Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Forecast June 26 to July 2


Scorpio Horoscope for the Week:

We’re now in the midst of Cancer Season, Scorpio, and this is a week where you can feel more in control of your emotions, your desires, your passions, and yourself. This is largely due to last week’s New Moon in Cancer, which helped you start fresh in many matters of your life, but that also made you very emotional and sensitive. Now that the energy of the New Moon is waning, you’re going to focus on feeling empowered by what you feel, rather than overwhelmed. The best thing you can do this week is focus on finishing the month of June on a strong note. Even if you have many things to do, take it one step at time, and everything will get done with soaring colors. During Gemini Season, you often were trying to do it all at once, and this may have led to you feeling scatterbrained. But now that it’s Cancer Season, and key planets are in earthy Taurus, taking the slow and steady approach is the name of the game. Devote your attention fully to one task at a time, complete it with ease and tranquility, and then move on to the next task. Weed out the distractions and feed your focus.

The key to your success is to lead with your heart, Scorpio. It’s too easy to be confused when all of these different ideas, options and expectations are being thrown at you left and right by society, friends, families, co-workers, acquaintances, etc… But when you quiet all the excess noise, especially mid-week when the Moon in Virgo makes you more introspective, you’ll find the answers that you’re seeking. Minimalism will be the name of the game on Wednesday and Thursday. Doing absolutely nothing, is in a way, doing everything. That’s the reality you may start to attract, as you realize that we often fill our lives with things “to-do”, as a way to avoid what we feel. But as a Scorpio, you understand that feeling is everything. The Universe is energy and responds to our vibrations. So when you really resonate with the present vibration, by being as present as possible, you are experiencing the epitome of what it means to live.

You may overcome some long-standing past hurts this week, Scorpio. Instead of pointing the finger and blaming others for your pain, you are owning up to your own triggers, fears, mistakes, or insecurities that have previously caused you to be extra suspicious, jealous, bitter, resentful, vengeful and manipulative. Every Scorpio goes through these moments in their lives, when they can clearly see themselves and who they once were. That very moment happens continually throughout your life, because you are a Phoenix, and you constantly burn from your own ashes. Another symbol for Scorpio is the snake, constantly shedding its own skin. This Cancer New Moon energy, combined with Neptune Retrograde in the Water Sign of Pisces, is helping you release outdated mentalities and enter a world where you can decide what you want to feel. You decide who you want to be. You do only what you want to do. This New Moon energy will last until the end of this week, and you may find that your imagination allows you to see the world through a whole new set of eyes.

You’ll be paying attention to life’s beauty even more than usual this week. Venus, the Planet of Love, is still in Taurus, the sign that it rules. Taurus is your opposite sign of the zodiac, so new aspects of your personality have been emerging. Spending more time outdoors and really connecting with your inner earthiness is the name of the game this week. Spending less time glued to your phone is also beneficial during Venus in Taurus (and always), because you’ll be paying attention to the signs like never before. This is especially true in your love life, Scorpio. The signs are everywhere, and all you have to do is observe them. Don’t put pressure on yourself to make a meaning out of all of them. Just let yourself flow with them, naturally, and the meaning will come to you organically. This week will really feel like you’re a blooming flower, Scorpio. Ride the waves of it all, and be compassionate to yourself in the process. Yes, we may be the most profound sign of the zodiac, but it’s still important to lighten up and bask in the beauty of it all without always diving into the depths. Seek balance and harmony between both of those energies, Scorpio. Let yourself be guided by your intuition, your purpose, and your self-created path.
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