Scorpio August Horoscope


Scorpio August 2015 Horoscope Forecast 

by scorpiomystique  (Short Version)

Welcome to August, Scorpio. It’s a month packed with so many astrological goodies that it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s also a month in which you should utilize your will power to summon the best and only the best into your life. Not only because you deserve it, but because you have been working so hard for it, and your time has finally come to reap major rewards. If the end of the month comes and you feel unaccomplished, it will most likely be because of your own skepticism and self-doubt, so nip those in the bud right now. It’s time for you to live your life the way you dream your life has the potential to be. Because here’s the secret: life really is a dream, and the thoughts, feelings, and actions we take every single moment decide how things play out.

On August 1, 2015, we will have all felt the influence of the Blue Moon in Aquarius that occurred the previous night. Full Moon energies are felt up to four days before and after their actual date of occurrence, and since this was a Blue Moon, it has the power of 12 Full Moons, meaning that you will feel extra powerful. The Blue Moon took place in Scorpio’s Fourth House of the Home, so topics regarding moving, redecorating, finding roommates, going to a new city, growing a family, or resolving domestic disputes will be on the forefront of your mind as the month begins. Make sure to really take the time to hash out any lingering issues you may have with family members or people you live with. If you’re thinking of changing your location in the coming months, do so between August 1 and August 4, for you may find the perfect place. Take care of those concerns now, because your career will take center stage next.

Scorpio Horoscope for August 2015

Forecast by famous astrologer Susan Miller:  (Long Version)

You are about to enter glorious August, the month that gets my vote for your favorite month of 2015. It will be as if you poked the pinata in just the right spot, for all kinds of goodies will rain down all over you, and it will be hard to choose which day turns out to be your best. As the month progresses, each day will be a bit better than the last. If only we all could enjoy months this special! While you have it, enjoy it to the hilt.

Your career will forge a big theme in August. Over the past year, you've likely made huge professional strides, for Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, has been moving through your career sector for the first time in twelve years. You, more than any other sign of the zodiac, were due to rise head and shoulders above the rest, and easily show you were much more capable than your competition. Think back to where you were professionally before Jupiter entered Leo in July 2014. While you will continue to progress in your career in coming years, this past twelve months was unusual in your ability to take quantum leaps up the ladder of success, for Jupiter helped you to establish your talents in an indelible way. People know your name, and they speak well of you.

Don't be sad to see Jupiter leave your career sector and move on to Virgo on August 11. You will continue to progress, and that will be proven to you this month, in spades. While it is true Jupiter is known to give enormous help with high-level people, the strides you have already made over the past twelve-months, and will continue to make in August and September, will stay with you, and you will build upon those. If you still have plans and need to show your ideas to important people who can help you, make appointments before Jupiter leaves on August 11. I would suggest you also sign a contract in that time too.

Despite Jupiter's impending departure, in a rare and rather extraordinary show of powerful support for your career by other planets, you will get a remarkable second chance to score a huge victory in August. Your most important aspect will be the new moon of August 14 in Leo, to light your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, and open an important portal for new professional opportunity. You only get one new moon a year in that part of your chart, so it is important to make it work for you now. Not all new moons are friendly - some are downright hostile - but this one will be a juicy peach of a new moon, and you will love all it can do for you.

Uranus, planet of sudden surprises, will be beautifully oriented to this new moon, suggesting that a career development will come up out of the blue that you are not expecting and it will be very exciting. This will give you reason to investigate all offers that come to you, and to also seek out any and all new opportunities that you can uncover. Astrology works best when you work to enlarge wonderful aspects, rather than sit back and wait for things to happen. It seems they WILL happen for you, but you need to help things along too, to show the universe your intent.

If you love your job, you may now get a chance to move into a new role at the same company, or change companies and take on more responsibility in a similar role. Either way, you would be able to garner a new, more impressive title for any job you are offered, for a new moon in the tenth house shows that any new role would not represent a lateral move on the same level.

Alternatively, you may attract attention for work well done from the press and get enviable publicity, the kind that becomes a jewel in your crown.

Note: New moons and full moons work a little differently, so let me give you a quick rule of thumb. A full moon will bring things to a conclusion or fullness, and is always influential for plus or minus four days of energy.

With new moons, you get fresh opportunities. If full moons end things, new moons begin things. You would need to act in the two weeks AFTER the new moon arrives, never BEFORE the new moon arrives. If you act prior to the appearance of a new moon, nothing much will happen. The energy of a new moon will decrease with each passing day until it is "spent" two weeks later, so you will want to jump on things quickly, in the front part of the two weeks of that portal of energy.)

