Scorpio Horoscope Forecast July 17 to 23


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

This week is a major blend of sensitive, emotional energy, and passionate, fiery energy. That’s because Cancer Season will end on the 22nd, and Leo Season will begin. The astrological shift from a Water Sign to a Fire Sign is intensely felt, and it changes the overall vibe of humanity as well. On Monday and Tuesday though, the Taurus Moon allows us to enjoy the sensual pleasures of the world. You’ll be focused on feeling good, looking good, and living well. It’s powerful to take time as the week begins to thank the Universe for all of your blessings and manifestations. Even more are on their way, because this is a New Moon week, but we’ll get to that later. You may find that your emotions and intuition is extra-heightened with the Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon. The first half of the week is great for therapeutic healing sessions. You may realize you’ve held on to dead weight and you’re ready to purge.

Once the Moon enters Gemini mid-week, everything lightens up significantly, especially since Venus is currently in Gemini until July 31. Your fun-loving, adventurous, flirtatious, charming, social side will come out to play, especially Wednesday – Friday. Set up dates to connect with people you haven’t seen in a while or you want to catch-up with, call up old friends or family members, send that flirty text to your crush. Try your best not to sweat the small stuff under the Gemini Moon, because Cancer Season has definitely led to some overanalyzing and nostalgia, but the last few days of Cancer Season will feel more optimistic and light-hearted. Enjoy this energy by really being as kind to yourself and others as possible, and realize that even your biggest problems will pass.

Even before Leo Season begins, Mars, your ruling planet, makes the shift into Leo on Thursday. This is significant, because it’s like a pre-game of what Leo Season will bring. Since Mars is the Planet of Action, the part of you that may have been pressing “snooze” on your dreams will finally wake up. Why have you been putting off doing what needs to be done so that you can achieve what you’ve dreamt of achieving? That’s the question that will be on your mind once Mars enters passionate, confident Leo. All of a sudden you’ll feel ready to get to the finish line, but make sure you’re not going from one extreme to another. During Cancer Season, you took the slow and cautious approach to your goals, but Leo Season may make you want to jump before you look. Make sure you’re letting yourself be led by your whims, but not to your own detriment. Have a solid game plan in place and realize that there’s no point in rushing if you don’t know where you’re going.

On Saturday, July 22nd, Leo Season takes over, helping you connect with your inner royal. You will be feeling yourself, Scorpio! Leo Season is one of the best moments for you to spiritually, physically and emotionally glow-up. Leo’s energy resonates with yours Scorpio, because it’s about passion, drive, ambition and truth. While Leos are known for being self-centered and sometimes selfish, there’s nothing wrong with that. You can actually be too modest. You think the way a Leo does, you just tend to dim your light. Learn from the Leo, Scorpio. Shine your light so brightly that it blinds people. It’s okay. You have to learn to own your power so much more confidently and consistently, and this is what Leo Season will help you do. Yes, love deepens during Leo Season, but it’s really the love you have for yourself that deepens the most. The way you love yourself, treat yourself, talk to yourself, and take care of yourself, influences the way the world loves you, treats you, talks to you, and takes care of you. It’s interconnected.

The New Moon on Sunday, July 23 is what will truly help you understand how much self-love is the answer to everything. Self-love doesn’t always mean bubble baths, and positive affirmations. Self-love means loving yourself even when you’re feeling petty, jealous, insecure, overwhelmed, or angry. Self-love means being clear on what your intuition is telling you and not second-guessing it. Self-love means voicing what makes you feel uncomfortable rather than hiding it or letting it eat you up inside. This New Moon in Leo is the most powerful moment for you to authentically shine and make new intentions about the person you are ready to morph into. Because life’s truly one constant metamorphosis, Scorpio. And this week may just be the most life-changing week you’ve experienced in quite some time. Take it one breath at a time.
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