Scorpio January 2017 Horoscope Forecast


Your Horoscope
by astrologer Susan Miller

You will love January. You have lots of opportunities to travel, and with a packed fifth house of true love, you will enjoy romance too – and that is true even if you’ve not been dating. This should be a happy month for you, dear Scorpio, for so many reasons. Be optimistic – finally a month that will have few demands and plenty of pleasures.

First, let’s look at the start of January, which will be strongly influenced by the new moon that occurred just days before the start of the New Year, December 29. That new moon was in Capricorn 8 degrees, and appeared in your third house of short trips. You may be leaving for a business trip, because there is some indication in your chart that you would be seeing a client to generate business. If that is your goal as the month opens, you should do well with Saturn in strong and happy angle to Uranus. You should come home with the order in hand and the deal will be a good one. If you travel for fun, you might want to visit a location with luck or snowy mountains and a historical site or two to visit, as planets in Capricorn suggest this kind of setting.

The third house so strongly lit also rules contracts of all kinds, including leases and other agreements. Verbal agreements also come under the umbrella of your third house, which is so lit up at you enter January. Be careful about agreeing to anything until you have looked at every clause, ideally with your lawyer. Mercury will be retrograde until January 8, a situation that first began on December 19. It is never wise to sign papers while Mercury is retrograde because the deal will likely change after you sign it, and probably not in a way you will like. Mercury rules judgement, perception, thinking, negotiating, and buying / selling, and when Mercury is out of phase, it is easy to make mistakes, to rush, to dismiss or not see clauses that could come back to bite you. Wait until after January 8 to sign.

Even though Mercury will still be retrograde, pay attention to Friday, January 6, when the Sun and your ruler, Pluto, will join forces – this is a powerful aspect. Your words will have weight and purpose on this day, and you will be able to negotiate a great deal.

It is also best to buy all electronic items after Mercury goes direct January 8. Do not run up too close to that date – leave a space of as many days as you can so that you can avoid problems. The product you buy may not bring the pleasure you anticipate it will, or a newer model may come out shortly after, or the model you love may go on sale a week later – there are many reasons to hold back. Don’t buy a car, a computer, a smart phone, a kitchen appliance – anything with moving parts could prove problematic.

The full moon of January 12 in Cancer 22 degrees will light your ninth house of distant travel, the media, legal matters, academia (i.e. college or university study or teaching), and international relationships, and matters involving immigration, citizenship, passport, visa, and green card. Something is coming to an end or fulfillment, such as the end of your long trip, where you pack to go home within four days of this full moon. Or, it may be that you finally get your immigration interview, it turns out to be a hard one – be prepared.

This full moon is not all sweetness and light. Uranus and Pluto, lately frequent foes, will arguing again. A legal matter may come up, and you will have to switch all your attention to it quickly. Or, it may be a final contract is delivered to you with several troublesome clauses you did not expect and that need to be discussed with the other party, and the language in them quickly changed. There could be various possibilities to list, but the area that will give you some pause will be found in the list in the previous paragraph. At the same time, it may not have to do with papers you will be pressured to sign, but rather difficulties in travel.

I will admit this is a stressful full moon, but because it falls in fellow water sign Cancer, you may find a way around things quite nicely, so the final resolve can be positive.

If your birthday falls on November 13, plus or minus four days, you will be most likely to get to a beneficial conclusion, despite the pressures on you. Keep this in mind because you may feel a bit stressed at the start of the full moon, but as you deftly work through the matter, you are able to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

The end of the month will bring another new moon, January 27-28, when you may be thinking of making changes at home. You may move, renovate, make repairs, or ask the painters to come in to paint several rooms. You might declutter closets and give all to charity. You might buy or sell, or rent, or suddenly find you want to have a new roommate. Many fine furniture stores have amazing sales in January, so you may pick up a bargain now for your decorating project.

All month, Mars will light up your house of true love, which is a great tour of Mars that began on December 19. If you are single, you will have all of January to mix and mingle, for you are likely to meet someone special now, or next month, after the solar eclipse of February 26. If you are attached, work won’t get in the way – you will have time to give your attention to each other. In this life, there is no better gift than giving someone your total, undivided attention. You will have the time to give someone you love that gift, and receive it in return. Here are some of the reasons I am so excited about your love life.

Not only will Mars be in your house of true love, but Venus will too. Both planets will be in Pisces, the very best place for these two love birds to be for you. Venus and Mars love to be together, but rarely are, because they have assignments that take them to far flung regions of the sky that aren’t at all close to one another. Now they are together, and these little darling planets will work hard to help you find lasting love and affection.

Venus in Pisces is, according to the ancients, one of the most loving places for Venus to be, as it is considered exalted in that sign. Neptune will be traveling with Venus and Mars too, and Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Venus wants you to have fun, but Neptune will teach you to love so deeply that you will be willing to sacrifice for your beloved so that person can benefit. Two days when things are likely to well will be January 20 and 21, when the moon glides through Pisces.

What a good month you have in store! More emphasis on your career, home, and love life is coming in February, so you have plenty to look forward to as well!
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