Scorpio October 2015 Horoscope


Scorpio May 2015 Horoscope Forecast 

by scorpiomystique  (Short Version)

October has arrived, which means that Scorpio Season is just around the corner. Every year, when the Sun gets ready to enter Scorpio, Scorpios feel a deep sense of anticipation and a need to find internal and external balance in their lives. That is because the first 22 days of October belong to Libra Season, and Libra is the sign of balance and harmony. There is a reason Libra comes before Scorpio’s intensity and passion; it gets us prepared for the heightened energy that is to come. That is the theme of October: optimism, harmony, passionate energy, and new beginnings.

After nine intensely shifting months full of lengthy transits such as Pluto retrograde, Saturn in Scorpio and Venus and Mercury Retrogrades, October brings us a much needed breath of fresh air, where we can regroup and shed our old skin as we focus on transformation and rebirth. The first 22 days of the month should be focused on self-care and self-love. With Saturn in Scorpio just leaving your sign less than one month ago, we are still feeling the residual effects of such a long-lasting energy, and we need to shake off those taskmaster vibes and embrace a more peaceful perspective. This won’t happen overnight though, which is why the first three weeks are dedicated to going within ourselves and celebrating how far we’ve come.

We may not be as much in a mood to be out in about before Scorpio Season begins, and that’s perfectly fine because once the clock strikes twelves on October 23, a whole new version of ourselves will emerge — and it will be here to stay.

Scorpio Horoscope for May 2015

Forecast by astrologer Susan Miller:  (Long Version)

Your life has been on overdrive, and you must be proud of the spectacular work you have been doing in your career. This month brings all kinds of aspects from a tense, jarring new moon to some of the most lovely social aspects you've seen since March. All will be tossed together in the same basket, with joyous aspects standing next to tension-producing ones. This is life - things like this happen - so the way I expect things will work out for you is that in some areas of your life will be spectacular, but in another area, you will have to take special care and attention to watch anything unexpected that may emerge. You will be putting out a figurative fire here or here and will need to mobilize quickly.

Your work projects and your health seem to be areas that will require focus now and for a while into the near future. The eclipse of September 27 last month may have brought you surprising news that had to do with personnel or other changes taking place at the office, or in regard to your health. You may see unexpected shifts in co-worker personnel with whom you work with each day, or you may hear of a subordinate's quick departure. Alternatively, it may be that you had a health concern last week and you have had to see a doctor to find out what was going on. In either case, as you enter October, you may be dealing with the details of what came up so that you can fix the situation.

Whatever happened late last month seems to have a chapter two at the new moon, October 12. This new moon will appear in Libra, in your twelfth house of confinement and secrets. You may need to interact with a doctor or other type of medical personnel, or a dentist or therapist. The twelfth house is the house of healing, so it would be a good time to get started on getting a medical opinion. If you feel fine, you might instead have to work on whatever came up at the office, and if you need a new assistant, for example, it may be time to start interviewing candidates.

Uranus will oppose that new moon and Sun directly, and when the Sun is involved, it is possible that you may have a tense moment with a male VIP in your company or with a male client. Be determined not to pour any gasoline on the waters, as this eclipse is creating an unstable atmosphere. People of all signs will be fragile, and although this is not a full moon (and not an eclipse), the planets involved will be "hot" so lie low and don't do or say anything that could incite others to take what you say the wrong way. Pluto will also be in a hard position, and because Pluto is in your house of agreements and contracts, you may hit an unexpected setback with an unusually forceful pushback from the other party with whom you are trying to hammer out a deal. Your proposed client or partner may dig in his heels and say, "It is my way or the highway."

What concerns me about this new moon is that it will set up a trend that you will need to watch in the coming six months. You may have on-and-off interactions with this person who is being so hard to deal with now, so keep an eye on how things will go. Traditionally any new moon, as we have here, in Libra, exerts the trend for six months until the full moon comes in the same sign - Libra - to finish up discussions or mediations about what will be done. That will happen on March 23, the full moon in Libra, which is also a solar eclipse. There is nothing to worry about - you have other aspects in your chart that are simply spectacular. I simply ask you keep an eye on this situation to protect yourself.

The moon is the natural ruler of your ninth house, so you may have problems with a person in an international city or who lives in your city but was born somewhere else. Or you may have difficulties with a matter involving a visa, green card, passport, or other immigration issue. If you are looking to choose a college to attend by setting up interviews with officials, this would not be the month to do it - have your interviews in November. This would also not be the month to set up a legal action in a dispute as there are too many planets working against one another. Again, wait for November, when you will be in control, and favor will be heaped on you.

Having said that, Pluto will be in a dispute with the new moon, you have another aspect going on at the same time, Pluto in ideal angle to Jupiter. This is always a signature of success in a chart, and because Pluto is your ruler, this exciting aspect will be just made for you.
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