Before you ever get to mid-month and the new moon in your solar tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement sector, you will have certain dates that will show you clearly that you are a star - rarely has your brilliance been so visible to one and all. You will want to write down these days, for they are special and will shine like diamonds in the sun.

On August 6, Mars, your ruler, will receive a decisive, friendly and comforting beam from Saturn, making it a perfect day to make a decision that you hope will be in place a long time. For example, if you hire someone on this day, or the day prior, you will likely have a loyal employee that stays with you. There a nearly endless number of possible examples, but you get the idea. This is a day where your action (Mars) will likely lead to long-term gain (Saturn). It's also a good day to sign papers. If you were born at the end of your sign, say, near November 18-21, you will get a double dip of pleasure and luck on this day.

You are on a roll, dear Scorpio. There is more! On August 7, Mercury will meet with Jupiter (just like Venus did earlier - any meeting with Jupiter is always cause for celebration!) Again, both planets, Mercury and Jupiter, will meet your tenth house of fame and honors. Your work may garner you a generous check near this date - call your bank to see if a wire came into your account that will make you happy. Your work has been superb, and assuming you continue to stay motivated and eager to make a name for yourself, the achievements you rack up now will be with you forever. August 7 would be an ideal day to sign a contract, have a performance review, or give a presentation. If you take an important business trip, your timing would be on target, for you would come back with the order.

Keep in mind that Mercury will retrograde in from September 17 to October 9, so this month will be your month of high productivity.

Mars will move out of Cancer and into Leo on August 8, and remain there until September 24. This is proof that when Jupiter leaves your house of prestigious honors and achievement on August 11, your career progress will keep moving forward. My goodness, the Scorpio steamroller is on a mission to achieve success, and there is no stopping you!

Mars acts as a booster rocket to all your actions, and like the booster rocket that they put in space, once the booster rocket gets the main rocket (a symbol of your greatest professional goal or intentions) into the stratosphere, Mars spins off as he salutes the rocket - his work on this assignment is done. You can harness the power of Mars for your career during August 8 to September 24 in any way that pleases you. You won't get Mars back again to this house for two years, so make good use of his willingness to help you now. September will be another wonderful month, but as said, Mercury will be retrograde from September 17 to October 9, the reason I urge you to use this month for your most decisive actions. Besides, you see how many jewel-like days you have to choose from in August for all your most important career actions. Do not be away on vacation, for months like this are so rare!

On August 19, you will have another wonder day for career excitement - and again, news will come out of the blue. On this day, Venus in Leo in your house of fame will signal Uranus in your house of work projects. When you look over all the beautiful days you have to use, you see that you have an embarrassment of riches. None of the other signs will have what you have now, dear Scorpio. If you don't get ahead in August with a promotion, new job offer, or new title, or at the very least, exciting praise and publicity, the fault will not be in your stars. I am sure you will pull out all the stops, dear Scorpio. You are a very talented strategist, and you are also considered an extremely determined sign - nothing stops a Scorpio on a mission!

Now let's turn to your home situation. Is your lease up? Do you have to move? If so, again you are in luck. On July 31, you had a gorgeous full moon that was to influence you through the first four days of August. Moving day may have been July 31 or August 1, and if so, you had one of the best points of the year to move into a new apartment or house. That full moon was also one that may have brought a renovation, repair project, or other home-related matter to conclusion. Saturn was very helpful to that full moon, so you will enjoy your decision for many months or years to come, possibly forever.

This month, you have another beautiful day for home-related actions, August 13. The Sun and Uranus will be what is called in "trine" position, which is an aspect of supreme harmony. Uranus always brings news that strikes like lightning, so if you need to buy or sell property, keep your cell phone powered up. Uranus rules digital media, so if you need to list what you have to sell on a special website or apartment / house for sale or rent app, do so early in the month, for I feel you will either hear news in the first days of August or on August 19.

Now I come to the big news of the month, the move of Jupiter to Virgo on August 11, to remain in that sign nearly thirteen months, until September 9, 2016 next year. It takes Jupiter twelve years to circle the Sun, so you have not hosted Jupiter in Virgo since August 2003 to August 2004, quite a long time ago. Once in Virgo, you will be able to enjoy more fun and spend less time at the office. Also the way you pitch new ideas and proposals to clients, or how you hear about new openings for a new position, will change. You have been working in a formal way, sending FedEx and emails from your computer while Jupiter was in Leo (July 2014 to this month, August 2015), but now you will get more done by sharing a glass of wine with an associate or attending a mixer or party.

