune’s also currently retrograde, this is the time to heal. Pay attention to any physical ailments you may have this week. The way you physically feel is a reflection of your mental state. So if you’ve been living in the past, replaying toxic situations in your mind, or finding yourself being hard on yourself due to situations you have attracted, this is the ideal week to find a way to continue to purge yourself of what’s weighing you down. It’s a good week to realize that once you’ve decided to heal, the healing process begins much more of a constant in your life, and you’ll find reasons all around you to be grateful for that process. This is the last full week of Cancer Season, so don’t fight the feels. Dive into them, so that once Leo Season begins at the end of next week, you’ll feel revitalized, empowered, confident and boldly living in the present moment. You have to go through the storm to get to the sunshine, Scorpio.

By the time the Moon enters Pisces Wednesday – the first part of the weekend, you will have lightened up a bit and you’ll feel more willing to enter a fluid dream world where you don’t worry about the practical side of life. This is likely a great time to amp up your love life, and give life to your desires. Since Neptune is currently in Pisces, and it’s retrograde in your fate, true love and adventure sector, don’t be surprised if someone you’ve been missing resurfaces in your life, either through social media, calling, texting, or actually showing up in person. You may at first feel surprised, but soon you’ll realize that the Universe brought you two together because of how much you’ve been longing for the connection. So make sure you’re not shying away from being truthful about what’s on your heart, what you’ve been fantasizing about, and what you’ve been longing for. There’s no such thing as coincidence. You’re surrounded by synchronicity.

A major planetary aspect taking place this week is an opposition between the Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. This may be making you feel imbalanced when it comes to your professional and personal life. Because you’re so deeply aligned with the vision, you can often isolate yourself from others as you’re doing your own thing. But this week, particularly this weekend, people may want to hear from you and may even complain if you’ve been awol for too long. Don’t feel like you have to socialize, but if you’ve been pushing people away, ask yourself why. You can embrace your solitude and still leave room for companionship too, Scorpio. Once the Moon enters fiery Aries on Sunday, the tables turn. Your reservedness from the previous days will morph into you being a social butterfly and wanting to take on the world. Take it one step at a time and don’t try to take it all at once, Scorpio. You may have a million and one plans for your next big move, but focus on the one that currently excites you the most. 
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