Indeed, all kind of new opportunities will come to you through socializing, in all phases of your life. Join an important professional or social club if you have the money to afford the fees. This would be the only year I would advise you to join a club, because you are about to meet many new people, and some of them will have a powerful influence on your personal growth. I know that Scorpio generally does not like to socialize a great deal, because making small talk is not your favorite thing to do (you see it as a waste of time), but I am not so sure that the social circles you will be circulating in will involve much, if any, small talk.

You will need to cast a wide net by going to a number of different events all year, until September 2016, and when you go to events, you must be open to a wide range of types of people. Jupiter in Virgo, an earth sign, blends exceptionally well with your water-sign element of Scorpio. This means you will absorb the gifts that Jupiter has prepared for you in a natural, organic way. Jupiter is the ruler of your solar second house of income, so the people you meet, and the contacts you make during this coming year, will have a direct bearing on your ability to increase your salary and fee income. From a personal perspective, your friends will show you how much they care about you, and their genuine attention to your interests will touch you deeply.

The eleventh house, where Jupiter will travel to while in Virgo, rules not only new and present friendships, but also hopes and wishes. This could well be the year that you realize a long-held dream. It may be spiritual (an example may be, "I want to meet my future mate," or "I want us to have a baby.") Or it may be material ("I hope this is the year I can buy a condo." Or, "I desperately need a new computer - or new car, new refrigerator, and so forth - so I hope I can buy it soon."). Choose a dream that means a great deal to you, and hold it close, dear Scorpio. There is a strong chance that by September 2016 you will have realized that dream.

Now we come to the biggest news of all! This month holds the luckiest day of the year, August 26! Yes, that date that we all anticipate with such glee will happen this month! On this day, the Sun will meet with Jupiter, and because the Sun is the giver of strength and life, the Sun will take all the good fortune and happiness of Jupiter and enlarge it tenfold. Use this day to attend to a social event or to have a first date. Or, use this day for a career-oriented interview or presentation, for the Sun is the natural ruler of your solar tenth house of fame and honors - it seems hard to imagine how this day could bring anything but sensational news. This day will likely be your favorite day of the year, when even a small miracle might happen. Keep the faith!

It is true that your eleventh house will be lit up by Jupiter, but here's an intriguing thought: Jupiter's energy will ping back and forth from your eleventh house to your fifth house of true love. I would not be one bit surprised if you report to me on Twitter (@AstrologyZone) that if single, you met your true love this coming year. If you are attached, a baby may be part of the picture. Additionally, your creativity will reach great heights.

If your birthday falls early in Scorpio, within two days of October 26, you will hit the jackpot, because this meeting of the Sun and Jupiter will fall at 3 degrees Virgo, in perfect sync with your Sun at 3 degrees Scorpio (assuming your birthday is close to October 26). If you have your natal chart, you may have your rising sign or a natal planet or moon within two degrees of 3 degrees Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn, and if so, you too will benefit in an outstanding way too. I know I am splitting hairs, because truly, every Scorpio, of any birthday, will have plenty to celebrate this month with this, the luckiest day of the year, August 26.

I have one more exciting piece of news for you! You will have the most romantic full moon of the year at month's end, on August 29, in Pisces at 6 degrees. This full moon will be enchanting in every way, for it will orbit with Neptune, the planet of dreams and romance, and this full moon will collaborate with the Sun and Jupiter. It cannot get any better than this! I feel you will have a highly romantic episode, or hear news that makes you want to dance on the tables. If you are on a trip at month's end, it will be magical and completely relaxing. You may see friends you know where you are headed, and that will be fun too. (I know I told you not to take a vacation in August, but that was because you have so many career opportunities coming up. By this full moon, August 29, it will be safe to pack and go.)

Scorpios with birthdays that fall at the end of October will be in outstanding position to take full advantage of this full moon.

In case you thought that this is all I have to tell you, I have one more piece of chocolate for you!

Mars and Venus will make a legendary link in your tenth house of fame and honors on August 31 to September 2, and AGAIN you will be the darling of VIPs at work. Everyone will want to be you at this time, and who can blame them?

Keep smiling, dear Scorpio. You have one dazzling month in store!
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